Friends of Missing Man With Mental Health Issues Tell More Details and Ask for Help

Ivan Linan

Flyer being posted by friends along Hwy 36.

Friends of Ivan Linan who went missing in the Carlotta area on Wednesday have reached out to us to offer more information of the circumstances of his disappearance in hopes that anyone who has seen him will offer information.

One friend, Iban Fernandez, who was with Linan sent us the following report of what he said occurred.


Ivan Linan

Ivan Linan

Iván came to California traveling in good conditions. 

He was getting progresive shy, sad, and scared.

From thanks giving he started making strange coments about people trying to hurt, kidnap ir take pictures from him.

Paranoia was getting bigger and bigger every day.

We actualy changed his flight date to the Next day so he [could] go Home asap(from 12/2 to 11/29).

27th we were having dinner normaly. I just leave him during a couple of minutes and when i came back he was outdoors calling police cause “some mexican guys wanted to kidnap him”

28th in the morning we went to a mental hospital centre but we get no help

We spend the day triying to changed the date of the flight. We did and then decided to grab a friend’s car, one in good conditions to go to Francisco.

We were in our way to met our friend’s on [Hwy] 36 when suddenly he grab the steering wheel and we Crash with a fallen tree.

After that he got agressive, hitting things and me.

We where fighting during a while, and when i tried to get help stopped a cargo he ran away into the woods

Yesterday, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office issued the following information about the search for the missing man.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office continues to search for missing person Ivan Linan.

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017 the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office initiated a ground search of the area near mile post marker 12 on Highway 36 (Carlotta area) with the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Posse, Humboldt County Parks and a Coast Guard Helicopter. On Thursday, Nov. 30 a CHP Helicopter out of Redding assisted with the search.

Linan had an airline ticket to Spain out of the Oakland airport scheduled for 8 p.m. on Nov. 29. According to the airline, he did not board the flight. Linan may be en-route to the Bay Area.

Ivan Linan is described as a light complected male, in his 40’s, approximately 5′ 08″ tall, 165 pounds, thin build, brown hair, brown eyes, “reddish” colored mustache/beard. He was last seen wearing a black, “mountain jacket”, dark colored waterproof “mountain pants”.

Anyone with information regarding Linan’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

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    That would be a scary experience sitting next to him on a plane.

    • [edit-That is just too far.There are family members worried sick.–Kym] seriously tho it’s been cold I hope he found a ride or some shelter.

      • tired of all this

        You are a horrible excuse for a human, but probably right at home in this area.

        • Did you even read my comment or just assume because it was edited I’m a bad person? All i said is it might be entertaining to sit next to someone like that, I hope he is safe and gets the help he needs, I never would hurt anyones feelings intentionally. Btw There’s a lot of beautiful amazing people around here.


        I missed the pre-edit above from Guest. I’m just saying it would be scary. Not being mean. I hope he is found and helped. But it would be scary on an enclosed airplane to others.

    • Im sure you are more scary than him. He is such great guy. He helped all friends here and he is a lovely person. I know him very very well. It is so unfair what i am listening here. We are desperate for him. We trust we will gather some good information about’em.

  • I don’t think the airport would allow him on board. He also needs a visa(?) as well. Who the -ell supports these people to be coming to the US and then wackoing out? There’s more to this picture than were being provided folks.

    • One doesn’t need a visa to return to their home country. He did need one to enter the U$, but not to go home.

      • Cabin in the woods

        Scooter, I believe the border laws have changed around 10 years ago. You can’t legally cross a border w/o a passport. Try it sometime if you’re around one. 🙂

        Example: “We should send all the felons in the USA to another country.”
        Or, my personal favorite: “If you don’t like it here you should just leave!”

        These ideas sound great, gut felons can’t get passports. So they are in fact political prisoners.

        I recently drove to Mexico. They won’t let you into Mexico unless you have a passport because
        the USA won’t let you back in unless you have one. Catch 22???

        While camping in Washington a few years back my wife & I thought we’d drive up to Canada for the day & we were turned back because we didn’t have passports.

  • You said that months ago, and I’m still here waiting, starting to think you lied to me.😂

  • I wonder if the guy sampled any of the psychedelics floating around the area before losing touch with reality?

  • tired of all this

    What is WRONG with you?

  • Saddened by all this

    It must be very discouraging for you Kym, to have to edit this kind of inhumanity every day. I know you as such a kind and thoughtful person. The comments that appear on many posts do not reflect well on humanity.

  • I’m constantly amazed at the level of professionalism Kim is able to maintain with as many asshats that come around here posting crazy, hateful drivel.

  • Poor dude, I hope he turns up alive

  • We are waiting for freshly news from SF about IVAN. We are friends and family from GRANADA ( SPAIN ) looking for him everywhere. A little tiny clue over his situation would help much to all of us. We are too far away to be searching up there so we pray for him and willing the best to be found alive

  • I really hope he turns up safe. Please keep looking for him and everyone keep sharing this post.
    Why do you people have to talk so much shit about someone you have never met? You have read but just a few sentences about him, during one very bad day of his life. Good god.

  • Im ivan’s friend from Spain. It is very unfair to talk as this with no information about it. Ivan is a great person, openmided, very kind, comprehensive, tolerant etc. He just had bad episode during a short depresion time. He had never been sick or mental ill. Anybody could feel same way anytime. Please help us find IVAN. Im sure he would love and appreciate your help.
    Via twitter:

  • Chill on the comments, lots of legal things can blow your mind. Back in college I went whacko and it took 2 weeks of paranoia to track it down to a weight lifting formula from GNC in the mall called Soviet Power that was pure Boron that had stripped all the potassium from my grey matter. After 2 weeks of complete psychotic episode 6 bananas got me home, go figure. Hope you are found safe and sound.

  • Please if you see him stay with him and call Sheriff’s Office. We are friends since we were 6 yo. He is a very kind person, not a wastedboy, junckie or something like that. He is only a person that suffered his first mental crisis in his life when he was arriving to the airport. We all are waiting for him here in Spain.

    Thank you all and bless you

  • Sending out affirmations to the Universe for this man. Mental illness is real, and can strike any of us. Keep your judgment to yourself, and pray that this soul is found safe so he can get the help he needs. We are all made of stardust, we are all interconnected. When one hurts, we all hurt.

  • My heart goes out to this man and his loved ones. Approx five years ago I had major surgery. I was isolated and out of my element and started hallucinating. It was awful. Many things can cause this to occur. I pray favor and compassion for him.

  • Om mani padme hum, prayers for his safe return 💛💐

  • I’m from Spain, in 2010 my 18 years old son disappeared in Florida, all his friends looked for him for years, I found him 3 years later in arcata, he still lives in arcata, I know how his family and friends are suffering right now because I have been there.
    I’m today in Humboldt visiting my son and I gave pictures of Ivan to all his friends, I hope you guys find him soon. When a loved one disappears the pain is undescribable.

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