One Dead After Vehicle With 7 Occupants Plunges off Remote Road

Rescue, Volunteer Fire, traffic collision

Shelter Cove Fire prepares to go over the edge to rescue the two stranded individuals. [Photo provided by Shelter Cove Fire]

About 1 a.m. this morning an accident on Chemise Mt Road near Shelter Cove claimed the life of one person and left 6 others stranded 100 feet over the edge of a hillside. According to Cheryl Antony spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire, “Four of them climbed up onto the side of the road, but there was no traffic. It was foggy and rainy.” Eventually, when it got light, one person “walked a mile and found a house and called for help,” she explained.

Emergency dispatch received the call about 7:35 a.m. Shelter Cove Fire was there in about twenty to twenty-five minutes, she said.

When they arrived on scene, there were four people sitting on the road and three down below. “One of them the driver was deceased,” Antony explained. She also said there was a language barrier as only one person spoke English. The rest spoke Spanish.

Shelter Cove Fire, Whale Gulch Fire, Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue, the California Highway Patrol and, eventually, the Humboldt County Coroner responded to the scene.

“Technical Rescue and Shelter Cove Rescue brought the last two of them up about 8:30,” she said describing the incident. “They weren’t badly injured. That was the miracle of it all. They had hypothermia [because] they didn’t have any real shelter.”

Antony said none of the occupants had been wearing seatbelts. She said they were “headed to some property where they worked in Whale Gulch.”



  • My “Seatbelts are for wimps” campaign is really working.

    • I hate this website. Always makes my day worse. First I have to know about a horrible thing that doesn’t affect me then I have to read the worst people on earth reacting to it. Thanks for the daily downer.

    • You are a heartless clown…what if family or friends of the person deceased was reading your comment.

      • Are you thinking I need to switch to direct mail? I don’t, know, Chuck. I’ve always heard that those mailers just get thrown in the trash, plus NO ONE likes junk mail.

      • He makes a point. A point needing to be made to save lives in the future. Obviously a harder hitting message is needed.

      I am family of the deceased and even as ignorant as you are..I pray that you’d never have to get news like this the day after THANKSGIVING!
      No one is perfect and yes he paid the ultimate price for not wearing his seat belt. Try a lil empathy before opening your mouth a tragedy just happened our family is devastated

      • Liberal hypocrisy

        Did you use your Spanish to English translator on Google?

        • Conservative Stupidity

          Did you think that up all by yourself?

        • ^^Liberal hypocrisy^^, your xenophobia, bigotry and general lack of compassion for human life is the problem with Humboldt. Not the immigrant workforce. Most of you white American Humboldt locals don’t want to work or even know how to conduct ones self in the real world. The ignorance in this community flows heavy as the maxi crop through our creeks and tributaries. Without immigrants laborers, there would be no agricultural economy in the United States. I am not suggesting I have all the answers, but someone died. Someone’s child is dead, and you are cracking jokes because they aren’t the same as you. Shame on you. I hope you don’t have children of your own, and if you do, I hope my kid doesn’t end up in the same school as yours. Your misguided world vision and fear of people that are different than you is the reason this country is so disgustingly devided. You are living in occupied Mexico smart guy. Learn to speak Spanish and Wailaki, then we will see who’s laughing.

          • “Most of you white American Humboldt locals don’t want to work or even know how to conduct ones self in the real world. ” ” I hope you don’t have children of your own, and if you do, I hope my kid doesn’t end up in the same school as yours.” “You are living in occupied Mexico smart guy. ” !!!

            Hate white people in general? Or only the ones living in the parts of Indian land previously claimed but never occupied by Spain? The rescuers were probably not Mexican either.

            • I don’t hate white people, I’m White. I hate ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, xenophobia and ethnocentrism. I hate the fact that we Americans as a culture have become so lazy and entitled that we have lost our driving standard for work ethic and innovation. This goes hand and hand with the hate that I have for the rich people that have tricked the poor people into thinking its the other poor peoples fault that they cant find or hold down a job. I hate anyone that thinks they have more rights to walk this land than the indigenous people who were here first. And If you voted for Donald Trump, I hate you with a passion. Hate is an ugly word, we try to not use it all the time in my home, but when it comes to heavy topics as such I find it completely appropriate. Someone’s child is dead, and jokes are being made because they are foreigners working in the cannabis industry. If it was a local logger it would be nothing but “Prayers for him and his family” and “God bless his soul”

              • I voted for trump. “Your hate runs deep young Jedi,come…to the dark side!”

