There’s Going to be a Ring Security Systems Presentation at the Wharfinger Building on December 6th

This is a press release from I Like Eureka and Neighborhood Watch:

Don’t miss this special Neighborhood Watch community event, next Wednesday, December 6th at 6:00 pm at, the Wharfinger.

Neighborhood Watch in the Digital Age is a community supported event through EPD and the HCSO.

There will be Raffle drawings to win FREE Ring security devices.

The RING is coming to EUREKA! The RING Company is teaming up with us and I Like Eureka to bring you Neighborhood Watch in the Digital Age.

We’ve invited a Ring Rep. to give us a presentation and the opportunity to purchase Ring products at reduced promotional prices on the spot. There will also be a drawing to win Ring devices. Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson, EPD Suzie Owsley, Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal and Ginger Campbell from HCSO Neighborhood Watch will also be there to support this special Neighborhood Watch event.

Wednesday, December 6th, 6:00pm at the Wharfinger building in Eureka.

NOTE: The Ring uses smartphones & Wifi.

If you are unable to attend this event and are still interested in purchasing Ring Security devices at special promotional discounts; Click on this link to the Pre order Store tied to this event:

This event is open to all Eureka & Humboldt County residents. If you’re unfamiliar with the Ring security systems, here are some articles & videos about the Ring. Working together with Law Enforcement, the Ring is making neighborhoods safer and dramatically reducing burglaries.

This first video is from Jefferson Community Center, in Eureka, CA. of individuals trying to score drugs, dope, weed, white. ~~NOT an AD~~ Live video.

Working together to make our Neighborhoods a safer place to live.



  • Hrmm, press releases as adds to sell stuff, great way to bypass paying for ad space on a site like this where kym is busying her rear to try to make it work, and they dont even pay her.

    • Agreed 250% I was thinking the same thing,but didn’t post it since I’m under Modification for “Insulting” other commenters!!!

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