Two Men Break Into a Benbow Home, Push Aside the Lone Woman Occupant, and Steal 18 Pounds of Marijuana

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Stock photo by Oliver Cory

Around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, December 1, two white male adults driving a dark sedan cut the lock on a gate and entered an unlocked home in the Benbow area, according to the renter of the property and confirmed by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

When the woman housesitting confronted them, she was pushed out of the way. According to the renter, “They had a kitchen knife.” She also said that one man “had on a sweatshirt which had a pocket which looked like it had a pointy object in it which looked like a weapon.”

The renter also said that one of them said to her housesitter about the other, “He can’t pay rent this month, and now he will have Christmas presents for his kids.”

The renter confirmed that the suspects fled with 18 pounds of marijuana–14 pounds of the Cheese strain, one pound of Gelato, and three of Amethyst. “For me as a small farmer that is devastating,” she said.

The housesitter called law enforcement and the woman who was renting said the deputies were very professional and helpful. “They were thorough,” she said.

The renter said that some of her friends told her that they shouldn’t have brought in law enforcement, but, she asked, “What are two single women supposed to do? I don’t want these guys to show back up at my house to try and hurt me.”

She pointed out, “Our community is divided between reaching out to authority and just taking a loss.” But she is glad she did ask for help. Law enforcement “are our allies,” she said. “Deputy J. Prior Really was really helpful and respectful. I commend him…We really have some genuine people in our law enforcement.”

She said that the men told her housesitter, “Don’t call the cops or it is only going to get worse. And they are right it is only going to get worse …for them.”

She added, “[Law enforcement] is more concerned with the victims being exposed to violence, then them growing.”

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they have a person of interest and they are following up leads. If you have any information, please call them at (707) 445-7251.



  • Maybe don’t have a bunch of weed laying around and people wouldn’t try and rob you?? Hmmmm, think about it.

    • Like those with cash, jewelry or especially firearms, extra caution is warranted.

    • I tell that to every kid who gets his bicycle stolen, too–Maybe they shouldn’t have bicycles and then the bikes won’t get taken. Dang anyone who has anything of value, they just tempt those poor thieves.

      • Awesome response Kym! 100%

        • hmmm unlocked house ? me thinks not. Dear growers, you don’t pay taxes or contribute, you get welfare, medi cal, c a r e , wic , cal fresh , please don’t call the cops when you get your illegal unpermitted weed stolen.

          • When I am in my house, I don’t lock it either.

            • Why the hell not? I ALWAYS have my door locked, PERIOD.

              • Because I don’t think I need to lock it. For 57 years I’ve been right.

                • Kym you are betting your life,and with all the weird ones around these days,not a safe bet…

                • It may be foolish not to lock your door, but it’s still a crime to enter a house that’s not your own and steal ANYTHING that belongs to them. And quadruple that if someone is home and you even threaten them verbally. We are all entitled to personal and material safety in our homes (whether owned, rented, or where we’re house-sitting).
                  My home in town was burglarized while I was out of town some years back. I left my back door unlocked, feeling completely safe. That was dumb, I admit. The deputies were just as conscientious as if I’d had triple locks in place, and I even got my stuff back and the perp went to prison for a while (this was not the his only burglary). I learned to lock my house!
                  But no, no, no, no, it’s not OK to just walk in and take what you want from someone else because they are careless, naive, or stupid.

            • I’m with you on that Kym.
              I guess I’m stubborn.

          • They had a locked gate in quiet Benbow, that should be enough protection.

          • Locks only keep honest people out!!!

          • Sharpen your pencil

            They cut the lock to the gate. Who’s to say they wouldn’t kick the door down or go through a window?

          • Hmm I don’t know what makes you think that. I do pay taxes and don’t recipe any public assistance. The cut the gate lock the article said would a door lock have stopped them at that point no. I don’t lock my doors as my driveway is gated. Drive protected by lock house protected by glock. Don’t pick me

      • I know homeless people who have what little they have stolen from them offer while they sleep next to it. The guy who stands by japhys in the morning is a clean homeless guy that is kind not on drugs and doesn’t drink poor guy had his bike stolen while he was sleeping next to it. Thieves don’t care what you have if they find it of value to them they will take it.