              • Hunter Blackwell, For someone who hates bigots you sure hate a lot of people. Another great example of the hypocrisy tearing this country apart.

                • We could go round and round until the sun burns out… One thing that’s not debatable is the bigotry on this thread and in this community runs deep. And if any one of you reading this thinks bigotry and xenophobia are justifiable character traits exempt from public repercussion, you are dead wrong.

      • I am so sorry for your loss. Please ignore all the negative comments. Just hold your family close. Qué Dios les bendiga.

      • So sorry for your family’s loss, ignore the negativity people say it really is uncalled for

      • Spot on. Ignore them; they are probably writing from their prison cell.

      • I am so sorry for your loss. I’m also sorry for those that seem to have a lack of empathy and compassion. It’s all so very heartbreaking.

  • Om mani padme hum 💗💐

  • Flatlander trimmers don’t know the roads clear example

    • A local was involved and the only one who died…

      • Hmmm. A local who was driving their workers somewhere at 1 a.m. after Thanksgiving. There is more to life than a little bit of money, don’tcha know.

        • Didn’t think of that but seems likely.

          • Wow you guys are real jerks! Someone died.

            Heaven forbid someone stay late at a thanksgiving gathering and then give a group a ride.
            Way to assume the worst, you dont know the real story. Guess what vineyards have the most spanish speaking workers so you must be referring to one of the local wine companies as to being greedy, which some are.
            Get a clue.

            • Wouldn’t have to do detective work at all if the details were reported when they become available. To get any understanding, all the reports have to be picked through for ‘clues.’ And even then all ‘sensative’ details are never reported, lest people be contaminated by uncomfortable facts. After the police edit to avoid reporting details for fear of accusations, then the reporters do their editing and public doesn’t demand facts either, what is left is people squabbling about what it all means, generally attacking each other because they are offended by other’s speculations. Then others pipe in, being offended by other’s being offended.

              It would be wonderful to have a place where a person could check out the reality of their beliefs. And learn as much as possible where their own errors lie. But it doesn’t happen.

              The only way to stop this is to either eliminate speculation- no comments- or get all the facts out so that the speculators left are few.

    • [edit] U don’t know who your talking about! Admin should be deleting posts here. This is a local family who is grieving

  • Nothing good happens after midnight…

  • My dearest heartfelt condolences to family. Tragic Thanksgiving eve accident,please keep any negative trolling of this page

  • Thanks to the volunteers who have to clean up the mess.

  • were they Californians? or undocumented workers? So sorry about the death.

  • illegals doing white man’s work trimming. This garbage has got to stop! The road is not nice in flog or rainy conditions for even local drivers. Good job Shelter Cove fire department!

  • They took our jobs!

  • My sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, and I know that many of Kym’s readers send the same.

    What a horrifying night for all. Thank you responders! Once again, local volunteers rock.

  • Kym Kemp, you supposedly have moderators who check these posts before they go up. You should be ashamed for allowing this kind of racist heartless shit being put up for the family to read. I hope your servers melt.

    • Postmaster,

      I don’t have moderators. I have just me and I’m on vacation trying to spend time with my family. People who haven’t posted before or people who I have given the software special instructions about or those posting too many links are held so I can vet them before posting. Everyone else is on the honor system.

      I have some rules but mostly I try not to censor comments.

      What you read in the comments is a reflection of how people feel/are. I’m sure you are aware some people are racist. Some are cruel. Some have an odd sense of humor. Most who post are having a comfortable holiday and forget that they are writing about a real tragedy that has left people in agony.

      On obituaries, I censor heavily. But, this is not a post intended for the family to communicate to the public like an obituary is. It is a post intended for the community. And some of the community are jerks.

      To me, it is better to let people speak and then let the community rebut what they say, than it is to cover the bad side of life over with flowers and pretend all is well. Apparently, you disagree.

      • Thank you kym.

        Like muscles, if not exercised, our rights become weak and useless.
        The lines between hate speech and free speech are being pushed everywhere. Its upsetting for sure.

        Its good to remember there are hateful folks out there, we each can only control our own actions like calling people out. Beyond that its a waste of energy to talk to someone who refuses to listen.
        All the hateful posts could easily be the same 2-3 people.

