Garberville Sanitary District Seeking Board Member Candidates

This is a press release from the Garberville Sanitary District:

Garberville Sanitary District is seeking community minded candidates that are willing to work cohesively with other Board Members regardless of diversity of opinion for being fiscally responsible stewards of public funds while ensuring the best quality customer service, safe potable water and environmentally conscious sewer treatment.

The requirements are that you must live within GSD boundaries and be willing to participate at the monthly meetings which are on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 5:00PM.

The candidate must also not have any conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest which may affect their decisions on District business.

The candidate must not have any relatives working for the District

All candidates will be screened and have the opportunity to address the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting and because this vacancy is between elections, the Board may elect to appoint the new Board Member at this meeting.

Interested Candidates please contact the District office and fill out an application of interest before January 17, 2018.


Thank You for your Interest,

Garberville Sanitary District Board of Directors



  • How did we get a new hospital board member without an election? I just read it in the Independent.

  • To answer your question: A board member recently resigned as he was leaving the area. So in compliance with humboldt county ordinance the SHCHD posted a board vacancy notice in the newspapers for 60 days. Then selected the most qualified applicant to complete the term of the previous board member. Whereupon they will be required to run for the office in a general election.

    This stuff can get complicated quickly, but I hope this clarifies things for you.

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