        • I was being sarcastic about the earlier statement by Hogranch. Of course, it is bad when someone has something they value taken from them.

          • Maybe it’s just the special interest of this site but the only reports of home invasion with robbery seem to be people demanding pot. Burglary is wide spread but home invasions? Pot. At least what’s reported here in the last few months.

      • Charles Engebretson

        Do i detect a note of sarcasm?

      • Thank you Kim I get so tired of hearing people blame victims of any crime.

          • Being a victim does not mean being innocent nor does it mean being non contributing.
            If I do business among thieves, it is not surprising to become a victim of theft. The aphorism about no honor among thieves comes to mind.

            That does not make theft right but it does create less sympathy. A little circumspection is not an unreasonable expectation from the victim, even while the thieves are pursued by the law.

    • Blame the victim much?
      I bet you think short skirts cause rape also.

      • Comparison is wrong. Try being a prostitute caused rape. Quit trotting out disingenuous slogans from the news.

        • Being a sex worker still doesn’t excuse rape.
          You don’t walk into McDonalds and just TAKE food.

          Weed is a legal form of agriculture here. Not sure why anyone it petty enough to blame the victims of a robbery for specifically having something a theif wanted.

          • You can do better if you try

            Never said it does. You read much that isn’t there because that suits you. What was said was that selling to people illegally results in meeting a worse class of criminal and that they are criminal should not be a surprise. If she were selling legally or growing legally, there would not have been the debate about reporting it.

            Again stop repeating cliches from the media as if they were meaningful.

            • Many permitting individuals still do not have confidence in the local police. I say that with complete confidence in my statement. You have no way of knowing whether these ladies were in the process or even to small to qualify in Humboldt….
              I think it’s good they report! More should report when this happens.

          • Wouldn’t it be shop lifting at that point?

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

    • No it isn’t

      • Pot is not legal and I will keep saying that. Decriminalization right? No more crimes now that it’s “Legal”. What a joke…

        • Pot isnt legal? Gosh…. what did we all vote on then?

          • Nope it’s not legal. If it was u could grow it in your backyard and sell it to your friends. It’s taxed and regulated. You forgot to read the small print when u voted yes on this. Now u have to buy a 70$ eighth so u can “legally” smoke it in your house. THATS legal!

            • By your standards Tabaco is illegal too (any more than six plants)then and alchohol because they require permitting before manufacturing.

              • Fermenting Alcohol and growing tobacco for home use are not illegal. Distilling requires a permit. Selling it is another issue.

  • Was there any description of these guys. Are they possibly local?

  • Them guys are going to make alot of money of that stuff 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • in case you’re out of the loop here,prices have dropped.Every State next to Ca.(except Az.) has legalized herb.Its supply and demand but there’s a lot of the get rich quick crowd out there! What GALLS me most is after a person is victimized,there’s some monday morning quarterback an “coulda-woulda-shoulda” 🤨

  • Unlocked house? WTH have a housesitter? How did 2 guys know what was in hime? Not buying it.

    • Ha I feel the same. Come on, there is such a thing as false reporting of crimes. Don’t trust them shady growers. Go to your local potato shops and keep these pushers off the streets . Devestating loss my tail, if it occurred at all. I just looked at the Google Earth of benbow. If it really even happened it could be anybody. But as a journalist I feel this has little information that’s believable.
      Was this even a legit grow or are we searching for tweakers stolen crack?

      PS someone just broke in and stole my 5billion dollar ring, it was my ex!!! Cut the chain and all! Anyone have it??

  • Cool story. She obviously ripped off the home-owner.

  • They robbed that cheddah!

    (Honestly though, horrible. I hate this business… Makes me sad.)

  • Isn’t 18 pounds only worth about $100 ?

    Lot’s of crime for that sum, must have been marijuana addicts needing a fix for a few hours or something.

