Former Humboldt County Man Identified as Shooter Killed by Police in Reno Tuesday

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A former Humboldt County man, Lucas Stone age 30, was killed by law enforcement Tuesday evening as he fired shots from the eighth floor of a Reno highrise apartment building. Lucas or Luke as he was known attended College of the Redwoods from 2008-2009. He also interned at Caltrans in Eureka for four months from February to May of 2009.

Press release from Sparks Police Department:

November 28, 2017, at approximately 1838 hours the Reno Police Department received numerous calls reporting shots being fired from a building located in the 200 block of North Sierra Street. Reno Police Officers arrived on scene and heard gunshots from an elevated room inside 255 N. Sierra Street. The room was overlooking N. Sierra Street and much of the downtown area. Officers immediately began evacuating residents from the surrounding area.

As officers worked to contain the area of the incident, Reno Police Negotiators also responded and made phone contact with the suspect and a female who was also in the room. Officers determined the suspect was firing from inside a room at 255 N. Sierra Street above ground level. The suspect continued to actively fire his weapon with the female also inside. During the initial incident, two law enforcement officers fired their weapons at the suspect. As the incident continued, members with the Reno Police and Washoe County Sheriff’s SWAT team entered the suspect’s room and an officer fired their weapon at the suspect. Medical personnel already on scene rendered aid to the suspect who was transported to an area hospital where he was declared deceased.

There were two officers from the Reno Police Department and one deputy from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office that were involved in the Officer Involved Shooting. The Reno Police Department and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office enacted the Washoe County Officer Involved Shooting Protocol. The Sparks Police Department took the lead in the investigation per protocol.

On November 29th, 2017, the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified the suspect in this case as Lucas Stone, a 30-year-old Reno resident.

There was only one injury reported by a citizen who received a superficial injury to her hand that did not require medical attention. This citizen was in a neighboring residence. No Law Enforcement Officers were injured during the incident.

The investigation is ongoing; however, it is believed the suspect acted alone and the shooting was not a pre-planned event. The preliminary findings appear that the suspect was shooting at subjects that did not exist from the interior of his residence. Detectives have extensively canvassed the area and spoken with witnesses. There is no current evidence to support that the suspect was targeting citizens in the downtown corridor.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the case will be sent to the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office for review, per protocol.

Anyone with information can call Sparks Police 353-2231 or Secret Witness at 322-4900.



  • That guy should have stopped smoking the chumps weed .

  • another local criminal with a one year stint at CR. send your kids away for college if you can.

  • Hmmm sounds like a bad mix of cocaine n whiskey…..

    • I agree with Buzzards nest, but it may have been meth instead of the coke.
      once you suck real hard on that pipe the whiskey goes down like water leading you into all sorts of rabbit holes especially after a few pulls and bottles!

  • He was also a registered democrat , a liberal. All you democrats need a psych evaluation and shouldnt be near any firearms whatsoever.
    Hawaii is now confiscating guns from registered medical pot users. Its comi,g your way potheads!

    • More logic-challenged baloney. Do you need a list of mass murderers who were Republican/right-wing? You can’t lump these psychos by political party.

      • True fact everyone born in Humboldt County gets lifetime subscription of the National Enquire and their crown achievement in life is memorizing the pledge o’ allegiance.

      • Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Ripper, Adolf Hitler, etc.

    • The one that needs a psych test is our ruler in chief , our President Cheeto .
      Hopefully, if we survive his term in office without being nuked, passing a psychological exam will be required of our future presidents. It should already be a requirement, but we know how well should’ve , could’ve , would’ve works.

      • More importantly someone who can pass the GED without paying someone to take it for them.

      • Yeah, we survived eight years of a completely fraudulent “presidency,” so we can survive anything, right? The Kenyan wasn’t even born here, just ask his brother. Average of 25% increase in debt to GDP per year 2009-2016, putting us in a hole from which we can never climb. Do I need to mention the greatest boondoggle in U.S. history, [edit]?

