Wanted Man Considered Dangerous

Information from a Facebook post from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department:

Mikah Mode…Mykah Mode (age 21) was scheduled to be sentenced today in the Del Norte County Superior Court for a conviction of possession of a loaded firearm and drugs. Mode did not show up for the hearing and a $50,000 warrant for his arrest was issued. Mode is known to carry firearms and should be considered dangerous. Please do not try to apprehend him, instead we urge you to call our dispatch line at 707-464-4191 ext 6, or contact Sergeant Richard Griffin at 707-464-0670, or 707-951-0393.

We have included his last booking photo as of 9-19-2017 and one from 8-20-2017 that shows how his facial hair begins to grow in.

We thank you for any assistance you can provide, please do not comment on this post, instead we again urge you to call in with your information.

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  • “From my cold dead hands”. Good luck youngster.


  • Sad for this young mans family. I would be so embarresed if he was my kid. He has his whole life ahead of him, maybe behind bars though. Meth? Shitty family? Who knows. I hope he can turn his life around before it’s too late.

    • I’d be more embarrassed that my kid couldn’t use spellchecker. How do you know his whole life ahead of him? He could have accidentally shot himself on his way to court, drove off a cliff and sunk the car in the ocean without any witnesses.

    • Loaded firearm, ok he is 21 and that shouldnt be a crime, possesion of drugs, well , what are drugs ? Once a family member was charged with this crime merely for having his perscribed pain pills in a zip lock bag in his tackle box ,because they had come in such a large container that he did not want to carry it around. Apearently that is a crime, thankfully he got it cleared up in court but it did cost him several thousand dollars to fight it

    • My brothers and I grew up in a difficult *family* situation but none of turned to drugs or crime or ended up in jail. Not always the family’s fault.

      • There are many types of “Difficult”…no two broken legs are even the same little lone two family contexts. Siblings in same family can be treated very differently by their parents and on and on and on go the variations that are crucial and rarely public. If there was more community support then we wouldn’t be relying solely on families to be responsible for are future fellow citizens.

  • He has a hard life ahead of him.

  • Thank you for the press release. This is what we need.

  • Sheriff round me up a posse!

  • This guy has a history of not showing up for court. He is probably still in Del Norte. His family is there as well as his punk rocker friends. As far as being armed and dangerous, maybe.

  • With California gun laws being so strict, how does this miscreant get his hands on a firearm to carry? Oh yeah, criminals don’t obey laws.

  • This young man never had a chance in hell at ANY life at all since birth!! The Mode’s have been targeted in Del Norte Co. for over 50 years!! The criminals range from the street cops to the judges!! Without exception!! That whole (Law enforcement) county is corrupt as the day is long!! I personally know of corruption that ranges from Murder thru false reporting for self monitary gain, throughout the law enforcement agencies of Del Norte County!! I’ve personally asked the FBI to investigate on several occasions over a number of years!! Nothing yet.
    Just saying to you people… In my opinion, Mode was smart for the failure to appear!! Because he’d probably been another homicide by now!! By dirty law enforcement!!
    Yes!!! People, it truely is that bad!! Will anyone reach out and help that county now?? I’ve done as much as I’m comfortable with. I do and am in fear death for speaking out. Maybe one of you reading this will be able to help that county, or know how? But until the law that’s reporting this is investigated AND PROSECUTED, for their crimes, would ‘I’ believe one word of this info being legitimate about Mr. mode!!!

    • You know why the FBI won’t investigate? The Illuminati, man. It all goes back to the ancient order. They control the police.

      Or, it could be the fact that you’re delusional. I’m gonna go with that…

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