  • Cheese. Amethyst. Gelato. Now the cops are supposed to sniff out the flavors that are Stolen. So anybody that gets caught with those three flavors are now suspect.

  • Yeah, ………..t..h…a….t…s……w…h…a….t…h…a…p…p….e…n…e…d… nothing smells about this situation…nothing!!!


    Ugh. 14 lbs,no cameras,unlocked,housesitter.

    Even kids know to lock their bicycles,or they get stolen.

    How much federal taxes are paid on 14 lbs?

    “our community”… “our allies”
    You mean illegal growers,right?

  • Which was worth more ? The cheese or the weed? I like cheese

  • I can’t believe you guys would victimize the victim- It’s a funny joke until it happens to you- Best to be understanding this was a community which hasn’t needed a bunch of cameras and even locks for many years- People are so cruel and have no respect for our community- Folks been growing herb outside of the law because they had too- And legalization isn’t some smooth ride for anyone- Has anyone making rude remarks thought about the loss the women went through? The trauma? You just assume and blame them? Your asshole is showing, please cover it, it’s rude to show it in public- I say those of us who are true locals know exactly what these ladies went through because we see it happening more and more, regardless of locks and cameras- Folks getting hungry and greedy, wanting something for nothing. Not surprised at all though, usually the wannabes act like jerks while the true locals show care and concern- Your jokes and rude comments distract everyone who cares about helping justice being served- Kym Kemp serves this community to alert and educate- stop trolling her sight and recognize your masoginy, ignorance, and arrogance towards our women whom we love and cherish in this community-

    • Great comment!


      Sounds like something a ignorant problem person would say…
      Your asshole is showing,because it’s wrapped around your neck

    • An excellent counterpoint to all the stupidity here, victim blaming etc!!!

    • All supporting blindness to the immediate reason for the theft will do is create continuing danger. Hard but true that taking action based on knowing what can prevent home assaults is worth more all the piles of statements commiserating afterwards or, worst yet, piling blame on those who point this out. Blaming the messenger because the message sucks is stupid.

      So offer some solutions rather than self indulgent attacks on those who are not the problem.

    • Another problem is all the supposed honest sharecroppers who are ripping off the people who offered them opportunities because they think the whole thing is over and they show they’re true colors.

  • The point is those things stolen DIDNT belong to the fuckin theives. It doesn’t matter what they stole THEY HAD NO RIGHT to take someone else’s things. No matter if it’s weed,Gelato whatever.Lazy bastards

  • I don’t understand how these thieves know where to go to find weed. Most of these home invasions have it. There has to be some prior knowledge that it is there and going through a locked gate?!? If they came to my house, I have no weed so what would they do, take my cheese? Food for thought…

  • OH! WAIT!

    “Cheese” is pot, so is “gelato”, and “amethyst”. Never mind!

    Here I was, almost feeling sorry for you, but now I get it!


    And here I thought they stole your food! And lapidary stock…

    Too bad, so sorry. Never mind. Grow some more, guard it better. Please don’t waste the time of local law enforcement with your stupid drug crime…

    • If it was you, you’d probably be breaking down like a little baby- Real men defend the women, not taunt or belittle them-

      • So WHO grew the weed? Men or women?

        I think I shouldn’t touch this, but real men support and nurture their partners, and don’t leave them alone to guard the stash… Real men stick around, work to feed their families, provide for their spouses, and take care of their children. They do some housework, pay the bills, don’t screw around, and have some self respect. Mostly, they don’t support their households by dealing drugs or having acquaintances they can’t trust.

        Real men don’t let their partners survive by growing pot, since it has become rather dangerous.

        Most responsible persons live healthy and safe lives, and don’t peddle weed, or sit around thinking it’s a respectable and normal occupation for an adult.

