[UPDATE 11:41 a.m.] Man Reportedly Murdered in Arcata

Homicide InvestigationThis morning, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Coroner’s Office are in the 1700 block of Victor Road Boulevard in the Arcata/Manila area. We have been told by a source close to the investigation, that a homicide occurred. We have requests in for more information to the Sheriff’s Department. But have not heard back at this time.

UPDATE 11:41 a.m.: ‘He Got Murdered in His Own Driveway,’ Says Family of Victim



  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Stats don’t lie when they say humbolt ranks second in murders/ homicides right behind Oakland. Crazy

    • Stattisticscanbemanipulated

      What statistical study compares a whole county with a single city? If you’re talking about the study that claimed Eureka CA is the second most dangerous city. The study misleading accounted for property crime as violent crime and thats why Eureka ranked so high.

      • That is what I thought too; stats seemed to have changed since a few years ago when that was misrepresentation was the case – lots of murders last couple years.

    • “Lies, damn lies, and statistics. ”

      They can lie. If there are 2 homicides in Trinity county that exceeds the per capita homicide rate of Oakland. It takes more in Humboldt, but stats can be skewed pretty easily.

  • Are we second in actual number of occurrences or on a per capita basis?

  • Friendly Observer

    Is it “Victor Road” or Victor Boulevard?

  • Plz be sensitive this was my brother who worked for fed ex and his girlfriend is a teacher at mad river. They are no scumbags they payed taxes and deserves justice. He was executed in his truck in his driveway. Any tips will help

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      No more personal details,for safety.

    • I’m sorry for your loss. I live in Manila and think we should start roving neighborhood watch. We could get rid of some of the crazies and thieves. And why don’t we have a dedicated police officer who would actually be in Manila?

  • Vanilla, two l’s.
    Manila, one l.

    No, it is not fair.

  • Damn, I heard the shots. Woke me up at about 1:45am and I was kinda pissed because I have to get up at 3:30 to go to work. Sounded like someone emptied the whole magazine from a semi-auto pistol. Bang…bang,bang…bang,bang,bang…bang. I thought it was some poop-heads at the Arcata marsh after a night of drinking. Sorry to hear that was not the case.

  • I don’t go to [edit] any more than absolutely necessary!!! When I do, I do my business, whatever it may be that brought me there & then get OUT of Town as fast as possible!!!

  • Wondering if it has connection with someone mailing dope in the mail. Packages go missing. People assume wrong things?

  • Hope anyone who saw or heard anything please notify the police,even the littlest detail could be the missing piece of the puzzel to catching this coward.

    I watch Matt grow up and he had the biggest heart and the sweetest guy you’d ever meet. If it were cold and you were freezing he would give you his coat and if you were hungry he would give you food or money and go without.He would put others before himself.

    If Matt were your friend he would have your back and always be there for you day or night.

    Matt was fun to be around and always had a wonderful smile,he was very soft spoken and was just a kind,kind person and was always grateful and was so very respectful to others

    He is so loved by my family and he is like a son to us and had so many people who love him but someone decided to take Mattie’s life away. I hope that if the person who did this reads this and I hope the image of what you did haunts you for the rest of your life. GOD knows who you are and where you are,so may he keep a vivid imagine of what you did to such a wonderful person locked in your head.
    The day you take your last breath you will meet the ultimate Judge and he will decide your eternal fate. I hope you like it 🔥HOT!🔥

    Matt went outside with flip flops,sweat pants and a hoodie. Matt wasn’t carrying a weapon on him based on the article so he wasn’t going to meet someone thinking he was in any danger or someone was going to kill him for no reason or he would’ve stayed inside.

    My best friend now has to fly out to California to bring home his son because some scumbag decided that Mattie’s life wasn’t worth anything and decided to take it from him and hurt so many people who love Mattie!

    I will Pray everyday that Kramma bites you for what you did everyday.Enjoy what time you have left on this earth which I’m sure won’t be long because most likely one of your punk ass friends are going to take away your life,the only difference is you won’t be missed and they will be doing the people of this country a favor! I much rather see you spend the rest of your life locked up like the animal you are.Hope if you get Life in Prison you live to be a 100 and rot behind bars and time stands still.

    Please any information that you may have or someone may have please contact the police and hopefully stop whoever from doing this to someone else!

    May you Rest In Peace Matt and receive the Glory of GOD and enjoy the beautiful place GOD has prepared for us.

    You are such a wonderful person with a heart of Gold so GOD must have called you home because he needed someone very special and has much bigger planes for you.

