You’re Invited to Celebrate Local Artists at Art of the Burl Redwood Gallery’s Annual Open House

This is a press release from Art of the Burl Redwood Gallery:

Please Come Celebrate Local Artists with us! Over 50 local artists showcase their work here at Art of the Burl Redwood Gallery in Miranda. We will offer food, spirits, and music to honor these amazing people who make this Gallery possible!! You are welcome to Join us and meet some of the talented folks that create art in Humboldt County! This is a free event and We will have a door prize raffle!

Check out MEND, a series of intense interviews of Humboldt County Residents and their take on the current times….
At this event Amy Day and Anne Fricke will be talking MEND; its creation, the interviews, what they learned and what their next journey will be. They’ll be reading some of the pieces inspired by the people interviewed and their stories. MEND segment starts at 4:20pm the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Also at 5pm a book signing with Cristina Laskar, founder of Connectavid and one of the authors of “The New Feminine Evolution”. Anne Fricke will be reading from her poetry book “Susurrus; whispers behind this life” at 5:40pm. There will be work from over 50 Humboldt County Artists, live music throughout the evening from Savannah Rose with special guest Gardner Boyce, and Ari Guillette performing her original music as well with improv jazz guitar by Gardner Boyce. There will be wine, food and a door prize raffle. If you appreciate all of the wonderful art that is created in Humboldt then please come attend this local event and support the artists who make it. Miranda is only 1-1.5 hours from Northern Humboldt so it does not have to be just a SoHum thing. I’d love to see some NoHum represented. Hope to see you all there.



  • Sounds fun!! It’s great to see our wonderful artists. I’ve always said,HUMBOLDT needs to build on the DIFFERENCE,s of the artist’s in our beautiful HUMBOLDT. We have no fishing,or lumber trade anymore,so let’s showcase all of the artists and make it an “Artist’s villages let’s celebrate 🖼🎨

  • tired of all this

    Art brings tourism dollars and mostly civilized people😊, things we need more than ever these days.
    Good job Art of the Burl💖

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