PenAir Announces Last Day of Operation Between Crescent City and Portland Is December 15

No new carrier will be immediately available to fly customers after PenAir draws back from their routes between Crescent City and Portland on December 15.PenAirPress release from PenAir:

PenAir announced today that their last day of operating between Crescent City, California and Portland Oregon will be December 15, 2017.

PenAir started operating between the two markets on September 15, 2015 under an Essential Air Service contract with the Department of Transportation. Beginning in early October of 2016 they added several other routes to their resume including Arcata/Eureka, CA; Redding, CA; Coos Bay/North Bend, OR; and Klamath Falls, OR. In August of 2017 the company entered into Chapter 11 and began closing their Pacific Northwest markets out of Portland, OR. “As part of the Chapter 11 process, the company was obligated to begin eliminating those markets that were not making money. It was a tough decision to make considering the future opportunities we could see in each of these markets”, said President Danny Seybert.

“The City of Crescent City has chosen another carrier to operate out of Crescent City; however, that carrier is not ready to enter the market for several months, said Sr. Vice President of Ground Operations, Murphy Forner. We are not able to continue to service the market until the new carrier is able to start service”.

Customers currently holding reservations/tickets on PenAir after December 16, 2017 may contact PenAir Reservations at 800-448-4226 for a full refund.



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