Humboldt State University Warns Students and Staff That a Sexual Battery Occurred on Campus

Humboldt State University sent out a text alert at 10:36 p.m. warning students and staff that a sexual battery had occurred on campus today. According to the text, the incident occurred near the Science A building which is in the heart of the school.

The suspect is described as over 6 foot tall, approximately 25-30 years old, and last seen wearing a brown hoodie and pajama bottoms.

Humboldt State University map with Science A circled in lime green.

Humboldt State University map with Science A circled in lime green. [Map from HSU]

According to Legal Dictionary, “Sexual battery is a term describing a sexual crime that involves criminal sexual contact or touching. The difference between sexual battery and rape is that sexual battery does not involve intercourse or other kinds of forced sexual penetration.”



  • Scary. Curious if he was sleepwalking and did this in dream state…wearing jammies and hoodie…probably not, but did wonder. hope they find him. hope the person assaulted is okay.

  • I’m surprised age isn’t yet considered politically incorrect like the missing gender & race is in the bolo.

    • Exzactly…. what a joke,…disgraceful n dangerous .. they must realy want him bad

    • I don’t care how many people this person sexually assaults, it is not worth being culturally insensitive to apprehend them. That’s backwoods thinking and needs to be torn down along with McKinley statue!!!

      • “I don’t care how many people this person sexually assaults”….WHAT?!!! ‘”Culturally insensitive”, I think you need to rethink your sensitivity, Mike. We wouldn’t want to hurt anyones feelings-wonder how the woman who was grabbed felt at the time and how she’ll feel next time she needs to walk across campus in the dark. I can tell you: terrified, scared for her life. “Backwoods thinking”…..FOR REAL?!! Take a look at your thinking.

        Describing the appearance of who did this to her isn’t “culturally insensitive”, it’s the truth, as best as she remembers it-not sure what it’s worth if they find who did it anyways.

    • Missing gender or missing sex? None of us really operate on gender.

    • Have you seen how elderly people here act in relation to the term “elderly” here.

  • Less than one block from where I went to grade school. There were sexual predators even back then. Times haven’t changed much, as far as these types of assaults/batteries are concerned. Very sad.

  • Was it a man or woman, white, black, brown red, yellow? Not much to go on here.

  • Nonsense. The image of the man who flashed me is burned into my mind decades later. He had gray hair and mustache, was wearing a dark blue or black zippered jacket and brown pants. On the other hand his prick was not anything else but a prick I was not interested in viewing. Get real.

  • Thank You HSU!!! Thanks for the timely notice of the sick predator. I was attending HSU back in maybe ’92 or so when we had a serial rapist attacking women on campus. HSU buried this inconvenient fact as a public relations strategy. People did not know, women walked alone at dark like it was all safe, more women were attacked, HSU still didn’t say anything and finally we had to march on the campus police station! The call button system was set up and students were informed it was not so safe….I’m very glad to see that HSU has changed their protocol. An informed student body is the best protection. It’s really up to the decent people to look out for each other and we need info.

  • Apparently the feminists have not quite “taken back the night.”

  • So a person with no identifiable sex or race grabbed someones tit?

  • You can’t even report the facts in the news these days without someone getting butt-hurt! its so out of control!

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