Christmas Money for Three Little Girls Lost Somewhere in Ferndale

Ferndale on a Christmas Evening.

Ferndale on a Christmas Evening. [Photo courtesy of Ferndale Chamber of Commerce]

Somewhere in the Victorian Village of Ferndale lies an envelope that contains the Christmas money for a little family. Saryn Kennedy said she lost it there today.

She told us that she and her daughters “have been living on my mom’s couch since March.” Without much money, they’ve searched for low-cost entertainment and become part of the #stonedinhumboldt crowd…which in spite of how it sounds has nothing to do with marijuana and everything to do with painting rocks and hiding them for others to find.

Kennedy explained, “This month we were told we were getting an [apartment] so I spent all my savings on first month’s rent and deposit and getting my car fixed so I had a way to drive them back and forth.”

Afterwards, she said she had just $400 left for Christmas for her daughters. She said she took the money “and put in a white envelope and wrote girls Christmas on the front of the envelope and on the back put a heart with all 3 of my girls …initials and put it in my door thinking to give it to my mother last night but I forgot.”

When they hid some of their painted stones for people to find in Scotia, she saw the envelope was still there. But, she noticed it missing after they had hid some stones in Ferndale.

Kennedy explained, “I have nothing left. I am just really hoping that someone found it and they’re good-hearted and see the initials on the back and see the writing on the front and turn it in.”

She said she told the Ferndale Police and she asked businesses. She also has reached out via social media. “I know someone picked it up and I’m just hoping they find it in their hearts to turn it in..I’d be more than willing to give $100 in return…no questions asked…”

If you have any information, either contact the Ferndale Police Department or email



  • I will volunteer to coordinate, drive and pick up donated items for these Girls, so they can still have a lovely Christmas. Kym, Can you reach out to her to get a list of ages and desired items? Humboldt can band together to help this family. 💙

    • I am a part of #Stonedinhumboldt I did see her post in there. I will screenshot this for her and pass it along.

    • We have already collected many gifts for the girls. I can be reached at FB page Kimberly Sanford. We have a post up and are taking donations also. The family will have a Christmas and any extra gifts will be donated to another family. Merry Christmas to all.

  • We have some extra things to help furnish their apt. We’re in Fortuna and can deliver on our days off.

  • unbridled phillistine

    I would give money if I knew where to donate? I will look around Ferndale today see if I can find it.

  • TODAY is the Last Day to submit requests to a program Umpqua Bank runs every year called “Wish Upon A Star” to nominate folks in need to get help for a myriad of things. They don’t advertise it well in our area but folks can do to their website and submit the requests.
    The request has to be done by an individual, not an organization or agency. You need the family information. Kym – maybe we can co-ordinate to post about this program next year earlier as I have been racking my brain how to get the word out so So Humb or Humboldt in general gets its fair share since they are very quiet about it here.

    • Dawni, if you contact me today, I will submit a request to Umpqua Bank for this family. I have none of their information. My e-mail is I am at work until 3:30 and will keep an eye on my private e-mail for your answer. Let’s get these little girls some Christmas!!
      Oh, I just saw Saryn’s e-mail and have sent her an e-mail. Let’s see if I get an answer.

      • I have been contacted. Thank you Kym, for posting this. Thank you everyone who are helping this family! Happy Holidays!!

  • Reading these posts warms my heart, there are so very many good people here who make me proud to call humboldt home!!!
    This is the humboldt i know and love, not just giving but being an active part of it!
    Im sure our local pay it forward group could help as well.

    Wouldnt it be great to have a warehouse for donated gently used couches and other furniture to be stored for families like this to be able to utilize!!

  • Dawni, if you contact me today, I will submit a request to Umpqua Bank for this family. I have none of their information. My e-mail is I am at work until 3:30 and will keep an eye on my private e-mail for your answer. Let’s get these little girls some Christmas!!

  • I just want to thank everyone for supporting my daughter. We never expected the overwhelming response from people wanting to help.
    We only posted in hopes that it was found but the community has been amazing.
    The girls would have still had a Christmas just not the one she wanted for them.
    Thank you all for your kind words, warm wishes and generous offers.
    A few of the many reasons I love living in Humboldt.

  • I would love to help this family too. Gift ideas? Things needed for their apartment ? Let me know.

  • HUMBOLDT loves their own,like nowhere else. God bless you all for letting your heart shine thru❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I have a brand new, still in its package Leap Pad that I’d like to donate if that is possible…

  • There is a couple of pages where Sharyn’s post and story was told. I knew quickly that she would get the help she needed. What I did not know was her whole story. After making contact with her i found her story awesome. Complicated but awesome. She is one smart, determined young women. She has a story and she will tell you if you really want to know or want to get to know her.
    At first I was concerned that the help was not very structured and felt broken and left up to single humans would not happen. But I learned that the help was actually a string of pearls- all community members. They will wrap her family with care and hope. The gifts of the true meaning of Christmas. I hope that those that have helped and stepped up or simply wish just to wish her the best respond to this comment. (name your pearl). I personally need to and want to thank @Jonelle Cusato of Zappos a bright unexpected pearl making our community larger then before.

    For the grammer nazis it is all yours now.

    Thank you everyone! We are a blessed community. 🎅

  • All the way from Las Vegas we wish Saryn and her family, a amazing holiday season. Santa takes many many forms. Keep beleiving. Shout outs to a amazing community for coming together and taking care of each other. You are all amazing.

  • How old are they girl I would like to help out with a couple of gifts!

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