        • And real women are strong enough not to sit around thinking about what some “real” man would do: they do it themselves instead of waiting for a man to do it… And then they don’t complain about it…

        • Why the fuck is everyone blaming the people. How do you know this wasn’t a real woman who had lived here 40 years and had no children to help her out. She had maybe let’s say left for the first time in many years leaving a trusted friend to housesit only to have her whole lively hood stolen from her. And then have asswholes come on here and try and blame her.
          I don’t know the person, this is just an example of why people should stop judging. 14lbs could have been this old woman’s savings! You don’t know the cool old hippies that roam these hills…

    • Marijuana is a legal agricultural crop.

      Sorry that you’re fine with robbery and theft though. That’s some character you’ve got there.

      • Once again, you have misinterpreted current law to favor you own purposes.

        I never said I approved of theft, stealing, or robbery. I favor honest participation in the legal economy, going to school and then working in the usual manner. I do not favor selling illegal drugs to make a general living, and I don’t approve of the local rationalizations that “small farming” or whatever nice name you give your dirty little dope patches, is an appropriate or polite way to make money, since you have no skills or marketable profession, and live in a place with no other economic opportunity, for the probable reason that you are unable to make it in a real town, a real job, or a real lifestyle, since you are on drugs, most probably…

        Hope this is clear enough for you!

  • Hey, you seem cranky. It’s a beautiful day. Take a look around and smile.

    • And you as well, dear… Actually, not cranky, more like faintly amused by the desperation and bizarre situations of the average grower/denizen of SoHum…

      • The Ostrich Hunter

        I mean, it’s her site, so I see why she’s on here.

        You on the other hand Taurus…


        If someone robs a liquor store, should we just not report it? Alcohol being a drug and all…

        • Open forum. I’ll say what I like.

          Try respecting your elders, for a change!

          Robbing a liquor store seems different to me, but mostly, the robbing of private residences is disturbing, since the robbers could come to my house by mistake… Wouldn’t end well, and they wouldn’t get any cheese, except for swiss and cheddar, maybe some feta or parm…

          Drug dealers are not amusing, and the county is full of them. Someone either knew about this woman’s stash, or she sold it and then told the Sheriff that someone jacked her stuff, or something else…

          The story seems false to me… Drug dealers and drug users appear to be less trustworthy than other folks!

          AND, you would have to be pretty stupid to bust into an occupied home in SoHum, unless you are bulletproof… If it was an actual robbery, the perpetrator was paying close attention to just whom was inside…

          I disbelieve this story, just as I disbelieved the one about the robbers in swat gear who had assault rifles and jacked the Spanish tourists…

          • On a website without photos, how do you know the Ostrich Hunter or the women involved in this incident aren’t older than you?

            • Gee, I guess I don’t know anything at all!

              Cheese is weed! So is Gelato!

              Have a beautiful day, Humboldt!

            • How is Taurus Ballzhoff comment not an insult & therefore NOT REMOVED????

              • I don’t see it. Could you copy and paste it?

                • 99% of their comments are by my standards but it’s your blog but his is one xample… Open forum. I’ll say what I like.

                  Try respecting your elders, for a change!

                  Robbing a liquor store seems different to me, but mostly, the robbing of private residences is disturbing, since the robbers could come to my house by mistake… Wouldn’t end well, and they wouldn’t get any cheese, except for swiss and cheddar, maybe some feta or parm…

                  Drug dealers are not amusing, and the county is full of them. Someone either knew about this woman’s stash, or she sold it and then told the Sheriff that someone jacked her stuff, or something else…

                  The story seems false to me… Drug dealers and drug users appear to be less trustworthy than other folks!

                  AND, you would have to be pretty stupid to bust into an occupied home in SoHum, unless you are bulletproof… If it was an actual robbery, the perpetrator was paying close attention to just whom was inside…

                  I disbelieve this story, just as I disbelieved the one about the robbers in swat gear who had assault rifles and jacked the Spanish tourists…

                • Just because someone says things you don’t like that doesn’t mean it is an insult.

          • Conservative Stupidity

            You sound like an idiot saying what you like.

