Senator McGuire, Assemblymember Wood Request One Acre Cap on Cannabis Grows

cal cannabisSenator Mike McGuire tweeted the following letter that he and Assemblymember Jim Wood sent to the Director of Cal Cannabis CUltivation Licensing.Letter tweeted from Senator McGuire, Assemblymember Wood cannabis one acre cap

Letter tweeted from Senator McGuire, Assemblymember Wood cannabis one acre cap



  • HUH????
    Is it just me or is the county doing nothing about the hard earned name that is HUMBOLDT.
    Nice to see MJ made page 15 of the new Southern Humboldt tour guide…
    But.. where’s the infused cafe’s, the storefronts, the cannabis colleges and garden tours?
    Yea.. in Oakland.. in CO…
    Never been witness to such a ball drop. HELLO???
    Next time READ before voting…. ALL 64 pages.

    Is there ANY foresight in (the halls of that gross pink elephant) Eureka?

  • This would probably be the smartest thing they ever did, if it’s not too late.

    • amen… will stop the mega-pusher corporations from owning the game

      • They’ve already cut mom and pop operations and took the soul out of the business and the worst is yet to come. It’s what government does they got votes tax money and everyone else got scammed.

  • This is all our elected officials can fight for? What a pathetic waste of breath from two ,now in the open, blazing socialists. Why not fight for government intervention to remove the Russians,mexicans,mongs,cambos,Bulgarians, and whoever else foreigner who DOESN’T belong in our Country nor getting a -amm visa. These two politicians are just like Huffman and Thompson-all lip service and no protection of our Country,State, and County

    • Maybe youve been under a rock, mcguire has done so much work for fire victims, as have jim wood and jared huffman. Wood was a dentist and volunteered time helping identify bodies through dental records. They have all been on the ground with everyone. Mcguire and huffman hold townhall meetings all the time and their staff actually calls you back and helps if you have questions. Yes all politicians suck at some level but i think its important in our complaint minded wirld to give some kudos when elected officials actually do a good job.

      Do you not get how important this issue is to our state and most impirtantly our local economy???? These are exactly the issues they need to be working on. All of our small busineses and basically our way of life are on the line, the pot ripple of money spreads far across the county into everyones life. However you make money, part of that is coming from the growing community.

      If you think mafia grows are bad, you aint seen nothin yet! Big biz will get their own laws passed and move in, do you think anyone can win a fight over water, pesticides, land use with them? They break the law and can afford the penalty fees. Its all about the bottom line.
      We’ve already seen what big agriculture does to small farming areas all across our country. Im glad to see our reps actually attempting to help small farmers.

      Pots legal now, get it through your head!! Protecting small farmers actually can help get the cartel grows out, if you dont get these concepts then dont live here, you dont get it.

  • Waste of time, this is bigger than these two powerless politicians , but maybe points for re-elction

  • Dont fight it just let go, it won’t hurt a bit. Go to the other side my children, you’ll finally be free. Let the warm hands of regulation lay you down gently. RIP

  • YOU WANTED IT NOW YOU GOT IT. lesson to be learned, keep the 6 headed politicians out of your business and your lives. the only fat bank accounts will be theirs.


    “Many of these small growers are second and third generation,on the North Coast,America’s premier Cannabis growing region…”

    And look how nice a few generations of illegal drug farming has made it here. Keep up the great work.

    • Make up your mind!

      I gasped at that sentence as well. How quickly the rogue grower’s in humboldt have gone from from criminals to lauded heroes. Laughable really…

    • And just look at them. No morals, no respect, no understanding of civilized behavior.

    • Local farmer and family man

      The greenrushers from out of state and sometimes out of country did the mass majority of the damage here,that and the leftover impact from the logging years,if anyone is responsible for the mass amounts of silt and mud that has filled in the eel it them.Ive lived here for 43 years, born and raised here, and the damage I’ve seen occur in the last 5 years is unpresidented.Get rid of the greenhouses and the problem will go with them

  • Panther Gap Resident

    I appreciate the effort Wood and McGuire, but the corporations are going to win big this time. There is just too much money to be made not to allow huge cash infusions from corporations once recreational sales become the norm. The industry is still in its infancy with tons of money to be made, and smart investors can see it from a mile away.

  • I’m looking forward to the big companies crushing the small local grows, maybe next year we will see a decline in our trimming immigrants.

    • Yeah, no trimmers and no economy. Cut you nose off to spite your face.

