Last Call for Service for Rio Dell Fire Fighter

Kevin Harralson

[Photo used with permission from the Rio Dell Fire Department’s Facebook page]

Yesterday, the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department honored one of their own who passed away November 12 after battling with melanoma cancer.

A memorial service was held for Kevin Harralson, age 37, at the Rio Dell Fire Hall. Then an on-air announcement over the radio was made. Those listening to the scanner heard the following broadcast:

The Fortuna dispatcher asked for Harralson’s call number, Chief 7101, three times. Then she said to Chief Harralson, “You have served your last call for service. The Rio Dell Fire Department and your community will be forever grateful. Carry with you our graditude for your hard work and sacrifice.”



  • The same thing was done for Tim Smith at his memorial!!!

  • So sad so sorry for all effected.

  • My sincere condolences.God Bless.

  • They do this for all firefighters at their funeral. It’s called last call and it’s a killer for any family who have lost a firefighter in their family. Every time you hear it it reminds of your loved one. Such a wonderful salute to the men and women who continue to keep our communities safe. 💔

  • May God wrap his arms around your friends and family in this time of Sorrow ,God bless you and thank you for your service

  • :’ ( : ) Rest in peace. You did gr8 things and helped many.

  • Kevin-It’ll be boring in Heaven-there aren’t any fires anywhere. But, you can look down on the firemen below and keep them safe when they respond and serve their community so wonderfully. Bless us from above. You are not forgotten.

  • It was a wonderful tribute to Kevin and his family at the service. The Fortuna High Football Team was there supporting Kevin’s son who is a member of their Championship Team. A tough day, but a great tribute that evening. RIP, the community will miss you.

  • To die of cancer at 37, that is tragic ! ! I’m so sorry.

  • He was there when my dad pass away when I was five even thro my dad was home Kevin and about five others still worked on him because he has a little girl and boy to raise not only that Kevin was there watching me grow up and stepped in when he could to help raise me w his kids and became part of my family and and him ,and his kids and Mother of his kids will always be apart of my family RIP Kevin it feels like I have lost two dads now

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