Workshop on How to Complete Application for State Cannabis Permits

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[Stock photo by Kym Kemp]

Press release from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division:

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division is announcing a series of 10 workshops in late November and December for training on completing applications for state licensing.

CDFA anticipates issuing cannabis cultivation licenses on or about January 1, 2018. In addition to state licensure, applicants are required to comply with any local cannabis cultivation requirements. Applicants should check with their local jurisdiction regarding local ordinance requirements.

Space is limited to about 150 participants per workshop. Additionally, as of November 30, a recorded training session will be available on the CalCannabis website at All training sessions are from 12:30pm-5:00pm. The dates and locations are as follows:


1.    Tuesday, November 28—Orange County

Courtyard by Marriott

8 MacArthur Pl., Santa Ana, CA 92707 – Register here


2.    Tuesday, November 28—Yolo County

Ziggurat Building

707 3rd St., West Sacramento, CA 95605 – Register here


3.    Thursday, November 30—San Bernardino County

DoubleTree by Hilton

285 E. Hospitality Ln., San Bernardino, CA 92408 – Register here


4.    Thursday, November 30—Monterey County

CSU Monterey Bay – National Steinbeck Center

1 Main St., Salinas, CA 93901 – Register here


5.    Tuesday, December 5—Fresno County

Hugh M. Burns State Building

2550 Mariposa Mall, Room 1036, Fresno, CA 93721 – Register here


6.    Tuesday, December 5—Mendocino County

Ukiah Valley Conference Center

200 S. School St., Ukiah, CA 95482 – Register here


7.    Thursday, December 7—Riverside County

UC Riverside – Palm Desert Center

75080 Frank Sinatra Dr., Bldg B114-B117, Palm Desert, CA 92211 – Register here


8.    Thursday, December 7—Alameda County

Elihu M. Harris State Office Building, Room One

1515 Clay St., Oakland, CA 94612 – Register here


9.    Tuesday, December 12—Butte County

Butte College – Black Box Theater

3536 Butte Campus Dr., Oroville, CA 95965 – Register here


10. Thursday, December 14—Humboldt County

Sequoia Conference Center

901 Myrtle Ave, Eureka, CA 95501 – Register here



  • Thousands of acres of weed, finally

  • Registration is closed for Humboldt. Day late and a dollar short.

  • Wish these were held inside a prison, so dopers could learn about a mouse trap.

    Maybe space debris will fall containing a bacteria that eradicates marijuana and peace will break out once it’s gone for good.

    • Ok, I’ve been able to resist your troll remarks for quite some time. I can’t help but wonder what kind of person you are. We’re you teased and bullied at school, grew up in an alcoholic military family, raised in Utah, molested by your dad or uncle? Why all the hate? Are you feeling bad about something in your past and feel you must be a tough guy to be accepted? And why do you live in the weed capital of the USA if you hate it and it’s users so much? Tell us a bit more about yourself, so others can pick on you for your faults. I know you have some… Wouldn’t that be fair? Or are you infallible?


        Redwoods and rivers and beaches.
        Not “weed capital”

        Life is perspective.

        • Right….

          where do these people get this you must be a marijuana addict to live in The Triangle?

          Just crazy, plain crazy what dopers think.

          • On the same page, “dopers” probably think you are crazy too. Ya know how the saying about opinions go. Who said you must be an addict to live in the triangle? Seems like it comes with the territory to me. Didn’t Kym have an article about obscene amounts opioid perscriptions in Trinity county? I’ve been told by a physician that Humboldt county has the highest perscriptions per capita in the United States. Eureka also has the highest gun confiscation per capita in the USA too. So there are a lot of cons and pros to living here. Ya gotta embrace them all if ya wanna live with a free conscience. Acceptance is one of the best parts of living in the triangle. Freaks, hippies, loggers, ranchers, dopers, and non-dopers alike make up the melting pot of the Triangle. Now chump, try not to hate me for this, but I moved here because of the tolerance. I was getting in trouble in my home state for being a stoner. I was caught with a bowl twice, then my next one would have been a felony. So I moved away from that redneck haven to a place where people are USUALLY accepting and the cops are dealing with real problems like murder, narcotics, and human trafficking. So again Chump… Why all the hate?

            • Black Rifles Matter

              Hey Kevin, what does having being raised in Utah have anything to do with your comment? Stereotype much?? Utah is a beautiful place with great people. Just because they go to church on Sundays makes them hateful and angry?? Once again this is where Kym will allow comments like such but delete others fitting to her liberal agenda. Hey Kevin… your melting… you say you moved here for the tolerance, but yet you aren’t very tolerant. Typical hypocritical progressive me me me me attitude.
              Ps I hate you and chump is my hero. May you choke on leftover turkey. Oh, that’s right, you probably didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving… because it’s not PC

              • Color of your rifle really doesn't matter

                Sounds like Utah left you hateful and angry. Be careful about getting all worked up, and defending the CHUMP, who may be making fun of YOU.

              • Absolutely correct.
                Liberals are sick in the head by definition.
                They’ll be lobbying to change the consensual age of sex to 12 years old before we know it.
                All in the name of “Tolerance”.
                Liberals are disgusting.

                • Aren’t many conservatives supporting Roy Moore who is alleged to have attempted sex with at least one 14 year old? Not that I would tar all conservatives with the same brush but simply trying to show that trying to group all liberals together as evil is about as pointless as trying to group all conservatives together as evil.

              • Black Rifles Matter,

                The main rules on this site are:

                Don’t insult another commenter.

