Northern Nights & Bob Moses Join Emerald Cup (Along with Portugal. The Man, The Roots, Gramatik)

This is a press release from the Emerald Cup:

Santa Rosa, CA – With the successful completion of year 5 of the festival which included the groundbreaking cannabis Tree Lounge, Northern Nights Music Festival is excited to announce its partnership with The Emerald Cup in the production of the 2nd stage featured in the The Good Seed Hall (sponsored by Seeds Here, Dec. 9 & 10th. This year’s impressive line-up at The Emerald Cup already includes the legendary Roots, the recently Grammy nominated Portugal. The Man, Gramatik, Hieroglyphics, Pimps of Joytime, Chali2na and Bob Moses. With Northern Nights’ cemented status as a premiere West-Coast camping festival and as a pioneer in the burgeoning cannabis industry, “there couldn’t be a better fit for NNMF than to team up with The Emerald Cup in Northern California” states Andrew Blap (Co-Founder NNMF).

The Northern Nights Stage in the The Good Seed Hall (sponsored by Seeds Here, will feature DJs and producers from Northern California along with this year’s Emerald Cup entries and trophies, art, and the psychedelic MAPS experience. The inviting stage and lounge space will be sending musical vibes throughout the Medical Cannabis 215 Areas to heighten the patient’s shopping experiences.

The Emerald Cup is a two-day event that gathers Northern California’s best cultivators, industry leaders, and cannabis devotees together to partake in educational panels, with topics from legislation to farming practices to medical uses, while bringing patrons face to face with cutting edge vendors and topping it all off with a diverse musical lineup. Tim Blake (TEC founder) states, “Music has always been an important aspect of our event and I’m very excited how 2017’s lineup is shaping up. After a day full of educational panels and informative workshops, it’s essential we bring the right vibes of music and entertainment to our attendees.” The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together all members of the cannabis community each year, including farmers, patients, professionals, and enthusiasts.


The 14th Annual Emerald Cup

Dates: Saturday, December 9, 2017 – Sunday December 10, 2017

Time: Doors at 11am PT

Venue: Sonoma County Fairgrounds

Address: 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Admission: Varies // $60 – $400

Purchase Link:

Age restrictions: 18+


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Northern Nights Music Festival – Website

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  • Why is it dopers feel the need to hold events that promote drug addiction, and are proud of this behavior?

    Seems like if they are fenced in an area it would be easy to arrest them all.

    Also, why do dopers have long hair?

    • unbridled phillistine

      Weeds not addictive, So to call an event based on MJ promoting drug addiction you are sorely mistaken. Again.

    • Chump -with the cannabis market crashing and property values plummeting as well, you have a good opportunity to upgrade from your run down double wide trailer housing situation to something a little more cozy.
      Perhaps you can get a better paying job and quit your kitchen gig flipping burgers and taking orders from your toothless boss. Odds are, you’ll still find time to bitch and moan about your altered perception of the status quo.

    • Chump your girl loves the shaggy hair. I’m sick of the fleas but she’s pissed about your flattop. Plus you can hide at least a half ounce of gateway drugs amidst all dem locks. Makes it easier when I’m passing out joints to the kids at school.

    • Because they got stoned and forgot to cut it??

  • Emerald cup is lame and so are you if you go lol

  • Wow, so this is a “press release”, and not an advertisement? I wonder if they will donate any proceeds to the fire victims in the area?

    • Ed, I promise you that if I get paid to promote something I’ll tell my readers, but, if I think it is something that has interest to them, I’ll post it whether or not I could get paid as an advertisement. This is posted in the Cannabis Cache section for those that are interested in marijuana–the Emerald Cup is big event in that world and Northern Nights is another big local event. For various reasons, folks find that interesting.

      • Kym, you are putting words in my mouth; who said anything about you being paid? I believe it was you, not me! I’m sure you get a free pass if you attend? Is that why you do this, to get paid or a free golden wrist band?

        But you are right, Northern Nights is becoming a “big local event”, to bad it has to be another one on the river! Do you pay to attend that event?

        • I don’t go to Northern Nights. I’m not a fan of concerts. I’ve both paid and gone to the Emerald Cup under press passes. But I don’t post advertisements in order to get press passes. I would feel that was pay and I would need to tell my readers. I take press passes if I write about an event which I have done multiple times for the Emerald Cup. I also spoke at it once and was on a panel once and received free passes for both those times.

        • tired of all this

          When you say “advertisement” , payment for same is not a stretch, Mr Voice.

          • I understand; however, only calling it a “press release” is even a bigger stretch, more like denial of standards and ethics. This “press release” gives more information about the events partners, sponsors and producers than the event, just say’n…

            • Oh, for God’s sake, Ed. If you think I’m unethical because I made no money posting about an event that talks about sponsors along with talking about an event many of my readers are interested, just say so. This is ridiculous.

              • Again, putting words in my mouth and God has nothing to do with it!

                The Sonoma Fairgrounds are where events should be held, not on a Wild & Scenic River or River Bar, where threatened and endangered species are located. NNMF is just as degrading to the South Fork Eel as ROTR, in fact it’s cumulative; all in the name of what?

                It’s a free market place, you can promote whomever you like. However, I have the same right to criticise you for promoting it…

  • Mendocino Mike from KPFN radio in Laytonville 105.1 i did a interview with Tim on DEC. 5th and yes over 50000 thousand will be given back to fire victims! I do say Thankyou too Tim for working so hard to keep this event what it is.

  • Treatwell Health of Eureka won first prize in the CBD tincture category! This is purely medicinal stuff, and it’s just, plain FUN to do. Treatwell also won prizes in a couple of other categories. Hard to believe after all the years of high-THC herb that if I could only have one thing it might be the high-CBD as it really takes the edge off. Thank you, Kym, for reporting on the wonderful and extremely popular Emerald Cup.

    Forward, never straight!

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