Suspicious Death Monday Night Appears to Be Homicide

Press release from Eureka Police Department:


The Eureka Police Department is investigating a suspicious death that appears to be a homicide. The deceased has been identified as 56 year old Charles “Chuckie” Levaugh, a transient of Eureka. His death occurred sometime between Monday, December 4, 2017 around 11:35 p.m. and Tuesday, December 5, 2017 around 12:45 a.m. in the alley to the rear the 2039 E Street in Eureka.

We are looking for anyone who knew Levaugh or of any significant events associated with him. We are also looking for anyone who heard a disturbance about that time of night or has a game camera or surveillance system that may capture a person or vehicle in the area during that one hour time period and time leading up to the event. A picture of Levaugh is attached to this release.

Anyone with information or surveillance is asked to contact Senior Detective Harpham. (707) 441-4305

Investigation team sprays for blood

Eureka Police Detective Harpham and investigative team spray a substance that helps blood show up at the scene of the suspicious death. [Photo by Mark McKenna]



  • drone pollinators inc.

    So sad RIP. Seems to be a daily occurrence in humbolt.

    • so that means we have over 300? try some actual data, [edit]

      • It says nothing about a firearm being involved, so your argument is irrelevant. I see gun control is working so good back east! Damn!

        • take a close look at the mass shooting location’s for 2017, 326 of them. very similar demographics and most in the interior of the US. back east is a world away in so many ways and seems to be doing just fine, except for the south.

        • Yes, I understand Baltimore and DC are peaceful, safe and someone getting shot is nearly unheard of. Likewise Detroit and Chicago, which demonstrate how well gun control & prohibition works.

          I find it interesting that north Idaho is about the most peaceful & safe place I`ve been. Of course there is the odd murder once in a while as there always will be. However, it seems those frightening guns have no propensity to jump off the rack and shoot people. Everyone is armed, gun shows every couple of months &held in the high school gymnasium. No permit required to carry; almost everyone is armed.

          Much, much more peaceful and safe than Oakland or Humboldt Co. for that matter.

      • drone pollinators inc.

        Let’s celebrate our city by being second deadliest in California, behind Oakland. Really local. Give me an fn break.

      • amimissingsomething

        Loco Observer, Nothing but Fake News here! [edit]

        • drone pollinators inc.

          Once again someone died, or most likely murdered. Danny and Loco seem to try for all end to justify it instead of facing the true fact. Hello a good man lost his life.

          • justify? more like exposing fraud, we don’t have 100,000 people to be part of the stats and you are comparing apples to kiwi. the true fact is cutting down plants and praying the other problems that go unfunded will go away is not working out so well.

          • Good man? Did you know him or have pics of him on your drone?

        • So for 100 years all news was neutral. Then, all of a sudden. Just because Don Trump ran for office, half of all news in the world went fake overnight…???

          • Really? It has never been neutral. It has made riom for being more scholarly at times. Back in the days after WWII and before … well when did journalists cease being responsible?

            The internet was the death of elite journalistic professional standards. Fast counts and the facts be damned. Certainly well before Trump. It was abysmal during Obama’s Presidency.

            Now tweeting has become such a routine embarassment that no one dares hold anyone to account. It seems that it is more of a shouting match to rally the fans. It’s a world where every thoughful question is considered an attack on “right thinking” and must be squashed.

      • Thanks for the link. Great site!!

    • All TOO often for a fact!!! Extremely sad indeed!!!

  • Chuckie’s face is a roadmap of a hard life. Yet I see some positive passion in there too.
    Why would a man (person) who faces a hard life, survives under tough-luck situations, meet such an end? Sad to see, for sure.
    May Chuckie now be relishing the sense of love, joy, oneness, and a total lack of need. Am guessing that he has earned that.

    • At one time he was an absolute wonderful person to be around. Enthusiastic, joking around, loved to play with us kids. But life got hard for him and after his son died as a teenager it got harder. Just a reminder all the homeless people that disgust you are somebody significant to somebody. He was my cousin and he will be missed.

      • How did it go so far downhill? From what people are implying, maybe drug abuse but it’s never said outright.

      • hey (((sara))) sorry for your loss; its hard to lose someone you love, especially if they were not in a good spot. I lost my cousin to heroin years ago. He got clean, got a university scholarship (he was a navy vet) and decided to ‘celebrate’ just one more time. You love them despite their circumstances. I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling, having him taken in such a way. I wish you much peace!

  • Chuck was a baseball coach for Cutten boys teams for many years. He was always good with the kids. Sad to hear how his situation went so downhill for him. May he rest now, with his son, CJ in the afterlife.