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      There Is no money for big business to make. The regulations alone would scare away capitol.
      And why would they go into a market where anyone in the state can legally grow their own?

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    In my opinion, it does not matter what the “small growers” do, they will be selling bud by the roadside and at farmer’s markets locally, but real farmers, they will be growing cannabis in the thousands of acres, on actual farmland, close to market. Ma and pa kettle better have put away plenty of Krugerrand’s back in the day, or at least have their social security to fall back on, because the backyard growers, they are all done!

    Oh, you will still be able to sell it, to those canna-tourists, and it will still have the cache and the Humboldt mystique, but unless you have a new survival plan, the million-dollar years are over! And all you land-rapin cowboy assholes in the dirt-brown mufflerless Tacomas, hey, goodbye! Time to get that job pumping concrete back in San Jose or Redlands. Lots of jobs sweeping up parking lots and washing cars! See ya!

    Or, hey, run for the Assembly!

    One Acre… There is gonna be so much weed pretty quick, we will all be buried in cheap bud 20 feet deep!

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      the “real farmers” you refer to aren’t going to abandon their current crops on a product that’s
      Loosing value
      Not exportable
      And way way over regulated to legally produce.
      Not going to happen
      Most “real farmers”need operating capitol from the feds year to year and that will not be available to them if they decide to run weed instead of tomatoes..
      Some “real farmers” get water allocation from the feds and the feds will surly cut them off if they start growing weed instead of produce.
      The idea that “real farmers” on a John deer are going to take over this market is ludicrous.

  • if these clowns want to help small growers they should cancel the excise tax on growers and place it on distributors or the retail outlets. They should allow cultivators to sell directly to retail outlets (this will be illegal after everyone gets their license). The money grab is directed at the growers, not at the rich dispensaries, not at the end user. Legalization is really permissive prohibition.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Cannabis legalization is ABOUT taxation.

      “We will let you whack-jobs grow and smoke, but we will tax you and tax you and tax you.”

      Everyone who wants to have cannabis, should grow their own. Period. This is the only answer.

      If you want a new industry, teach people to grow their own, and sell them what they need.

      Nobody needs the 25% THC pot you people grow! Pedestrian weed, it still gets you high, and home-grown, it does the job.

      No employer is gonna let you come to work with THC in your urine, though! AND DON’T DRIVE HIGH!

      These things will NEVER be legal or accepted.

      Selling bud, it’s gonna be taxed 6 ways to Sunday. Growing the shit, well, better get an accountant and an attorney, cause you’re gonna need them…

      Good luck pot heads, the world is changing because there are so many of you… Enjoy!

      Remember, being clean and sober will get you higher than smoking dope EVER could!

      • I agree, the only reason the California and local governments have gone along with the legalization of marijuana was to collect lots of overpriced taxes (although the people voted it in with those conditions). But I don’t agree that the only reason a person uses marijuana is to get high. It is an herb, a very powerful and wonderful way to help with many ailments and disorders. True there are those who abuse it’s attributes but there are many who have benefited from it’s medicinal applications. It’s better for you than 99% of the prescription drugs that are pushed on the population. Now there’s an abuse story for ya- prescription drugs! Grow up and open your eyes!

  • The only way to get the idiots, rip offs, murderers and environmental destruction out of the hills is to let the grows go mainstream and grow in a controlled environment near services-ideally along then I5 corridor, Arcata bottoms, Rio Dell Industrial Park, etc. Keeping small grows tucked away in he hills makes no sense. McGuire and Wood know this they just want the weed money and district votes. Terrible idea. Sorry mom and pop but the voters have spoken.

  • It’s the american way, the rich get richer. Big get bigger.

  • Yes. It is all going down just as I warned you. It really was pretty easy to figure out from a distance. CCV-H sold us all out- except their rich friends! Emerald Scamily and Honeydew Farms sold us out for their greedy visions. Anybody who advised you that we’d “be free” or “legitimate” was naive and should have stayed quiet. Urban morons who believed weed would get cheaper- more idiots. Woods wrote the bill preparing the medical weed system to be replaced by the “legalization” committee, along with his good buddy Ted Simpkin the mega-distributor and so he’s either not-very-smart or complicit in the corruption and this is window dressing to cover his ass…Harborside already has massive greenhouses and ran an effective PR campaign for the “legalization” by calling us all greedy while gathering all dollars into their corner and using sick people as their front…Sick, sick, sick all around. Again- easily seen from a distance if you know how sick people (ie. businesspeople) work.

