[UPDATE: The Puppies Now Have More Than Enough Offers of Homes] Free Male Malamute/Central Asian Shepherd Puppies, But They Need Lots of Play Room

Light and fluffy puppiesWant a puppy?

The owner says, “These pups are for free. We are only wanting to find good, loving and stable homes for them with room for playing (and they’re getting big!). They are Malamute/Central Asian Shepherd.”

There are four males. If you want to talk to the owner, her number is (707) 223-2097. She lives in Redway.

fluffy puppyfluffy puppy with red collar

UPDATE 9:51 p.m.:
The owner said, “I’ve had over two dozen calls and texts and set up a couple of meet and greets. A woman just called me from Portland Oregon! I wasn’t expecting such a response…A LOT of people follow you!!!”

Now, if only all the businesses here realized how successful advertising here can be….or, maybe it’s just those super cute puppies!



  • I would, however the husband said no more! I’ll pass the word along. Adorable!

  • Thanks, Kym! I really appreciate your posting this.

  • I’ll betcha this dog owner never had 2 dog licenses for the “dogs parents”. The past 20 year effort to spay and neuter has been a dismal failure in Humboldt and elsewhere. The vets love it, and the Humane society and HCSO shelter love it because that spay neuter charge is always tacked onto “ownership obligation”. Who really wins? Dog owners don’t care about licenses so babies are popping out everywhere and causing the overpopulation animal crisis. When California passed the law no animal would be put to sleep but adopted out, the battle for common sense population control was lost permanently. The touchies won.

    • Animals are put to sleep every day in California in shelters…

    • Ya, no idea what you are talking about. My wife was the manager of one of the largest city shelters in CA and had to put down 800 in one weekend because of no space (including rescue groups). Now she is my rescue out here on the farm. That city had no problem burning her out with nightmares forever.

    • Say “Some dog owners don’t care”.
      Responsible dog owners do care and there are plenty of us.

    • Thanks for taking a dump in the middle of the parade!

  • Awwww I just called and left a message for the family. My family would LOVE to adopt one of these sweet boys. Hope we get a call back ASAP.

  • It is all about..........................

    Malamutes are a handful and males are worse than females. They have instincts that are difficult to train and they will dominate you unless you establish your dominance as the alpha male. A good fit would be a grower out beyond the North Forty.

  • Would love one of these puppies! I’D love to talk again with you. Hope you consider us. Thank you!

  • The parents of these cuties are huge! Please don’t get one unless you have lots and lots of room. They won’t stay little for long! Maybe ask to see the parents?


    The Blue eye pup is SO ADORABLE!!! I would adopt that one. I have huge room but he’s probably gone already.

  • I looked up the breed “Central Asian Shepherd” what a magnificent breed – but they need a very specific life style.

  • i think i got one of the girls !!

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