Trinidad Man Arrested After Allegedly Hiding Missing Juvenile

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Atwater Police Department (Atwater, CA) with information that a missing Merced, CA teenager was possibly in the Trinidad area.

The juvenile went missing on Oct. 7, 2017 and was believed to be with an unknown male in his early 20’s. A phone number associated with the missing juvenile was pinged to an area near the Hidden Creek RV Park in Trinidad. Deputies called the phone number and contacted a male who identified himself as 18-year-old Dominic Chase Darnley. Darnley told deputies that he and the juvenile had a previous online relationship, but had not contacted each other since September 2017.

Further evidence provided by the Atwater Police Department linked Darnley to the missing juvenile. On Thursday, Nov. 30, Hidden Creek RV Park management confirmed the missing juvenile was seen in Darnley’s trailer earlier that day. Deputies contacted and detained Darnley. The missing juvenile was located inside the trailer.

Darnley was arrested and booked for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.



  • Where’s all the idiot comments? Maybe the juvenile had a good reason, not to be found? Maybe the juvenile had rights to be there? Its just a minor, no laws broken!!!!!

    • All depends on how old the minor was.

    • Her mother is psychotic. She’ll kick the girl out, then demand that the 16 year old daughter go home after stalking and threatening all of her friends and family that try to help her. When her daughter returns, she kicks her out again and won’t let her take any of personal belongings (mom calls the daughter’s stuff hers). This girl is a sweetheart but has continually been set up for failure by her childish, crazy mother. I’m just glad she wasn’t taken by a sex trafficking ring…but if she goes back to her pos mother, I’m sure it’s inevitable.

  • How old was the juvenile?, he’s just a kid himself.

  • He has the same crazy look in his eyes as all the Bucks chasing Doe. Poor little guy, just can fight that biological urge to reproduce.

    • Rather than send her back to mom, have the authorities contact the Youth Service Bureau in Eureka to see if they have room in their shelter /transitional living program for youth.

  • Can’t be all that bad. Not with a Pink Floyd t-shirt on.

  • Sad, sounds like that girl has a crazy mom. I feel bad for the 18 yo dude and the minor girl

  • I’m learning from commenters how to write comments here without any evidence to what i am talking abut. The kid hidding the girl talked her in to comming to Humbolt two growe weed and and sett up a meth lab so that her mother would give her her clothes back. While hiding her in a box in the closet the guy hiding her had an affair with her mother sew she wood give her her cloths back but the mother want more meth and dopioids and a new car from there weed operation. O and in the trailer was 1038 pounds of processed weed that the girl was trying to smoke before the coppers shoed up too bust her boy friend who was out of the box for possession of stolen cloths. So the drugged girl called the poleice. Then they went home in the stole carr hi on dopiods. You can tell cause the man hiding the girl has big eyes. And likes Van Haylen cause of his shit.. er shirt.

  • Zippy, that’s hilarious! Point well made.

  • Guest, I believe the Van Halen part was sarcasm.
    (hee hee)

  • Looks like a Bernie voter to me! Rock on dude. What kind of dysfunctional family does this child man have? Are they as screwed up as the girl’s mother?
    Hollywood ought to send up some script writers for this one and show it on “stranger Happenings”. You can’t make this -hit up!!

  • We call the place hidden tweek . Full of junkies Calling for an ambulance coz they’re coming down and are out of welfare money for a fix .

  • Please reread the press release carefully. At no point is the juvenile identified as being a female. Just saying that the juvenile could be a male. Need to read with non-assumptive and non-judgemental eyes. Right?

    • Obviously a transvestite. Sheesh. Just rede between the lines of meth as I have learned two doo after reading coments here four a long time. I have too learned to spel and gramarterize Veri good to. Tanks every bodie.

  • I’m totally confused. Who is this a picture of?

  • Thank you Kym……he looks so young.

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