Pedestrian Killed After Struck by Vehicle on Friday

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Friday, November 24 2017, at approximately 1803 hours, 33 year old Dena Lara of Blue Lake, CA was driving her 2012 Toyota Corolla northbound on SR-200 (North Bank Rd.), north of SR-299. Approximately 1/4 mile north of SR-299, Ms. Lara’s Corolla struck 43 year old Timothy Good of Mckinleyville, CA, who was walking along the westbound east roadway edge of North Bank Rd. CHP and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene. Mr. Good was subsequently transported to Mad River Community Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

CHP is continuing its investigation and impairment is not believed to have been a factor. Anyone with information related to this collision is encouraged to contact the California Highway Patrol at 707-822-5981.

CHP traffic report



  • It was dark at that time. My condolences to his family 🕊

  • Homicidal Drivers in Humboldt. I am nearly killed every week. It’s like dodge ball only the other team has a one ton missile.

    • Charles Engebretson

      Yes..thats about the size of it

    • McKinleyville resident

      Not really in this case – the guy who was hit was walking down the middle of North Bank Road and numerous people swerved to avoid him. Several motorists (including a family member of mine) made calls to CHP and 911 in the 45-60 minutes prior to him being struck.

    • Well stated. We need cameras that ticket people for exceeding a safe limit.

    • I agree. Trying to cross 6th or 7th Street downtown you take your life in your hands; driver’s act like they’ll get points if they hit you.

  • Not the best choice of words for headline!

  • Wearing dark clothing on a dark road does NOT help the situation either, as well as the Lead footed drivers!!!

    • My condolences to the family of the loved one who passed…now saying that I have almost hit people who walked that road not even speeding. There’s no bike lane it’s either a cliff to the river or in the road. That road is unsafe to walk on day or night especially during the night so if you want to walk that road it’s a 50/50 shot unfortunately it’s sad someone passed this passed weekend don’t like to hear this feel sorry for this family…but people if you think it’s a short cut to blue lake well it is but very unsafe and as you see and hear don’t walk that road go to valley west then walk east don’t take short cuts sometimes it’s better to go the long way around

  • Doesn’t north bank road north/south? How could pedestrian be on east side of road? He was either on the north side or the south side, it seems to me. Which way was he actually walking, facing traffic or walking with traffic? Unclear.

  • Please be safe out there people! Does not matter if you are driving or walking. Wear bright colors they can save your life. Take an extra second, slow down and look at the world and enjoy the weird wonderful show that it is. I will miss my friend and it only reminds me to beg everyone to be careful out there. We will miss you Tim

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