    • Thank you for adding this to let us know how he had been a part of his community.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        The whole story of Chuck and his son’s life is tragic to say the least….. At least they are together again…..

    • Thank you! With that added knowledge, may those who are programmed (including me, to some degree) to read “transient”, then think ‘low life’, use this opportunity to think twice before we judge.
      If Charlie has roots here/ in the place where he was killed, it seems that “transient” is not the best way to describe him.
      I looked it up to be sure. The Free Dictionary (on line) describes the term, as most accurately applied to this situation: “1. One that is transient, especially a hotel guest or boarder who stays for only a brief time”.
      What you think, Kym? Shall we honor the man with a different description? (Or do we apply the term, because he ‘where he slept’ may have been transitory?).

    • It is all about being in the wrong place..................

      I think (he looks familiar) I talked with him and found him to be well learned. And engaging, although I sensed he had issues, but I think he had an interesting life. Sad he couldn’t pull it together and we could praise his recovery. Regardless of who ended his life I can’t think of one reason why his was a waste of a potential valuable person.

  • I have encountered Charles before, a few times just out and about. He always seemed like a nice and helpful man. I am sorry to read this.

  • So sad; was cold that night also. Poor guy.

  • Perhaps the church should have lent a helping hand. That’s what they should be doing this time of year especially instead of choir practice and rummage sales.

    • The Town Church attempted to provide a place of daily respite from the street. Torch and pitchfork wielding citizens stopped them.

    • Perhaps you didn’t know that all the rummage sales this church hosts are fundraisers to help families from this exact demographic. The church and their members personally have provided more subsidized housing, furniture, clothing, food, jobs, support, etc. over the past 8 years for those battling homelessness and drug addiction than any other church in the area that I know of. Just because they don’t advertise all their good works doesn’t mean they don’t do them. I don’t attend church, but they have earned my respect over the years.

    • So true. And we as a community shouldn’t leave it to charity and churches.

  • Another one? Is the birth rate keeping up? This is so distressful. I’m thankful that my daughter stopped me from retiring up there in SoHum. And I’m really sorry to say that.

  • I’m done with commenting good bye

  • I saw this man, a time or two, while i was in eureka. He looked kind of rough, harden I guess. However he was very polite, opened a door for me even. Sad to see him here. Rest in peace, Chuckie.

  • Pretty sure I sat in on a trial case this guy was involved in. He was push around a bit in a free food line and he broke his foot. If this is him his slang was so bad the judge could barely understand. Very entertaining guy – the bailiff could barely stay composed. Rip.

  • Layla Goodwyn said with his son in the after life,maybe that’s why his life life turned so tragic. RIP

    • Yes, when his son died, he was hit hard. He also had some medical issues in his life. He worked for many years as a Taxi driver for City Cab. He and his (now x) worked the food stand for CRRA (kids baseball at cute school). He lost his home about 18 months ago. He was attacked while on the streets, his nose and leg/ foot broken. He would give his last dime to a friend (and it seems they never paid him back) Nice guy, sad hand that life felt him. He can now be out of the cold, resting in peace with his son.

      • Thank our county for their anal retentive priorities. Politicians with their own addictions, greed and negligence leading us in a direction of no hope. Thank the SOBs for their betrayal! May
        Karma reciprocate their actions three fold.

      • There should be more help for people like him. There is nothing but a few religious charities ..not enough for so many in need. We suck.

  • This man was raised in Eureka. Went to school here, along with his big sister (my friend) Charlotte. So sad to see ppl I know in the news. Too many my age dying. RIP Chuck. Sorry for the sadness Charlotte. My prayers go out to you.

  • Sad, transient or not. Also sad to know we have yet another killer on the loose around town. Hope they track the low life down and make him pay.

  • I’m so sorry to his family.Hes a human being and no one deserves to die on the streets,or alley.😢

  • Chuck was my uncle. Some of my most favorite childhood memories are at my aunt and uncle’s place. Uncle Chuck was always fun to hangout with. He taught me alot about being tuff. I haven’t seen him in years. Him and my aunt took care of my son when I couldn’t. For that I will always be grateful. I’m still in shock. RIP Uncle Chuck.

  • A lot of the heart, and the goodness of this community is on display in the comments about Chuck. Very nice! Kudos to all!!

  • unbridled phillistine

    Statistics on serial killers in California are disturbing. Think there are 300 serials loose in the state currently. Not too far of a leap to think we have some up here in the far north state?

  • Cops out in bville all day busting place about mile marker 25 .12 dfw and sherrifs and chippers

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