    • But really even those guys are going to be rolled over when things go legal nationally. They are going to be stuck selling in a super- flooded market with a microscope on them for the next few years, and taxed heavily. Then nationwide legalization is going to really crush them. So I wouldn’t say they are feeling very smart… they may have gotten a good last two years by appearing legit and selling mostly on the black market, but that’s coming to an end this year, from what i understand.

  • Better get jobs people the weed game is just about bust in this area.

  • Once the Sacramento Valley Cannibus Co-op comes on line, the price per pound will drop. The SVC Co-op estimates they can make a good profit at $75 per pound.

  • Is this the one situation where the ruling of ‘corporations as individuals’ will help the old, smaller grower community? Would the suggestion of ‘1 acre per person’ apply to a company as ‘one person’?
    That could be good!
    Then. My cynical side thinks, ‘They will just form a bunch of LLCs (different ‘people’) to get around the regulation (IF it is instituted).
    The magical mystery tour continues…..

  • Prop 64 set limits on canopy size and a timeline for permitting industrial grows beginning in 2023. In large part, this was written into the proposition to give small scale producers the opportunity to establish in the legal market before the corporate takeover. It is my understanding that regulators (CDFA) are not authorized to make substantial changes to Prop. 64 that do not reflect the will of the voter. If Californians passed limits and timelines for industrial cannabis production, then those provisions should be reflected in the emergency regulations. Many voters would not have supported Prop. 64 without those limits.

  • One Acre. ..f corporate megafarms

  • >”Once the Sacramento Valley Cannibus Co-op comes on line, the price per pound will drop. ”

    Dope ‘gold rush’ is over.

    Central Valley / San Joaquin:
    No bags/sacks/totes of fertilizer hauled waaay up in the mountains.
    Don’t need generators/ water pumps/solar panels.
    Abundant water.
    Easily available farm workers, (trimigrants will just be a memory).
    Great growing conditions. Doesn’t snow in the valley… or rain on and on for months and months.
    Pre/Post WWII they grew acres and acres and acres of ‘dope for rope’ in the flatlands.

    IMHO: Folks will find out there is ‘no secret’ to growing dope. It will be just like market vegetables.
    About the same way as getting zucchini.

    Most dope/zucchini users will buy essentially from er… ‘corporations’,
    plus there will be local ‘gourmet’ dope/zucchini in (I guess) ‘farmers markets’…
    and folks can also grow their dope/zucchini. (Take your pick.)

    • You realize Colorado, Oregon, and Washington already went through legalization? Where are the fields and fields of herb there??

      Also a huge majority of herb here goes out of state. It’s not legal everywhere and until it is there will be a black market. I don’t think it will ever be as profitable as it used to be but also don’t think it’s all going to be over in a matter of months. Only time will tell though.

      • No central valley in those states, located next to huge metropolis, lol

      • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

        Not only that but
        Nevada passed recreational use last November as well.. and somehow by July they had regulations and a retail market up and running. If anyone can f))&k this up it will certainly be Kalifornia.

      • Local, You haven’t driven up hwy 199 from Gasquet to Grants Pass since legalization, have you? Once you cross into Oregon, barbed wire fenced compounds with spotlights all along, look like prison yards…for the recreational weed, and once you hit I-5 and head north from there, huge hemp fields right along the freeway with signs so people know it’s industrial hemp….its all already here, if you look around…

  • And the grossest vision I am seeing of this over-planted New Future is the chemical-ization of the herb..

    The brood mite and the russet mite ARE HERE TO STAY ..They impact yeild and quality. Farmers don’t want them. But they are everywhere ..The russet travels on wind insect legs soils and seeds. The closed system research greeny where there were first discovered has NEVER been able to eliminate them for good. /!!\

    Integrated pest management is a costly, time consuming and a varied science. There are multiple approaches to control, and elimination is often impossible. People who say they have a sickly plant but are certain there are no pests are lying or have never scoped their crop..

    In an effort to produce a saleable product farmers will treat, re-treat, over treat & apply many substances that the effects of ingesting are unknown.. even supher. ick. I hate the idea of my herb being drenched in wet or dry supher every 4-7 days…And neem? It “works” because when applied early and often it enters the system of the plant. And people think that’s a good thing?

  • Asking for the 1 acre cap after they removed it is simply just going through the motions so you can say you tried. Who in their right mind thinks they will actually overturn what they have already decided? Here it is Dec 6th and the new regulations go in effect Jan 1st. What is that, roughly 3 weeks and they think they will change their minds? I don’t think so.

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