Searchers Comb Area Where Missing Man Last Seen

Ivan Linan

Ivan Linan

Today, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, their Search and Rescue Team, and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue scoured the area surrounding where Ivan Linan, a Spanish national went missing after an apparent mental health episode on November 29.

“We had 18 search and rescue personnel,” said Diana Totten, a spokesperson for Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue.  “We conducted a very thorough search and were unable to locate Ivan Linan at this time…It seems like he is not where he got out of the vehicle. The Sheriff’s Department has searched several times.”

Totten believes Linan may have left the area where he went missing, but still be somewhere as far away as Southern Humboldt or Arcata. He may even have left the area entirely, but she is hopeful that, with the public’s help, he might be located. “It will be people out on the street that will find him,” said Totten.

She said the search for the missing man will continue. “The Sheriff’s Department will be investigating further any information that could lead to where he might be.”

If you have any information, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251.

Earlier Chapters: See more photos of the missing man at these links.



  • My buddy got pulled over twice yesterday walking on the 36 going to Hydesville store thinking that he was the man that was missing cuz he looks similar LOL sure hope he the real missing man is found safe, and sound .

  • Let’s hope this fellow has some strong survival instincts in him. It’s pretty amazing to think about the things our ancestors lived through in every day life that would now threaten your average person.

    • Very true.times are so different.people depend on modern things of today.

      • I can’t help but feel that that all that dependance is going to be our downfall at some point in time. I know there are those out there with the skills and mentality to survive in a more wild environment, but certainly the masses wouldn’t stand much of a chance.

  • I can’t help but wonder if he’s trimming for the chump

  • Chump shoots meth, he can’t handle weed

    • Not into drugs because reality is just fine by me.

      You should click my handle for a website that documents the dangers of marijuana use.

      Drugs are bad and hippies are to blame for the problem.

      • 5 year old kids for the face of CALM on their website. Well, hell if that’s not ironic.

        The DEA would like to continue the war on Americans, I mean drugs, and CHUMP is all for it.

        Cool. Ask our Russian administration in the WH. They’ll come right after serving time for treason.

        Unfortunately the war on drugs will have an opposite effect than what you want chump.

        The war drIves up prices and makes the black market soar. Falling prices are a result of a failed war. Good.

        As americans, we should be used to losing wars, since Vietnam that’s all we have done.

        All said, good luck to you.

        (But hippies are just as scary as Christians and Catholics to me. Belief in anything can be down right crazy, so I feel for your fears.)

      • Chump- I am with you on this….From an article on your CALM page…..”It’s one thing to decriminalize marijuana, it’s an entirely different thing to legalize an industry that has commercialized a drug that is devastating our kids and devastating whole communities,” said coalition founder Justin Luke Riley. “Coloradans need to know, other states need to know, that Colorado is suffering from massive normalization and commercialization of this drug which has resulted in Colorado being the number one state for youth drug use in the country. Kids are being expelled at higher rates, and more road deaths tied to pot have resulted since legalization.”

  • May this man find the help he needs, and may we all remember, every one of us are made from star dust. We are all interconnected. Peace to this troubled soul, and peace to his family.

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