Business and Vehicle Struck by Bullets Last Night

Law enforcement questioning occupants of the Pine Motel which is across Broadway from Les Schwab.

Law enforcement questioning occupants of the Pine Motel which is across Broadway from Les Schwab. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Press release from Eureka Police:

On November 27, 2017, just after 6:00 p.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 2400 block of Broadway for the report of shots fired toward an occupied business. There were no reports of injuries.

Officers arrived on scene and determined that the business and a vehicle parked in the parking lot had been shot at with a firearm. It was confirmed that the business was occupied at the time of the shooting but no civilians were struck or injured.

At this time, detectives are actively investigating possible leads. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Detective Bise at (707) 441-4109.

Earlier Chapter: Shots Fired at Les Schwab in Eureka



  • Here is and example of why one needs to start packing a weapon on ones person when visiting the world biggest shit hole tweekreaka .

    • Worlds biggest? No, not by along shot, but hey in a few more years if we try just a little harder maybe we can be in the top 5, seems to be headed that way.

    • Yeah, when every puffed up self-proclaimed hero is packing a gun we’re all gonna be real safe.


    • Uh huh, not enough guns yet in eureka, that is the problem.
      Not enough smart fellas like you in eureka……with guns…..shooting one another….that’s the problem all right.
      Dumb dumb DUMBOLDT!!!

  • I fail to see how packing a weapon would make any difference in this case

  • Jim Clark it’s for personal protection to be used when you are Being robbed our threatening to be robbed our killed .which is becoming the norm .just saying I am not a proponent to violence but I am a proponent to self preservation.

  • So, Mogtx, your comment really has nothing todo with this case.

  • Any chance this is related to the Les Schwab incident?

  • Pellet rifles and pellet guns can be purchased by any 18 years old and up at any sporting goods/Walmart/Target/Big 5/BuckSport. So the story is “bullets” to get your attention, but the hole posted looks like a bb hole by the glass’ shatter pattern. Any looney 10 year old with a buzz of adrenaline can fling a few pellets anywhere they want in the dark of night. In this case it was Les Schwab and a car. WHAT’S NEW HERE? Nothing-its happened before and will happen again. Its just unfortunate ITS HAPPENING NOW!

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