    May GOD comfort your mother,father,brothers,sister and your beautiful niece and may GOD Shed his love and help them heal all their broken hearts.I’m sure that Julie was there excited to see you as you were to see her.You always seem to have a special place in your heart for Julie and no there is no more pain but only Happiness and Joy.

    All of us you had to leave behind so soon are the ones with the feeling of great lose and a emptiness in our hearts.

    God tells us that and one who believes in him will never die and will have eternal LIFE!

    And for those of you who are going to leave negativity comments and throw Rocks at person you know nothing about keep it to yourself and show some respect for a 27 Nice guy that had his life taken away from him and his family who will live with this their entire life. I know the shooter doesn’t know but my best friend and his family also lost their daughter at 20 years old! Shooter think about if your mother and father had someone shoot your brother and you lost your sister. But I’m sure you only care about yourself and no one else matters but you! I have a lot of friends that are Prison Guards in California and when they catch you I Pray you are sent to where they work and maybe find you a cell mate who wants to be more than friends.

    Sorry that my comment is all over the place but I’m so pissed that such a great guy moved to California and had his life taken from him.I just Pray someone can help find Mattie’s Killer.

    And if you write a nasty comment about a wonderful,kind and caring guy anyway think about what the Bible says in Romans 3:23.

    We have all done, thought or said bad things, which the Bible calls “sin.” The Bible says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

  • Kym,
    WOW! You got some source, obviously within the Humboldt Co Sheriff’s office. Don’t you think publishing where exactly a victim was shot is a bit compromising to any investigation? It was very revealing to me. For starters, drivers right side faces passenger side of vehicle. Ok, gunshot(s) right, back. Tells me his shooter was in the right rear of his truck. Which leads me further to believe he was likely very familiar with shooter. And furthermore, a bit suspicious one would get in rear of truck why not front seat unless other suspect was in front seat. And was it actually in his driveway, as in right in front of his house where one would park and go inside or was it across the street, down within eye sight?
    Thank you

    • The family asked me to post the information. Your surmise about where the person who harmed Matthew sat doesn’t match with what the family said they were told.

      • Kym
        My comment was my opinion based on your report, that Matthew was shot on right, rear side of head.
        Ok so, my logistics may be off, but it was your initial comment about where he was shot that told me whoever shot him was seated inside his truck, which one can safely speculate he knew or was very familiar with shooter. I don’t let complete strangers sit next to me inside my vehicle

      • And I highly doubt, VERY HIGHLY doubt his family is sitting around monitoring your blog. Read it, contacted you, and you responded within 4 minutes. I mean your claim is so over the top. Come on, you’re flattering yourself. You meant it’s not what you’ve been told about where the person was seated when Matt was shot. But thank you for affirming what I already knew

        • I didn’t talk to anyone in the family today. I’m talking about what Matthew’s brother said Saturday.

          • You simply can’t make up your mind. No, your completely being irresponsible as a moderator of a blog. Now, if, you want to try and convince me your reporting is with integrity. Answer, for others, not me because I don’t debate or argue with an idiot because then there are 2 idiots. This is my last post as your reporting is unbelievable. Now, you write that your vague, ambiguous comment wasn’t about the family needing me to know my summizaton about where the person who shot Matthew was seated. YOU, needed me to know it was incorrect, based on where the shooter sat in his vehicle, According to what the family was told about where the shoother sat. No, wrong again. His autopsty wasn’t even on the desk on Sat when you say the family was told about where shooter sat. Yet you report its being investigated as a potential homocide. Well, which is it, you cannot have it both ways, or enter into debates with commenters and want to be recognized as any type of credible journalist or reporter. You should be careful what you say, you never know who you’re posting to. I am a real journalist and btw, here’s a hint. I live in New York.

            • I’m having trouble following what your complaint is. And I’m unsure what has upset you so.

              This is the sequence of events.

              Matthew’s brother tells me that his brother was shot in the right side of the head, according to what Matthew’s girlfriend told him. He said that she told him that she was told where it was LIKELY (not positively) the person who shot Matthew was seated. I did not report where the person was allegedly seated. I reported the place on his body though as per what I was told by a family member in this piece here. http://kymkemp.com/2017/12/02/he-got-murdered-in-his-own-driveway-says-family-of-victim/ No autopsy had been done at that time.

              I’m utterly confused about how you would know that I wrote that Matthew was shot but not that Matthew’s brother was the one that told me that. Why would you say “You got some source, obviously within the Humboldt Co Sheriff’s office when my source is the victim’s brother?

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