          • Just because you’re an elder (whatever that may mean to you) absolutely does not command nor deserve respect. Respect earns respect. What if one of these thieves (that you don’t believe in) happens to be older than you? Your comment denotes that you don’t actually have an argument but would rather fall back on that tired old saying which in turn really does show your age. Here’s another old saying for you: There’s no fool like an old fool.

            • Actually young fools mostly become old fools except for the ones who kill themselves before they get there. The reason to respect older people is that they have experienced more. And, ic uou ask right, you can get some of that experience without having to pay for it. What old people make of it depends on the individual. So it’s true there is no fool like an old one. Couldn’t learn. Was a fool, stayed a gool.

              Then again, younger people have not had the experience to have their ideas checked against reality. They make errors based on inexperience. Most young people are fools to a certain extent but are forgiven because most will become wiser with age. They have not yet risen to their limits in understanding.

      • By the People for the People

        Drug dealer? Little Harsh. Right now is such a cool time in American history. The growing situation and community right now is the wild wild west.
        It’s a shame that you’re conflating your giant amount of misinformation you have been force fed by lobbyist.
        People on here are right, Growing is still technically “Federally Illegal”. But I don’t know about you, personally I think we need to minimize federal government and let states worry about states.
        I know that everyone is scared that Thugs are going to take over the county. So by attacking people who have been attacked how is that hurting the thugs?
        These people would take your pot, your wallet, your jacket, your kids’ lunch money. Honestly pot is here to stay. Focus on the people in the community who represent good things.
        and to those who want to talk taxes… How many CEO’s and Politicians’ and actors/ celebrities get busted for tax evasion. The federal government is constantly losing giant sums of money and not being held accountable for it. Before you’re busting a person who makes 25,000$ a year in cash start asking the people who lost 6 trillion dollars and maybe your taxes would go down. (Yes, there are people who make more than that. But this person clearly isn’t one of them)

        • Again. No amount of wrong done by others ever means that you get to do wrong yourself. That’s a bad case of the adult version of “He started it.” Pointing at others and saying “He’s worse” doesn’t make you one whit better.

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          I like the word “conflate”. It almost makes you sound literate, or even educated. You folks are always trying to justify the craziness by saying something else is worse. In my opinion, you should stop smoking dope and spend your life doing something a little less obtuse and puerile.

          • Or at least recognize that it is what it is, even if you don’t like what it is.

          • By the People for the People

            No one is playing he said he said more than what you are doing. You’re asking the people who aren’t being held accountable to hold people accountable. I also like how you go to personal attacks and don’t touch my argument like a child would do. Because not accepting change my friend, is childish. Accept that the pot industry is here and not leaving. Regulate, and set it up for success. Instead we’re going to worry more about this then we are the people in the community who are destroying it. If you think taking away pot is going to fix the meth problem you are sadly mistaken. If you think taking away pot is going to stop the opioid epidemic I would challenge you to bring evidence and information that backs your claims up. stick to the facts. If you can.
            Your identity politics are getting in the way of things that shouldn’t be that damn complicated.

            • No, it shouldn’t be so complicated. But that is what it inevitably becomes when people want two things that can’t coexist. Right now people seem to want to equate what they are doing in growing pot as the same thing as growing carrots or squash when complaining about regulations while being quite aware that their product is not a carrot at all but is a drug they keep selling directly to shady people at black market prices because they get more money that way.

              Pot is a drug. You can argue that is more benign than some others but a drug it is. If you insist on selling drugs on the black market, then your clientele are people who -tah tah- don’t mind breaking the law along with you. That some of them are willing to break the law more than you want want to break the law by stealing from you should be no surprise at all.

              • AND, it’s pretty difficult to understand just what the heck you are talking about. Change would be honest farmers growing weed on actual farmland, for the actual market, not 30,000 little dope patches and whack-job backyard growers whining about, everything, while polluting, cutting down the trees, diverting springs and streams, and roaring around in giant pickups while flipping off everyone else…

                You will all be gone soon, when you can no longer do what you do profitably. I for one, cannot wait to stop reading about all the wrecks on 36 and 101, and all these incidents of small pot theft!

