[UPDATE Sunday: Located] Escaped Inmate in Ferndale

HarrisAt approximately 11 a.m., an inmate from the Humboldt County Correctional Facility working with a crew at the Ferndale Fairgrounds escaped and was last seen running towards 5th Street. The inmate is Jordan Harris, a Native American male wearing blue clothing, confirmed Samantha Karges the Public Information Specialist with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement is searching for him. “The suspect may still be in handcuffs,” according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 11:26 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 Humboldt County Correction Facility Inmate Jordan Benjamin Harris, 28, escaped from an inmate work crew near the Ferndale Fairgrounds.

Harris is an American Indian male, 6’0″ tall, 170 lbs, with short brown hair, hazel eyes and a medium build. He has a tattoo of Yurok on his neck.

Harris was last seen running toward on Arlington Avenue towards 5th St.

Anyone with information on Harris’ location is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 11:52 a.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tweeted, “Ferndale High School and Elementary are on lock down…He has a tattoo of ‘Yurok’ on his neck.”

UPDATE 12:58 p.m.: The Ferndale Enterprise tweeted,

UPDATE 1:05 p.m.: One officer reported spotting the suspect. Another from the Sheriff’s Department questioned if it was the escaped inmate because he had three deputies headed up the trail. The first officer then said, “Unless your deputies are hiding in the bushes, I’m pretty sure it is him.”

Update 1:08 p.m.: According to dispatch, The suspect is running southbound down a trail opposite the 900 Block of Bluff Street in the southeastern section of Ferndale.

UPDATE 1:11 p.m.: The suspect is westbound up the hill, according to scanner traffic. Arcata Police are on their way with a K-9.

UPDATE 1:14 p.m.: According to the Ferndale Enterprise,

UPDATE 2:30 p.m.: According to the Ferndale Enterprise,

UPDATE 3:31 p.m.: The suspect has been spotted wearing blue pants but no shirt in the Russ Park area.

UPDATE 9:38 p.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Escaped Humboldt County Correctional Facility work crew inmate Jordan Benjamin Harris has not been located.

On Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 around 11 a.m. Harris, 28, escaped from an inmate work crew near the Ferndale Fairgrounds.

Harris is an American Indian male, 6’0″ tall, 170 lbs, with short brown hair, hazel eyes and a medium build. He has a tattoo of ‘Yurok’ on his neck.

The multi-agency search for Harris was called off at 3 p.m. Harris was last spotted in the area of Russ Park around 3:30 p.m. Sheriff’s Deputies and the Ferndale Police Department are still searching that area.

Anyone with information on Harris’ location is asked to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 12:17 p.m.: Inmate That Escaped in Ferndale on Friday Recaptured



  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Oh Jordan!!!! Don’t let yourself get all screwed up again.

  • dude – you had privileges, you just f K D up. you be serving hard time now

  • Certainly NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer!!! Running away from a work detail, especially in Ferndale!!! Guaranteed to get caught sooner rather than later!!! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide either!!!

  • Pinch of Salt River

    Seems like they got him cornered by the elementary school.

  • They are chasing him around all over the woods. Waste of resources!

  • Just boring old Ferndale

  • i just want this to be over so i can eat a chicken strip

  • Look I know what he did was wrong, he should never had run from work crew. This guy has had his problems I know first hand but I also know very well that he is a good person at heart. Addiction is a horrible thing and can cause people to make horrible mistakes. I only say this because I know him well I know the person he once was and the person that he can be. I dont know whats going on in his mind right now, but I hope and pray that he is okay mentally. He is not dangerous and will not harm anyone, but like I said with me not knowing his mental state there no knowing. Im almost positive he just ran to run and get out of jail. He is not on the prowl to hurt anyone. He is a drug addict not a murderer. I hope he is found and safe. and i know the judicial system will make sure he pays for this mistake to the highest level. I love you friend and I hope you get your shit straight and remember all the people out here routing for you and your recovery!@!

    • I love the kind words you shared. Thank you.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        High speed races and long foot chases. We’re trying to write a song, hear, Kymster. Can anybody help?

    • Amen.
      And blessings, young man. Heal and get strong first, you have a full life ahead of you. Leave it all behind. XX

    • If he is truly just an addict and would never hurt anyone then I hope the best for him. He shouldn’t be imprisoned for that. He should have help offered to him if he wants it. He is and adult and if he doesn’t want it and can life a life of drug addiction while never violating the the rights of others I say more power to him. Prison should be reserved for those who are a danger to others, not themselves.

      • And where do you think someone on a lifetime bender of drug addiction gets their money. A hint, Freedom clubbie, they tend to steal other people’s property. Get real.

