“I Messed Up” Card Among Items Man Arrested for Shoplifting Had in Backpack

A man was detained by Fortuna Police about 9:19 Monday night for shoplifting at a local supermarket. According to the scanner, the man, Timothy Belisle is alleged to have walked into the store with an empty backpack and walked out with a full pack. The items in the pack were not paid for.

After law enforcement detained him, the items were returned to the store and a reader, Mike Cary, captured the following image of them.

I messed up

The contrast on the original photo has been increased to make the card easier to read. [Photo provided by Mike Cary]

Among the magazines, movies, cereal, bread, and Donettes was a card that read… “I messed up.”

The question is ‘Does the man have the ability to see the future and thus he prepared for his capture or is this not the first mistake in his life?”



  • Question, answer nope just a thief…

  • Not booze or cigarettes, no bike! Munchies, reading material…and little honesty!

  • What’s really messed up is that I know this person has a child, limited visitation. And I wonder if he was just trying to get some goodies for them?
    I am in way condoning his behavior! Especially given the fact that he has a child.
    There is just always another perspective.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      His child reads at an adult level? Terms like “always another perspective” are favorites for enablers.

    • Behavior like this is great evidence as to why his visitation is limited. Empathy is important when viewing a situation like this, but knowing there are other people involved with this situation doesn’t make me feel any sorrow for the guy– just those that his behavior impacts, this store included.

    • Condoning the behavior of theives eh? Don’t worry ??? Lucky your friend lives in California and he will be out tomorrow and can do the same thing again and again. I condon behavior for people who have jobs and contribute to society. Fuk this scumbag and as for u ???? You should go to jail for supporting theives and drug addicts

  • ??? You are no better than he is. I hope you don’t live around me.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    One of the biggest problems about this is: If this was at the Redwood Village Shopping Center, these people knows that there is NO Security on Sunday or Monday Nights and none during regular Day Light Hours, so, this is the time that they are hitting all of the stores in the Mall. I have personally seen people running out with stolen goods, but, was not able to catch up with them due to my disability at this time. The Mall needs Security from the time they open, till the time they close. The money they would pay for this is very far less than the costs of all of the stolen goods. When someone can run with a $20.00 or so bottle of Alcohol, that would pay for almost 2 hours for a Security Office. Talk with some of the Merchants and see how much they are losing almost every day and you are paying for all of that in increased costs for your merchandise.

  • It is truly unfortunate there are dirtbag thieves out there, and even more unfortunate that there are dirtbag laws that allow dirtbag thieves to sue stores for trying to keep the dirtbag thieves from stealing merchandise. As someone who works in retail, it is too often ‘better’ to let the merchandise walk out than it is to pay some dirtbag SUBSTANTIALLY more in some false accusation that a bleeding heart jury or judge would believe. Even an out of court settlement would cost thousands and thousands.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Did he enter with the intent to steal? If so commercial burglary would apply, A felony. If he had an impulse and shop lifted its not a felony. Sounds like he came in with an empty bag to fill with food, So felony seems appropriate.

  • Tis the season!

  • Since this isn’t gonna happen until 9:19 tonight, roughly four hours from now, why don’t all you crime stoppers stop it?

    • Because the crimestopper goes to jail ironically for discrimination,false inprisonment and assault charges which means he/she is jail for months while the thief is out in 12 hours and sues you…

  • Like mother, like son!!! I knew this guy as a kid, and his mother broke into our home on numerous occasions, and robbed us blind! We had a police officer who lived across the street, and he arrested her numerous times!! What a shame!! He steals to feed his habit, no doubt!!

  • Look at arrest history 7 times last few months,thanks Gov moonbeam, build the wall [around commufornia]

  • This guy is a theif that’s what he does anyone who knows him knows that. Blast his face to the public. Or sit around and bitch about it. [edit]

  • He is selling the stuff he steals on his Facebook page.

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