[UPDATE 7:30 a.m.] Pickup Rolled Onto Its Roof Near Redcrest

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 7:15 a.m., a pickup rolled over on southbound Hwy 101 near mile marker 41 in the Redcrest area. It is on its roof and the occupant was “attempting to get out of the vehicle”, according to a witness report to Emergency Dispatch.

UPDATE 7:30 a.m.: There are two people at scene with minor injuries, according to a report over the scanner.




  • I drove through that area around 8:30, heading north. In northbound lane was a pickup on its roof, with all the appropriate emergency response vehicles, flashers, etc. It was scarey! I’m happy to hear there were no major injuries. I wish i knew how those things happened.

    I think this must be the same one you’re mentioning. Maybe which lane it was came through wrong in the report.

  • An excellent possibility the HCSO & CHP often err in their reports!!! I’m not sure of the cause but I am certain it happens frequently!!!

  • Their lumber rack acted as a pretty good roll cage. But still looked liked a terrifying ride. Glad to hear they are okay.

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