Boil Water Order Removed for Garberville Residents

faucet water drip

[Stock image by Nicole-Koehler via Wikimedia Commons]

Press release from the Garberville Services District:

To the Public and GSD customers, I want to express our deepest apologies for how this Boil Water Order was delivered over the Thanksgiving weekend but want to inform you that the Boil Water Order has been removed because we just received notification from the Laboratory that verified our water is absent of anything harmful and is safe to drink.

I will be following up with you on our website and individual customer letters about what exactly happened, what we did to continue providing safe drinking water and why the boil water order was issued.

Thank you to all those who assisted us over the weekend and made available equipment and water trucks. We are in a community that amongst differences, come together in times of need to help others.



  • Thanks GSD for this amazing gobble-de-gook!

    If you trust these guys, drink the water… I will stick to bottled!

    OH, and if you like this story, Jerold Phelps Hospital cares about you and your safety, and whether or not you receive competent care.

    THAT’S a good story too.

    Enjoy life in beautiful Garberville! Water your pot!

  • Or NOT delivered and who is “I”? Again, this “press release” doesn’t say who it’s from; GSD Board, staff or both? Why can’t they put their name on it?

    Go to the GSD Board meeting tonight and pour each of the Board members and staff a big tall glass of GSD water from the bathroom, see if they drink it…

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