        • If only to play devil’s advocate: it is true that CEO’s and the like often get by with not paying what is believed to be their fair share of taxes, but what do they bring or take away from the system as a whole. It seems that there are some in the cannabis industry that not only benefit from not paying enough in taxes, but they also receive substantial assistance from the government. At least it could be said that they create jobs and pay taxes with their high end purchases. I could see some people not being too terribly upset a robbery of someone they see as robbing the system.

  • Everyone has that one dumb friend that says not to call the cops.
    Maybe she should have bought a gun for self defense with one of those 500 dollar pounds. She could have done us all a favor and shot these human excrements. Two women alone in a property in desolate humboldt? Yer asking for it! Now that you dont have any more drugs in the house you better go down to browns and get yourself a pistol!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Black Rifles Matter

      They don’t believe in gun rights down yonder.

    • You can’t seriously be arguing that women shouldn’t live alone in rural Humboldt?

      I know a number of women who do.

      Crime can and does occur anywhere. Everyone, man or woman should take appropriate precautions but don’t be afraid to live.

    • I know from personal experience that not everyone likes to combine drugs (illegal or not) with weapons. It’ll just cause trouble.

    • 357 wheel gun. Just start squeezing. Any man will run. There’s also something about a women holding a double barreled shotgun too,just point n start quivering and tell em you don’t know if the safety’s on or not….

    • Some WOMEN from Southern Humboldt, like myself, are pretty good with a firearm. If that had happened at my house, this WOMAN could plant one right between the intruders eyes and I wouldn’t miss.

  • @BlackRifflesMatter,

    Don’t be silly. Why do you think Brown’s exists? There are a number of people who own guns in Southern Humboldt. But just as not everyone is cut out to be a parent, not everyone is cut out to be a gun owner.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      BlackRIflesMatter is silly by nature. Makes it easy to ignore those lame posts.

    • I wish they would at least make people do half the paper work for propagation as they do gun ownership. Or maybe even a seven day waiting period.🤔

    • Cabin in the woods

      Thank you, Kym.
      Not everyone should have a driver’s license.
      The argument that every American should have the right to own a gun is just bullshit.
      So when you think like this, by default, every asshole who murdered someone should have had the right to own a gun???

      There are none so blind as those who will not see. Some people really need to pull their head out of their ass.

  • Kym is extraordinarily tolerant of us commenters. Ballzoff is fortunate that she allows his venom to be spewed.
    I am a woman living alone, unarmed in Humboldt.
    I think I have that right.
    I do wonder if this victim was a “legal” farmer.
    I am sorry that this happened to her.

    • She is a friend of a friend of mine and she is under the square footage necessary for a permit. She is a wonderful, helpful person who uses her resources to help the community. She is a small farmer with a big heart. I heard it was somelne she knew who has no job and got desperate. Total shame- This guy is going to get caught and I hope we all learn how to stick together, not caste out our vulnerable and decent community members who need extra support

  • There is a problem with standards by which people are judged on this site. A person who points out that obviously pot leads to much more than routine violence is berated for victimizing the victim and being a general idiot. Even though that is pretty much the point, not that some liquor store gets robbed too.

    However if a person dares to point out that men suffer violence from women, he is pulled up short for holding irrational and unsubstantiated beliefs. Even though there is clearly about as good a chance of a man being a totally innocent victim as a pot grower is totally innocent of all wrong doing.

    Truth is that pot has a history of violence attached to it. Dreaming of the halcyon good ol’ days of 40 years ago is just as much a fiction as the idea that women are out there wholesale beating up poor defenseless men who are too ashamed to report it. Yet the same people insist that in one case reality be ignored while insisting on it being all important in the other.

    • money also has a history of violence attached to it….being a woman alone has a history of violence attached….history has a history of violence…..humans are violent animals ugh in actions, thoughts and comments. acknowledge these behaviors and work towards peace

      • Not being involved in a shady, illicit business might mean you can avoid dealing with so many risky people. A shady business should not be surprised when other shady people rise to the bait any more than a gang member should be surprised by vendettas. That’s the essence of the product.

