Vehicles Crash Near Intersection of Sixth and I Streets in Eureka

Photos by Mark McKenna

Two vehicles crashed near the intersection of Sixth and I streets in Eureka a few moments ago. Reporter Mark McKenna is at the scene and says that Sixth Street is completely blocked. Also, traffic is down to one lane on I Street as emergency personnel clean up the scene. No one was injured in the crash.



  • So the black car blew thru the red light and t-boned the blue car?

  • Or perhaps the blue car blew thru the red light in front of the black car and got t-boned when the black car could not stop.

  • Yep,people suck at driving.i was there too!!the wreck down the road at my moms,dude stole a vehicle thou,but blew thru the stop of 6 was hit.SLOW DOWN!! Both my daughter and I were hit buy a red light runners. Those lights are there for a reason,just like seat belts!pretty simple

  • Stupid drivers. By the way, people if Humboldt, use your turn signals!!!! It’s only a few inches from the steering wheel.

  • Come on-you think turn signals would have stopped this accident? Ha! What a line of BS. And by the way-I called the accident scenario

    • BFD! Didn’t help your reading comprehension nor add to your decorum . That phrase “by the way, people in Humboldt, use your turn signals” was as an added suggestion to careless drivers [and one I totally wish people would heed!].

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You are a good example of why driving is so dangerous here. The suggestion to use turn signals was an additional suggestion for safety.

  • That is a bad intersection, I look twice before driving through it


  • Used to work P/T in an office at that intersection. A lot of accidents happen there.

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