The Battle at the Border: South Fork High School Wrestling Team Takes the Mat for the First Time This Season

Information from South Fork High School Wrestling Coach:

Wrestlers shaking hands

Senior Levi Kirk shakes hand with his opponent. [Photo provided by Chad Kirk]

On December 2nd, South Fork high school’s wrestling team took to the mat at Del Norte High’s season opener, the Battle at the Border.
For five of South Fork’s nine wrestlers in attendance, this was their first time ever being on the mat in competition.

“It’s good for new wrestlers to get their first tournament out of the way,” said Coach Chad Kirk. “Stepping onto the mat for the first time to face your opponent is a nerve-wracking experience. The combination of excitement and anxiety can be overwhelming…We’ll be able to move past those emotions now–progressing forward while concentrating on building our skills, our endurance and our confidence.” Kirk said, “I’m proud of every one of these kids no matter what their record shows so far. It’s rare for a new wrestler to walk away from their first competition with a win. Yet, our 145 lb freshman Jared Sullins was able to accomplish just that by pinning one of Arcata’s wrestlers in his second match of the day.”

Both of the team captains performed excellently this weekend, Kirk said proudly. Senior Levi Kirk (shown in the photo, shaking hands with his opponent) earned himself a third-place medal. While senior Aaron Etherton (shown in the photo, pinning his opponent) earned himself a 1st place medal. Both of these young men are substantial athletes. They’re both doing a great job fulfilling their roles of Team Captain. Both are a great example’s of athleticism and sportsmanship on the mat while also doing their best to teach their skills to our wrestlers at every practice. I expect to see these two go quite far this season. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.”

Wrestler pins opponent

South Fork High School Senior Aaron Etherton pins his opponent at this weekend’s season opener in Crescent City.]

The team is looking forward to our next tournament Saturday, December 9th in McKinleyville.

UPDATE: Schedule added.
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