One Injured When Humboldt Transit Bus Collides With Vehicle on 299

Hwy 299 California State Route

[Image by SPUI Public domain via Wikimedia Commons]

At approximately 6:15 a.m. a passenger bus belonging to the Humboldt Transit Authority collided with a second vehicle on Hwy 299 about three miles west of Willow Creek at mile marker 35.30, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The westbound lane is blocked.

Scanner traffic indicated that one person was injured.

UPDATE: Channel 3 has more information here.



  • 299 getting as many wrecks as 36 .

    • Because people are driving like morons almost got sideswiped on the 101 corridor last night because he didn’t want to use a turn signal and driving 65+ in a 50 mph zone

      • My theory about all the Wacko Drivers of late is as follows!!! Every box / bag or what have you of Cracker Jack Snack Mix has a CDL in it as the “Toy Surprise”!!! It certainly seems that way at least considering all the wrecks of late!!! Slow down people it isn’t a damned RACE!!!!

    • Agreed & it’s a MUCH better stretch of road!!! It’s 10 times better shape than 36 until they finish straightening some of the Hairpin Curves!!! My opinion, for what little it’s worth, around $.02 is that as I said in my earlier comment, there is a CDL in EVERY box or bag or w/e container it’s in of Cracker Jack snack mix as the “Toy Surprise”!!! It sure as freak seems like it at least!!! ;-C

  • Where is everybody going in such a hurry? Nascar is over for the year.

  • California State Route 299 isn’t a U.S. Highway, but that’s a cool graphic. 😉

  • I wonder if some of the problem is that the government is trying to reduce the hazards by reducing the driving challenges. I live up a steep, twisty road with no shoulders. It is modestly busy and sometimes has trucks with oversize loads that can’t fit inside the lanes. It’s a heart stopper to see that come around a curve and you know that there is no room to move over. People do drive too fast, especially downhill, for the curves and do wander into the opposite lanes going around blind curves.

    Yet there are almost no collisions on that road. A few, and very few, single car accidents only.

    I think maybe because people simply can’t go all that fast. The speed limit is 25 or 35 mph so even going too fast is maybe 40 or 45 mph, with brakes applied at almost every curve. Slow enough anyway that there is time for human to correct for errors.

  • HTA drivers are not idiot drivers. Let’s find out the full details of how the accident occurred before we pass judgment against the bus driver. There should have been a recording by the bus to use in the investigation.

    • Thank you “Crime Stopper” for your positive comment about HTA Bus Drivers.
      My husband drove for them for over 20 years and although I cannot speak for all of them I know he took his job very seriously.
      As you said the proof of evidence can be helped by the camera footage on the bus.

  • I hardly ever see CHP posted up where they usually are on 101 between Fortuna in Eureka and seems to me that everyone does 80-85 that’s the new speed limit no cops enforcement there hell on going out when it’s Thanksgiving ,and the holidays ,but as far as seeing any CHP pretty much non-existent anymore.

  • I do CHP on the 299 almost every day on my drive to work. I appreciate how hard the officers work. As well as the transit drivers. Although the afternoon driver from Willow Creek to the coast often drives awful fast some days and will speed up to not allow you to pass.

  • From kiem:
    “California Highway Patrol says the bus was headed east on 299 just west of Willow Creek.
    Around 6:15, the driver of a Dodge Dakota heading westbound lost control of the truck and crossed into oncoming traffic, striking the bus head on.
    The truck driver was transported for treatment of minor injuries.
    The bus was scheduled to begin its route in Willow Creek so there were no passengers. The bus’ driver was not injured.”

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