[UPDATE 8:44 p.m.] Shots Fired at Les Schwab in Eureka

Bullet hole in the window of Les Schwab.

Bullet hole in the window of Les Schwab. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

At a little after 6 p.m., bullets were fired at the Les Schwab Tire Center on Broadway in Eureka and reports on the scanner indicate that Eureka Police and the Humboldt Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene. There were reports of a possible suspect barricaded on the premises but that has not been confirmed.

Medical was requested.

UPDATE 6:36 p.m.: Law enforcement has said the scene is safe. There was no barricaded individual. According to Captain Brian Stephens of the Eureka Police Department, there is no immediate threat to anyone. Officers have canvassed the area and no one in nearby buildings heard any shots. The officers at this time don’t know where the shot/s came from. We’re attempting to determine whether there was just the one shot or if there were multiple shots.

Law enforcement questioning occupants of the Pine Motel which is across Broadway from Les Schwab.

Law enforcement questioning occupants of the Pine Motel which is across Broadway from Les Schwab. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Update 8:44 p.m.: There were multiple shots fired.



  • Sabrina Blacketer

    It was approx. 4 shots we live across the street up on hillside in the apartment complex.

  • Maybe the beef is he did not get his beef.

  • We heard multiple shots as far away the mall. How did no one closer not hear them?

  • I am so glad no one was hurt.

  • Eureka, the lawless frontier town.

    This is the new normal.

    • Its everywhere.
      Black friday was the single biggest gun sales day in history. And thats just the legal gun shops!

      Bet someone workin at les shwab has someone pissed at them or owes big money. One of the more hidden addictions in our area is gambling.

    • As long as we all carry handguns, it will be safe. Just like the ‘ol west, no noe was getting shot back then since everyone was packing heat. :/

  • Like it or not, the only way the good people are going to be safe is to build large capacity prisons. This county, and every where, is getting out of control with criminals. Rehab will only help about 10% of those who are making everyone’s life miserable. It is way past time that our laws are strict and start protecting the general population; and those laws are carried through. Criminals have no fear of consequences anymore.

    • Actually jail has become crime university for most.
      Once out, how are they supposed to survive with no money for rent, and no one wanting to hire someone who served time?
      My cousin is a guard at a max security prison and he says the opposite, that 10-20% are not able to be rehabed. (If thats a word). He has changed his mind from thinking hardly any would benefit after seeing how well so many inmates did in school classes (many men from poverty ridden areas can barely read), and how programs like working with and training dogs are the most sought after to be in. The inmates want to behave so they can participate. It sounds whooey but they need unconditional love like anyone, and dogs are great at it.

      The issues that could help are bail money and keeping a fully staffed DA office thats functioning,not one or 2 public defenders. Did anyone notice how every major murder trial was just pushed back months? Has anyone counted the DA’s whove been available for court?

      Hopefully things will change with the problematic person resigning before the case regarding his hire could heard.
      PLS everyone read about this issue and hold the DA and county supes to task over it!! The north coast journal has been reporting on it quite often.
      The lack of arraignments and cases heard keeps the jail full. The DA just cost us a lot of money with that hire. Think about it,if you cant make bail then you sit in jail until your trial which could be months away. The judicial system doesnt even have to chase down those who flee, bailbondsmen do it for them! Setting unrealistic bail amounts ends up costing us all in paying to incarcerate a person and by taking up space that lets others walk the revolving door.

      Most people who are incarcerated have been abused and offerred no opportunities beyond criminal life. Why are child molesters killed quickly in prison?? Think about it.
      Lets at least give some of them a chance to see what they can accomplish before we condemn them.
      There are low key prisons in this country that allow you to pay 100/day to avoid the “scary” jails. Talk about imbalance!!!

      • More liberal excuses for those who CHOOSE to live the hoodlum life. Thank MTV and other media outlets and personalities for making criminal lifestyle acceptable in America. Thanks to websites that promote a criminal lifestyle. Remember, early America used to put these miscreants in stocks and execute them. Make America great again, stop coddling and enabling the criminals, the druggies, the growers.

        • Sheltered much?!
          Read a book honey! Then open that front door and venture out, there’s a whole world out there!

        • Stormy, farming a crop does not make one a liberal…. More like a conservative! [edit]… Stop blaming growers. It’s legal now. IF you choose not to farm, that’s your choice, but don’t be jealous of the next man/capitalist growing — might be a fellow republican!