        “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” – Dr. Michael Savage

        • U know why people had hope for Obama? Because he was black….the apitimy of rasisim… he can do a better job because of the color of his skin! HopLess.

          • I thought some of the hope was for a country that could see through racism to elect him. And some was for his calm measured manner. And some was because he had voted against the Iraq War because they hoped (wrongly, it turns out) that he would be less warlike than other presidents. I’m sure some people voted for him because of the color of his skin just as some voted for Trump because of the color of his.

            • Mostly True kym. But Obama was a failure.All presidents are picked by the NWO. It’s only to belive that u have a choice between two. Hillary and trump are probley the worst candidates ever to run for presidents. Again, it didn’t matter who won, they were both picked already by people who are far above any one country’s power. Ironically I have been LabeledaNazi because I’m white and I voted…therefor by many I conglaberate with neonazis and white supremacy. Wtf? Have a great day kym

              • I don’t know that you’ve been labeled a Nazi because you are white and you voted. Those criteria fit me and no one (except my teenage son) has ever called me a Nazi.

          • I voted for him in 08 because he was such a cruisematic speaker and actually seemed sincere and honest, but after George W bush the bar was pretty low. By 2012 it was pretty obvious he was just a continuation of the same bullshit we’ve had for 30 plus years. This time I voted for Trump, with A choice between a known criminal a socialist and a Cheeto I’ll take the Cheeto any day of the week. And guess what, at least the Cheeto is doing what he said he would or at least trying.

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      • Trump gives ADHD an altogether new meaning.
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  • He was from Humboldt and hallucinating? No surprise there.

  • A news story said his wife had left him and he went a little off the deep end. I don’t know if it’s true. Suicide by cop. Such a sad so glad he wasn’t able to hurt people. I’m so sorry for his family and friends. God Bless

  • As a society we have become way too accepting of this sort of behavior, it’s really not ok to shoot up the neighborhood because you’re having a bad day. Whatever the reason for your anger, depression, frustration, etc. pulling out a long gun or assault rifle is not the answer. This needs to be pounded into everyone’s head, starting at a very young age. Instead of becoming numb to these incidents we need to change the message and outcomes.

    • It may not be an ok thing to do in your view, but there will always be some segment of people who don’t agree with your or care and act based on emotions. Has been going on since the beginning of time and probably won’t stop any time soon. Wether we “accept” this behavior or not is not going to go back and undo the damage after the fact. Fortunately there weren’t any serious victims during this incident. I am not sure how you would prevent things like this as there will always be those who are mentally a bit unstable and a pretty much unlimited variety of options for destructive behavior even if every single gun was to vanish over night.

      • Some pounding couldn’t hurt. I think that was the difference in the times when you could safey leave your door unlocked and now. My parents made it clear early and often.

      • I think most folks would agree it’s not an ok thing to pick up guns, rifles etc. and start shooting random people. And yes, since the beginning of time violence has been used to settle misunderstandings and disputes. Why back in my day (hahaha!) we used to throw rocks and pine cones at each other, or wrestle and throw punches. No one ever thought of grabbing a gun from our parents and shooting another person. The difference is the scale of violence. Senseless mass violence has been glorified in movies, tv., and online, without the matching message that this is wrong and you should not do this. And if the message that it’s wrong to randomly shoot others isn’t made clear to impressionable young folks, ( my folks had a strong moral compass about this!) youth can grow up without the self control or conscience needed to deal with life. And yes, pharmaceuticals, legal and illegal, and alcohol contribute a great deal to this issue. Sometimes life sucks, marriages end, people mess up, lose jobs, etc. Life is not fair, but taking your frustration and anger out on others is not the answer.

        • That and there use to be actual consequences when you committed a crime. Nowadays even a murderer is likely to spend no more than 6 years in jail and when they get out there’s a good chance they’ll have a movie or book deal waiting for them.

    • Who said it was a long gun?

    • You want to change the outcomes? Then ban & confiscate their guns. 🔫

  • What antidepressant was he taking?

    So sad, all too common.

  • I think he had to much coffee?

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