        • Oh good lord. [edit]
          Crime is caused by criminals. It’s exacerbated by economic hopelessness.

          • Right, sure, of course. Economic hopelessness on million dollar properties. Although it is hard to tell the criminals without a program, criminality is the problem, not the solution.

      • To many people for Peace. That’s a farce. Extinguish 2/3 of the humans and then talk about world peace ,because peace sells…..but who’s buying?

  • It seriously is like a lot of people here watch reefer madness on a daily basis, and then regurgitate the misinformation.
    In my experience more cannabis farmers are super nice, decent people than not. The bad apples give all of them a bad image because people never learned how to not generalize.
    There are shitty people everywhere, in all professions, religions etc…
    That said I hope the cops catch these guys, there is no good reason to steal someone’s livelihood. PERIOD

    • It’s a truism that there are bad apples everywhere but they are not my neighbors causing me problems. The pot growers are. And that there are other ‘bad apples’ does not excuse them anyway.

      In my experience growers are pretty civil to your face as long as you don’t bother them while cheerfully abstracting all your water as if your needs are not worth considering.

      There are probably pot growers who are not self centered jerks but that has not been my experience. Has nothing to do with anything but direct experience. I can’t wait to meet the pot grower who tells you that he understands that in the middle of summer there is not enough water in the creek for everyone to use , so he’s going to stop watering his plants. Or the pot smoker who says ‘I understand the stink can be unpleasant to some, so I’ll make sure not to expose you to it morning, noon and night.’ Or the one drives while buzzed agrees that he’s not going to do it anymore.

      • I guess that my experience is not normal than, the cannabis farmers that I know have wells dug on their property and I’ve never seen a roaming gun battle. They care for the environment and don’t cut down old growth trees. Maybe I’m jaded, and I’m sorry that so many people have so many horror stories.
        All I can say is hopefully with the price of cannabis plummeting a lot of the people who are just in it for the money will leave.
        Just always try to keep an open mind and judge people on their own merits. That’s all I’m trying to say

  • So you actually were planning on selling this weed for $$ on the black market… rats foiled again!

  • Anyone that makes a living doing home invasion should be shot alongside rapists and child molesters. But that being said, “our community is divided between reaching out to authority or just taking a loss”. Just call it a loss. Not to sound pessimistic, but if you’re counting on the sheriffs to actually find and return your stolen weed you might be a bit naive. Not meant as a insult just a simple observation as that is not the authorities objective. There is rarely anything even resembling justice, the downside of living outside the law is you will not be able to count on it when something happens. The “law” seems to barely work around here when it is under ideal conditions let alone when the waters are murky.

  • My family has been living on the same property for 4 generations now. Up until recently the biggest problem we have ever had on the hill we’re generally Road disputes, driving too fast, not paying dues, not showing up for brush day, xcetera. But in the last five years we’ve had bulgarians, Hmungs, several people from San Diego and a group of local boys move up here and start growing big. For the last three years in a row now we’ve had roaming gun battles, between big dope Growers and rip offs, going across several separate pieces of property involving people that had nothing to do with the original situation. Most of the people driving the road won’t even so much as wave at you anymore. No one will chip in on the road, yet or amazed when their fuel trucks get stuck in the middle of winter. We even have a nice elderly lady that lives across the river, she still cleans houses for a living, whose life was threatened by the Bulgarian for simply Walking On The Water Bar she’s walked on for years with her dog. We have had the FBI and the US Marshal Service up here serving warrants for human trafficking, while serving the warrant and eradicating a greenhouse the local sheriff was parked right next to a huge light dep operation and did absolutely nothing about it. The bulgarians who got busted we’re up and running again 2 weeks later. They have plowed huge Flats, put dirt Crossings across creeks and have chop down and large number of redwood trees without permits and fishing game doesn’t absolutely nothing about it, even though they’ve driven by the operation several times. 2 years ago Shane from Fish and Game demanded access through my gate to bust a so-called cartel grow on benbow State Park property. I asked why do you want access through my property? the bulgarians Border it ,why aren’t you checking them out. He told me they don’t mess with the bulgarians cuz they buy their property and pay taxes. As opposed to me and my family that have owned the same piece of land for four generations? 5 minutes after we gave him access through the gate he was giving my uncle shit for a water tank he has set up on the side of the road for fire, even has Firewater painted on it in Big Red Letters. WTF I guess the point of my ramblings is anyone who doesn’t think pot has crime connected to it, is delusional.

