Missing HSU Student

Press release from Arcata Police Department:

Erin Elizabeth Henry

Erin Elizabeth Henry [From her Facebook page]

On November 30th, 2017, Erin Elizabeth Henry, a Humboldt State University student, was reported missing to the Arcata Police Department.

Henry was last seen by a roommate in the 100 Blk of Samoa Blvd on 11/25/2017. She has not been seen or heard from since. Henry’s wallet, cell phone and car were located at her residence. Henry had recently suffered a broken ankle and is not able to walk without the aid of crutches or a knee scooter.

Henry’s disappearance is out of character, according to friends and family.

Henry is described as a 22-year-old white female, 5 foot 8 inches, thin build with blond hair and hazel eyes. Henry has a distinctive tattoo on her left forearm of a large red poppy flower with the inscription “Anna Rowland 1993-2016” written along the stem (photos are available on the APD Facebook page)

Anyone who has seen Erin Henry or has information as to her whereabouts is asked to call the APD.



  • Hoping she is found soon,safe & well!!! :-C

  • I second that motion Dan fuller.

  • If she can’t go very far I hope they have checked every single house/apartment close by. I mean like go in and check. I hope to god she is found safe. I just can’t imagine what her family is going through.

  • Kym, why haven’t u reported on the armed robbery by walmart last night? Loco hasn’t either…

  • It’s Friday and nobody’s seen her since last Saturday? Doesn’t sound good. Cross fingrers and hope for her safe return. Why did her friends or rommates what five days to report her missing. Not good.

  • She looks exactly like the other women in Humboldt that have come up missing….5 or 6 I think this could be number 7?

    • Apryl Äeschbacher

      I had the same thought… I hope and pray she isn’t and if she is. That the sob is caught and brought to justice.

  • The suspects parents must have had a sense of humor naming him Hull Hogan. Has he been officially named suspect or just by the person who made the poster? This guy shouldn’t be too hard to find

  • So sad. I hope this turns out to be a Happy Ending!!

  • Hoping for the best

    Thats a big gap between disappearing and it being reported to the public. She may be in another state by now.
    The family should hire a PI like every other family with a missing loved one has to do here.

    Its a bit of a dangerous road to go down posting fliers with someones pic, beyond false accusations that could end up with an innocent person being attacked, it can really mess up a court case and push it towards a mis-trial.
    Was she with him that night? Did she say she was meeting him? Did her phone show recent contact?

    This doesnt look like it was released by police, theres no insignia and no last name for the dude. If the cops need help locating someone they usually put out their own info, which i know kym would post.
    They have a reason for doing a quieter investigation as they need to gather info, and if dude is guilty and sees this flier, he’ll be out of the country within 24 hours. Probably is by now. Thats partly why they dont put pictures out that much.
    Granted, our local police have a really bad track record on these things, so i get wanting to put up fliers. Mayb talk to a lawyer first to make sure good intentions dont turn into messing up a case. Or the PI, theyve done this many times locally. It took the family coming to search the marsh for their son to find him after weeks, the dad found him. The marsh is not the hardest search spot, it sux but the family of this young woman should probably come here.

    So hoping she is found safe and sound asap! ♡

    • You are correct. The Arcata police Department did NOT release this poster. The individuals responsible for posting my sons photo and name will be held responsible for their actions.

  • Prayers for her safe return..

  • Patrick has been cleared by Arcata police and hasn’t seen Erin in 3 years.

  • Complete lie. Patrick has had nothing to do with this person for 3 years. He has been fully cleared by Arcata police. Any further accusations of my son will result in legal action.

  • I can’t delete this any more. Kym, go ahead and delete it as soon as you see this, please. I want no part in incriminating an innocent person.

  • Om mani padme hum, prayers for her safe return 💛💐

  • We have serial killers living amongst us. Report unusual stalking behavior. Perhaps someone should start a watchdog website.

  • Really praying for her safe return. Erin lost her sister in a car wreck last summer and this family is not one that deserves anymore bad. Keeping fingers crossed and praying a lead brings her home safe. Sending love the family’s way.

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