[UPDATE 2:45 p.m.] Child Injured After Car Incident in Rio Dell

Traffic Collision Car Accident

Latest UPDATE 2:45 p.m.: We talked to the little girl’s aunt. Natasha Brooks told us that the little girl’s father and her uncle were outside a residence in Rio Dell. The uncle was working on a vehicle and the toddler was inside it. Her dad went to back out of the driveway in another vehicle.

“He had made sure that she was out of the way…As he was backing out, she must have gotten out of the other vehicle,” Natasha Brooks said. “She went to the passenger side of the vehicle and he didn’t see her and he ran over her foot.”

The vehicle the dad was driving was moving slowly, fortunately. The little girl did fall down and get her head scraped. Also, she broke her foot, but she will be alright.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., an incident involving a vehicle struck and a three-year-old girl occurred in the 700 block of Rigby Avenue in Rio Dell, according to scanner traffic. Emergency personnel are rushing to the scene. Please avoid the area.

UPDATE 12:54 p.m.: According to the scanner, the child was a two-year-old who was not struck by the vehicle but rather standing on the running boards of a slowly moving vehicle. The child appears uninjured except for a hematoma to the forehead and bruising to the toes.




  • who and the hell would allow a 2 yr old to ride on running board of their truck

  • Maybe it was the kid from mad max, glad they are ok!

  • Wow what dumbass would allow that. I hope they are.charged with child endangerment

    • Did you read AND comprehend the story?????

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Did you read it? Obviously, the father did NOT “make sure she was out of the way.” Is English your second language? If the child was out of the way, this would not have happened. Period. Another lesson in deficient child care where a few inches was the difference between injury or a horrible tragedy. As usual in Humboldt, we can’t talk about it ’cause everybody’s feelings will be hurt.

  • Whatever the circumstances were, I’m just glad the child wasn’t actually run over by the vehicle!!!!

  • Thank God the child wasn’t hurt worse. A 2 year should be watched closer than that.

  • People read all the article. They didn’t allow it.

  • Pretty confusing report.

  • If I read it right, child was inside the vehicle that was being worked on, and then exited the vehicle while dad was moving a different vehicle. I’m just glad the child is ok. It could have had a deadly outcome. Shit happens to even the best of us.

  • Read the article people. Accidents happen to all of us. None of us are perfect in this world. Whats important is that the child is okay.

  • No blame, no judgment. How does that help?? Love, I send love.

  • This article should honestly be deleted. It was an accident and accidents happen. I know him and he’s a great father and would never do anything to hurt his little baby girl. You people are sick. The family shouldn’t have to deal with this and people’s comments about it

    • I thought about what you said. And, while I’m not willing to delete it because it serves as a reference to the correct information. I moved the incorrect information to the bottom and struck through the words.

  • I raised 3 of my own, 4 step kids and a couple of fosters. There is no way everything is perfect all the time. There was no lack of supervision or malice here. It was a simple accident.

    One time, many years ago, I sent my 5 year old out to the car, bent down to pick up my baby in his car seat, then stood up and saw my car rolling down the street, across a busy intersection, through a fence, up the side if a house and through a gas meter. Less than 5 seconds…somehow the 5 year old pulled the floor shifter out of gear. This was before the shift stick locked when the key wasn’t in the ignition. 5 seconds. Totalled my car and my insurance had to pay for a lot of escaped gas plus repairs to PG&E…

    I’m glad the child wasn’t hurt badly.

  • Actually it could have been worse I’m glad it wasn’t!!! The original version of this is extremely confusing!!!

  • In other words…no one was watching her.

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