Vehicle Was Reportedly Speeding Before It Went Off Hwy 101

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 7:30 a.m., a vehicle went off Hwy 101 and up the embankment near the northbound Fernbridge offramp. The person who reported the incident said the vehicle had been speeding earlier, the dispatcher told responding emergency personnel.



  • Not surprising

    • We noticed that a sign was down,and there were tire tracks 10-12′ up the bank. Happens every couple weeks…yawn…

      • All too often for a fact!!! This just further confirms my theory, of their being a CDL in every package, of Cracker Jack Snack Mix, as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

        • When you say cdl most folks think of comericial , not califorina, comericals are alot harder to get and federal standards have been uncreasing to a point where many cant even pass the medicial portion let along the physical standards. Mandatory classroom time as well as extensive testing and bi annunal physcials , lowered tolerances for drivers drinking even when not professionally driving and increased fines and penalties, reguardless if you are driving for personal reasons in your own car or if you are driving for work in a rig.

  • Anyone know what type of vehical this was ?

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