        • I am as real as it gets. I realize that many people who abuse drugs turn to other crimes to fund their habit. Then I agree those people should face the consequences of those crimes, but if someone can manage to use drugs responsibly and not violate any other people’s rights then the government should leave them the fuck alone.

          • Responsible drug addict? Really? One who gets up each morning and drives to work with sober attention so he can pay his bill and his habit?

            That kind of ignores the addict part.

            • Well I guess it all comes down to how you define addict, but I do know people who consistently use drugs responsibly without harming or violating anyone else. I realize that is the exception not the rule, but I still don’t want to live in a world where some government can tell me what I can and cannot put into my own body. Use resources to go after real criminals. What if someone has a multi million dollar trust fund and all they want to do is sit around and use drugs in the privacy of their own home and not bother a single person. Why the hell should that be any of the government’s business.

      • No he whoud hurt someone he attack me in my motel room when i was nice enough to let him stay there cause he had nowhere else to go

        • “Attack you” meaning specifically? Usually there is a price for someone “Letting you stay” …maybe you were just being nice and he was wrong AND just saying your comment isn’t very convincing. You write he “Whoud” not he did.

    • You are a great friend for speaking out on the issues. I spent the lockdown with a class on a field trip down town Ferndale. We made the assumption he was not violent as he was on work detail.

    • Ditto Kim’s appreciation.

  • My question is this: Why the F is there an inmate Work detail within 100Yards of a school in the first place? I’m pissed that the HCSO put my son in danger

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The inmates on these crews are supposed to be non-violent offenders. That seems to be corroborated in the commentary.

    • They are nonviolent offenders. Getting people out on work detail helps them. I believe it also reduce the costs of where ever there working. None of the children were in harms way

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      And search was loosening just as school gets out….

  • tired of all this

    For what crime was he serving time?

  • How could he work while still cuffed?

  • Khrysti is RIGHT! I don’t flipping care if they are non violent inmates, when one escapes he is scared, desperate and that can equal dangerous in the situation even if known to be a teddy bear generally. There is no excuse to have these crews so near any school. Somebody is responsible for this and changes need to be made today. It’s getting dark out there, he is cold, scared and hungry. Lock up and be safe.

  • So did they catch him or what? If not seems like they let a golden opportunity slip away.

  • Dude probably froze his azz off last night in the brush

  • The only place worse than jail would be hiding out around Ferndale in December….

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    “The multi-agency search for Harris was called off at 3 p.m. Harris was last spotted in the area of Russ Park around 3:30 p.m. Sheriff’s Deputies and the Ferndale Police Department are still searching that area.”

    Don’t try too hard…most folks look for their missing dog harder than that.

    Any Saturday updates?

  • It's just the way it is

    People getting worked up about an Indian running toward freedom? Seems silly to me. Might as well get upset about water running down hill.

    I’m worried about how he’s now gotta do indoor time and at least an extra year of it.

    Be safe little brother. You surely got a chance to Sit up last night. Now come on back, do up the time and use it to move on from whats got you here.

    It’s as unavoidable as the rain. Just a headache to be survived. Better to be on the other side of it sooner than later.

    And while jails aren’t too good, they got programs can help you answer the prayers being said by you and for you so you can get past the drugs and the fear and pain that drives you to them.

  • I hope he gets help. My cousin did not,sadly he died from a overdose. I tried to help,but as everyone knows only you,can make yourself free.im praying he gets help.

  • If you read the recent Lost Coast Outpost article on the closure of one of the “Halfway Houses” in town you’d have gotten a picture of how truly professional, and well funded they are (eyes rolling back so hard I need a neck brace). Besides if we had decent job training, affordable housing, transportation and universal health care there would like to be an epidemic of opioid addiction; physical pain is moderated by endorphins but social and psychological pain, not so much.

  • He looks sad. Lots of suicide in his community. Maybe another canary in our coal mine has stopped singing and we’ve gone deaf? Sad.

    • Oh dear Memy, out of all of the comments yours has pulled at my heart strings the most, and made me so sad as well.
      I live in Ferndale, on 5th. And it was a little scary sounding when I was first told there was an ‘escaped convict on the loose from the Fairgrounds, and not to go home’. As I had just pulled up in my driveway.
      But he is (was) a low level offender without a violent criminal record or else he wouldn’t have been able to get on the work Crew (K. BUGBEE!!!) And how many times have they been here before working, cleaning up the Fairgrounds, the horse pens and stalls, and you never even knew it!?
      So yah, I’m so sorry I’m kinda in agreement with the above comments about the ‘indian running for freedom’. But I also really want him to get the help he needs so badly. And unless he is running towards a rehab facility, he sadly will not get treatment while incarcerated if he is found.

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