    • Refreshing dose of reality.

    • Thank you! I have also seen this place get turned to crap- with the full endorsement of law enforcement. Only been here since ’76 so I’m a newcomer but it’s a shame that greedrushers try to tell me what it’s really all about and recite their fantasy history. The decline in community and decency since late 90’s has been steep and disastrous. That’s why I can understand The Chump’s remarks- they actually hold some water. Not a lot but some.

    • I’ve noticed that type of thing too; terrible.

    • The Bulgarians pay off LE..Enough money and yes….u get protection from anyone.

  • It`s a Farce ……any body that sites ” The Chump ” for wisdom is wanting his lost marbles back

  • Ok. If growers really wanted to run a legal business, but remain independent and safer, they would form a coop, register properly (not have the ability to register but actually do it), never sell privately and have a seperate selling location.

  • It’s good it’s reported; what if they get the wrong house next time;
    somebody who has no nothing to do with mj? The criminals
    seem to be getting bolder.

  • Meanwhile, the Mateel has raised $1370.00 by 16 people in 1 month:–2

    At this breakneck speed, they will be completely out of debt in 22 years, 7 months and 14 days…

    It will be interesting to see how this whole recreational cannabis/marijuana or “farming” community can keep it together and last more than 1 year, without everyone killing each other and becoming the inland version of the Lost Coast. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

  • Well, there is a new metric, we call it “Humboldt Time”. Humboldt time varies from normal time, since everything is mitigated by the ridiculously high-THC-content weed that everyone smokes all day, and the fact that everyone stays in bed until past 11AM or so… Also, nothing ever gets done around here until it’s almost completely too late… Like at least if the building is on fire, you have a volunteer fire department consisting of guys who are “not too stoned” who will come over pretty quick. It’s like with Jerold Phelps Hospital – when they are right out of money, they will fire several people and start whining about “closing the doors”, and then the wealthy donors will fork over some cash to Kent Scown and Sara Beach and the other “born in the area” indigenous employees… Then the clueless CEO who makes $230,000/year will hire some more low paid foreigners and start talking about how “well we’re doing” and the whole cycle starts again…

    So it’s operations “by the incompetent and corrupt, for the loaded and incapable…”, instead of “by the people, for the people…”

    Thanks, millennials, for the incomprehensible form of government you have installed and currently support… Although in the case of the Matteel, the only thing that will save it is if the monies stolen by, whomever, are suddenly returned by the mommies and daddies of the current board members…

    Good luck SoHum, I don’t think the growers care much about the Matteel or SHCHD or anything at all except their collection of Krugerrands, and while the exodus of busted growers continues, I continue to lose hope for anything in Humboldt, supported by “the public”.

  • haw haw, a house sitter that doesnt lock the door when their are valuables there, and a home owner that would hire someone so stupid as to not lock the door and so stupid to live that much weed not locked up in a safe, sounds like inside job, she calls her boyfriend and they do the shakedown, acting it out like a real hit job, no cameras at locked gate? or on the property? weed is down to 600 a lb now so all that is not worth 18 grand at all. if the people stole it didnt know the variety, they do now, i guess they posted the variety so incase someone buys it they will know? how dumb

  • 18lbs that’s probably worth like $15k right? Two or three times a year. With all the expenses, how the heck does anyone live off that? The ripppers probably got less than $10k for it but the club who eventually buys and sells it will be raking in the dough boy. Shoot if I were a member of the crime organizations running socal clubs I might hire thugs to do just that. Hmm?

  • Arm yourselves ladies its shady out there in them hills…

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