19-Year-Old Man Arrested After Fleeing From Law Enforcement While Driving With Suspended or Revoked License

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Dec. 5, 2017 around 11:16 p.m. a deputy attempted to stop a red 2000 Nissan truck for a speeding violation on Herrick Avenue in Eureka. The driver, Miguel Angel Meza, 19, failed to stop and merged on Highway 101 southbound. Meza exited on Humboldt Hill and turned onto Fischer Lane. Meza stopped the vehicle at the 2000 block of Fisher Lane. Meza was arrested on the following charges: driving at an unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions, flight from a traffic officer and driving while on a suspended or revoked license.



  • This is a perfect example of why it does absolutely no good to take a license away from someone. I’ll bet he was released on OR last night, while ‘promising’ to appear. I’ll even bet he has no insurance either. So what? Pathetic Puke Punk.

  • Driving too fast for a sunny day and dry roads? Damn

  • you wanna be dumb ya better be tough! like the rest of humboldt boy!

  • Savage. Legend.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Young, dumb and in this country illegally I bet. Such is the Humboldt life.

    • Please point out ANY info that lead you to ASSUME he is an illegal? Or is your assumption based purely off of his name?

    • Oh of course, he s Latino so he s illegal? No, he s not. He was born and raised here in eureka just like his parents and his grandparents came here legally. He’s a good kid who made a stupid mistake and his family is awesome. So stop with the racist bs. And don’t call it anything else because that’s what it is.

      • How is every drug addict a ‘good kid who made stupid mistakes’ anyway? They are simply a person who made stupid choices that turned out to be mistakes when they get caught up in their poor choices. The ‘good’ part is yet to be, as shown by the already suspended license. The good part comes in avoiding the mistake part.

        • Anonymously Defensive

          Where does it say anything about him being a drug addict?!? You are assuming?? And licenses are suspended for reasons other than traffic violations, like medical reasons. Maybe don’t be such a judgmental jerk.

          • You’re right that I made an assumption his license was suspended for being for DUI, which made this a second offense. It could be his purported ‘mistake’ was driving this time on a suspended license.

            It’s pretty unlikely. But possible.

        • Where does it say anything about him being a drug addict?!? You are assuming?? And licenses are suspended for reasons other than traffic violations, like medical reasons. Maybe don’t be such a judgmental jerk.

      • Dont lissen to all the mean,up tight,grumpy,know it alls,(nots) that love to just talk crap on this and argue back & forth with each other like there family.cause in a way most of them are,leaveing mean nasty coments about others they dont even no,I guess being nasty & mean in life is all they have THEY DONT EVER TRY TO BE IN ANY ONE ELSES SHOES,What if it was theyre 19 year old kid? Were they so perfect at that age & never done any thing dum,they probably just didnt get seen or cought is all.I dont no him or his family. But it nice to read that you stuck up for them. & I do hope this will be remembered also for the ones you just happen to not no also!(as in future),

        • Actually it is very possible to be 19 and never arrested. Most people manage it. Dann them for their perfection anyway.

    • Haha, we white people have the market sewed up tight on being dumbshits in this county.

    • he doesn’t look like he has a drug problem so he could be here from another country.

  • That’s going to put a dent in his parents pocket, crazy kids

  • Keep him off the toad before he kills someone.


  • Humboldt is an incredible place to raise kids, but once they are out of high school, you have to get them the hell out of here. Not enough work opportunities, not enough recreational activities.

    • Seamus,? I see Help Wanted signs everywhere I go and not enough recreational activities around here? Problem is there’s too much drugs and money around here, kids have gotten too spoiled and don’t spend their free time working like they used to.

  • He’s headed for a hard life by his own actions. And then all the liberals will say society let him fall through the cracks, we didn’t do enough to help him. ( He’s just another stupid person. )

  • Them eyebrows tho

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