      • Right on, Kym! You perform a much needed and appreciated (by most) service to our community. Most of us thank you!

      • Kym,
        Thank you. Here’s to Net Neutrality!
        First amendment covers everyone.
        Glad you get it.

      • It must take a amazing amount of will power on almost a daily basis to not shut the comment section down entirely. I for one appreciate your efforts to tolerate the lunacy of this community, even if it means certain people get a platform for their madness. (He who must not be named)

    • Postmaster: You have fucked logic to blame Kym instead of the people writing awful things. Hold the wrong accountable.

    • Postmaster, how very nice and pleasant of you to wish a humble civil servant physical and financial hardship and destruction to her livelihood. Stay the hell off this site, [edit]

  • Hard for some of us to imagine being far, far from home, in a foreign country, don’t speak the language, in an accident, in a storm, in the middle of the night, with a fatality, sitting alongside a dirt road,… scared, cold, wet, hurt.
    Hard to imagine.

  • He was a good man. At times on back roads many of us locals are guilty of not wearing a seatbelt. Please have sympathy and respect for the family and friends of the life lost in this tragic situation.. thank u shelter cove fire department for always giving your best and for volunteering your time. This is heartbreaking. Please show some love and compassion. It could have been your loved one.

  • I wonder if a car full of Americans careened off a treacherous dirt road on a foggy, stormy night in Mexico and one of the occupants died, if the people down there would be so callous and cold as some of the ignorant remarks here…

    • Shoot they would take me to a Mexican jail, then if I didn’t get a long sentence for being in Mexico illegally I would be deported immediately. I left out the part of what could happen to someone in a jail down there because I’d rather be deported .so yea I could imagine that happining in Mexico and it would be way scarier

    • Yes. Exactly. Only there would probably be less critcism of it as to think that outsiders are due special consideration is pretty much an American idea only recently spread to Northern Europe.

    • Well yeah …. it’s the internet and trolls are everywhere in every country .

    • Ive found the poorest of people in mexico to be the kindest and most giving, especially in an emergency.
      Its blown my mind.
      I cant imagine the fear upon fear folks must have had in this situation, with your only link to the place lying dead next to you.
      Blessings to all involved.

  • This article says they spoke “Spanish”. Many countries speak Spanish.
    Most all cannabis workers are currently working illegally no matter where they are from.
    This is a tragic accident.
    Local tax dollars from legal cannabis needs to be put into our local rural roads as a priority.
    Cheap reflectors where guardrails should be would save lives !!

  • My condolences to the lost one’s loved ones and my thoughts and prayers for all who were involved in this tragedy. R.I.P.

  • Once again my stomach is in my throat after reading horrible people write heartless trash about someone I personally knew and a great family who is in the first stages of a terrible tragedy. You know when “anonymous” becomes a real human being??? When it’s your family member or community members being talked about in this troll feed. Do you know when these comments hurt people the most??? When you are in the most pain after a terrible loss. Maybe, just maybe… it doesn’t matter if this man was driving with out a seatbelt, or a worker or a local or just a person driving some friends home after Thanksgiving dinner.. Maybe he was someone’s son, father, brother, friend, uncle. Get a life people!!

  • It’s really disgusting the comments on here… Grow up [edit].. Talk about [edit] who have zero compassion or kindness… Someone died, yes a mistake was made, but someone died… If you can’t comment with sympathy for this family [edit]!!!!

  • It’s always reassuring that people using the most horrendous, hectoring and juvenile insults to other posters do so in the name of kindness.

  • Say what you like, but have consideration for other people feelings and what they are going through.

  • R.I.P to the one dead this is sad and blessing’s to the ones that are still here

  • Rest in Peace to the one who lost their life and condolences to the family in this tragic accident. May you come together and remember your loved one with love.

  • Sue you for all you have

    So if they were going back to the gulch where they work then this was work related. You might want to get an interpreter and talk to a personal injury lawyer who can get you compensated for the damages and the pain and suffering. Theres lawyers right near by in eureka and arcata! Say was this the property owners vehicle? Did he send you all out to have a good time or to run errands? The deceast persons family also needs compensated. This sounds like a good case. Get ready Humboldt us lawyers are ready to hold each and every property owner accountable. If anyone,knows these workers tell them too google personal injury lawyers in eureka im the first on the results call me!

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