      • I agree that humboldt has been setting unrealistic bail amounts for years. It should be allot higher in almost every case. A druggie down the road shot at his woman attempting to kill her he only wounded her. Took him three days to get out. You aren’t talking about a indivual who made a mistake, allot of these are drug addicts who are career criminals and do not care about laws or your property/safety. Do they want a dog in prison? Hell yeah! Who wouldn’t? They would prefer to just be let out though. Which also seems to be the case.

      • CRIME U. is and always has been the BEST place to learn how to hone and expand those type of skills. Also makes you hard, less emotional.

        Pay to play jail is for the rich. For $100-$300 a day you can have your own room, ocean views, your own chef, tv, and yes your own key, time served Is still required, but 8hours at a time, come and go is totally fine. Oh yeah, but you got to be rich and judging by the online pics of these places, white.

      • Thank you for a very thoughtful response. WOW.

    • Hell yes, raise taxes and build prisons. How about a 70% tax rate, how about 80%? Shit just give it all to them and live off of Trump’s titty milk.

  • Judging strictly from the picture shown, with the article, it appears to have been an air rifle, that was used!!! Otherwise the hole would have gone clear through the glass & wound up either on the floor inside or in the wall with all the rims on display!!! The fact that it didn’t penetrate the glass is a dead giveaway!!!

    • Cabin in the woods

      Damn. They must have his spinner rims on backorder.

    • You apparently have no idea what you’re talking about, nor did you zoom in on the picture to see that the bullet obviously went straight through the glass and the fact that the man in the pic is looking up at the wheels, most likely looking at where the bullet went after it went through the window. As well there’s reports of hearing the shots fired at the mall, pretty sure an air rifle aka BB gun would not be heard that far away if at all. The fact that it did penetrate the glass is a dead giveaway

    • I think you’re on the right track with the pellet gun info…seems right. But it doesn’t explain why people heard shots from blocks away..

      • Zoom in on the picture, the cartridge obviously penetrated the window with no problem, as well the other cartridge hit the aluminum siding backed by concrete and clearly left a hole into the concrete, a pellet gun didn’t do that

        • A pellet gun would’ve left much more spider webbing to the window due to it not penetrating. The fact that there’s very little and clearly a hole clean through with the reports of shots heard at the mall tell you that this was in fact a real firearm. Most likely 9MM or .40

        • Cartridges are not what comes out of the barrel of a gun. As for massive jails, i would think that a nation thst is supposedly free would not already have one of the largest percentages of it population behind bars. Maybe instead of prisons and jails, we make less laws, and make folks accountable for what comes out their mouths when talking to or about others ? We dont need more jails or prisons we need less cucks that want everyone thrown in the slammer anytime someone does something they dont like.

    • WOW. Deputy Dan! You know nuttin fooel udder dan korectin sum1 Elsa’s spell in. I win.😎😎😎. Dan Fuller😁😁

      • Whatever blows your hair back, Dude!!! I suggest you invest in a dictionary or use dictionary.com occasionally!!! As for your attitude I know of NOTHING to help with that!!! Any other suggestions or complaints can be taken up with my Personal Assistant, Helen Waite!!! You got a problem with me, go to Helen Waite!!!

  • Id make sure that 50000 miles is 50000 miles

  • Anything possible across from that 5 star hotel, just take another pill, smoke another fat one, or get another baggie, all the same,all for the weak , contributing to becoming less productive and intelligent

  • Our criminal justice system is way too over complicated, there are thousands of redundant laws. Then there are no real consequences for the laws that are actually broken, even if you’re caught killing someone red-handed, chances are you’re going to serve maybe 4-6 years and be let out on probation. Like mention before we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. But unlike most of the rest of the world our inmates get to enjoy luxury such as three hot meals a day with no work required, sitting around watching color TV, playing board games and reading books with friends, being able to score any drug that you want easier in jail than out, getting the benefit of decent Federal medical coverage. In California if you want to get a sex change while in jail you can at the state’s expense. For a lot of people who have been born and raised up in poverty, going to jail is like a vacation, then when you spend enough time there it becomes like home. Like mentioned before we need less laws and stricter consequences for breaking those laws and actual punishment once you’re put in jail, it’s time to start making inmates earn their keep. Jail is not supposed to be fun nor is it supposed to be easy.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    My first guess: someone shooting at a departing vehicle from their motel lot after soured deal….

    Seems more likely than disgruntled tire buyer. A guess.

    • Just as an FYI, that shop did some shoddy work for me once, and I would never get tires there again… Maybe someone else wasn’t as easy to rip off. OBV. not cool to shoot up a store…. just sayin

  • Numbers show gun posession doubled since the 70s and gun related deaths decreased by 50 percent , more guns equals less crime. Libturds are always lying about this one

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