Local Youth Group Pitches in to Help Community on Multiple Projects

Miranda 4-H decorating for the community Thanksgiving dinner in Redway.

Miranda 4-H decorated the Mateel Hall for the community Thanksgiving dinner in Redway. [Photo provided by Shanna Archibold]

The youthful members of Miranda 4-H are giving back to the community and learning practical life skills.

Miranda 4-H formed lots of committees for all of their holiday activities. Members signed up to decorate the Mateel Community Center for the free community Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, build a float for the Lighted Parade, bake for the holiday bake sale, buy and wrap Christmas presents for the residents at the Skilled Nursing Facility, or go caroling at the Skilled Nursing Facility. Lots of members volunteered.

The group is gearing up for the holidays.  They had a canned food drive for Thanksgiving in which they gathered donations at the November community meeting. They donated the canned goods to the local food bank. Thank you, David Schmitz, for doing the delivery.

The cooking project learned how to make Thanksgiving dinner. Each member brought their own chicken, stuffed, and baked it. They made a number of side dishes, too. It was a delicious potluck. Thank you, cooking class.

Miranda 4-H is growing steadily. They have gained many new members. Now that enrollment has finished, their total membership is up to 34. They elected a new secretary because their old one had to drop out. Congratulations, Mimi LeClair.

They had a guest speaker named Hunter talk at the November community meeting about the Skilled Nursing Facility at the Garberville Hospital. 

Shanna Archibold, Jonathan Archibold, and Malachi Church all attended the Kick Off Event for the North Coast Youth Summit. In the meeting a theme was decided upon along with a general plan for the summit–Be a Super Hero. If you are in 8th grade or above, watch for details on the Northcoast Youth Summit. It will be a lot of fun!

Other than that everything has been relatively calm in Miranda 4-H Club.

(Written by 15-year-old Malachi Church, reporter for Miranda 4-H)

Miranda 4-H setting up table decorations for the community Thanksgiving dinner.

Miranda 4-H setting up table decorations for the community Thanksgiving dinner. [Photo provided by Shanna Archibold]



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