                Don’t use slurs to refer to groups of people.

                Kevin’s not breaking those rules or any other one so I didn’t delete his comment. I’m curious why you keep insisting that I’m choosing which comments to delete based on my “liberal agenda.” God, I can barely get it together enough to write a grocery list let alone come up with a whole liberal agenda. Could you fill me in on what you think my agenda is?

                To me, it seems you got mad because I edited you for breaking one or more of the above rules and now whenever you don’t like what someone says, you think I should delete them but don’t because I have an imaginary agenda.

                If I had a liberal agenda and deleted comments I didn’t like, I’d just outright ban you because I think your name is an attempt to sneer at the Black Lives Matter movement. However, I keep hoping you’ll say something worth reading as I’m fairly fond of a number of conservatives and keep hoping that their intelligent, thought provoking conversations with me will be repeated on this site.

                Also, try to read Chump’s commentary with the word satire in mind…You might have a better idea of whether you really admire him or if he’s just trolling you.

                • Ms. Kemp…

                  I am proud that you produce an anti marijuana news site.

                  Nobody documents the activities of The Marijuana Caliphate, their crimes against Nature, Humanity crimes, etc.

                  You show these weedhadis for what they are….

                  Even if you wear a burka.

                  You don’t censor……FACT.

                • Roy Moore? Said he didn’t do it…I’m sorry but you need proof in America still…why would you bring that up…liberals are crazy you would hang him if you could then find out he’s innocent and still want to hang him again,.. totally gross and wrong..I’m glad the majority doesn’t think like that…we would be screwed..go Trump….


              “…try not to hate me for this, but I moved here because of the tolerance.I was getting in trouble in my home state for being a stoner.”

              “Humboldt county has the highest perscriptions per capita in the United States. Eureka also has the highest gun confiscation per capita in the USA too.”

              -Excerpts from Kevin

              Related? Maybe.

              • Don’t want to hear Hillary won popular vote..makes you sound like idiot..he could have if that’s what he wanted but that’s not how you win…let’s play chess with checker rules.. tipical

                • Are you saying Trump could have won the popular vote also but just chose not to because it was more interesting?

                • Yes I’m saying he could of won if he campaigned to.more interesting?what do you just say whatever??.my point was who cares,, it doesn’t matter about popular vote,,never has..why even mention something that is irrelevant ..what do you want to change the rules..mabey take guns won’t happen sorry…

      • hes just a lost old man with no life. another coward selling wolf tickets. never mind him. he a troll

    • I could not have said it better myself! We are now looking at an entire generation of stoners unable to function. The space bacteria cannot get here quick enough for me!!

      • Your comments are so ignorant. My uncle and mother have cancer and are “stoners” now because it slows tumor growth. It has saved my mom’s life. Get a life.

  • Mother State is taking her bra off so all the pot growers can suck on her tits for help and guidance. This shows how progressive the liberal establishment in Sacramento has become. Our elected minions of hope and dope are serving us well-HA!!!!!

    • Black Rifles Matter

      You couldn’t have said it any better.

    • You are being “politicaly correct” in the trump era. take off you fascist glasses, and you’ll see a popular agricultural product, with very little demonstrable harm, grown and sold by typical American farmers,( though as a sector of the economy, there are many more small timers making a living.)..And you’ll see government making descisions by committee, fearing a departure from old social constructs, and the legions of parasites, as consultants, lawyers, labs, middlemen, brokers, smugglers, and revolving door political hacks, and entry-level-experts. many individuals, and departments in State Government are sucking the tit of farm producers. Here in humboldt it’s all money out, citizens don’t get much out of the deal. No road work or infrastructure we all use, the only services anybody might get would be a sheriff after two hours, or addiction counseling if you are a loser republican spawned junkie on the streets of Eureka, who never harvested a pound in their life.

  • I know people in Los Angeles who have been buying and selling (and not
    the medical stuff) and they plan to keep on doing it just as they always have.
    They consider all the taxes a rip off
    There have been busts in the area (supposedly a lot that don’t make it into
    the newspapers) usually indoor grows in old warehouses and LA county has
    an excess of empty warehouses all over.
    Some people know I used to live in Humboldt & Trinity and I tell them what I read
    on the blogs and news and they tell me what they know.

    I know what the law says but I also know human nature. People are always going to
    take chances.

  • They seem to all be full, or sold out.

    • So mixed up and ineffective, it's funny

      Yeah typical smart planning. 150 spots. there are probably 4,000 properties with grows in Humboldt, and you have goofballs on the Planning Commission who repeat the unconfirmed, and kinda ridiculous 12,000 grows every chance they get..(counting every hoop house), and I just read “15,000” grows somewhere; doubt it. When you apply for the County permit within a week you are receiving junk mail, and glossy weed growing magazines. Couldn’t the state just mail out the forms and procedures to any address that applied to a County or city?

  • Am I the only one who notices that the Emerald Triangle gets no respect when it comes to these workshops? Trinity County has been completely excluded, and the token one workshop in Mendo & Humboldt is almost insulting. I know that the rest of the state of California is soooooo much more important than us hicks in the hills, yet here is where the quality product comes from.

    • How many people have a permit or have filed for permits in Trinity? The low numbers probably don’t make a trip to Trinity worth it.

      • Without the state or county trying, I guess our lawless wild west reputation lives!

      • No… Trinity is living in the logger/gold mining past and limited permits to 500…. Hopefully they get with the 20th century and eventually into the 21st century : Timber, tourism, and mining aren’t anywhere near as eco-friendly as sustainable agriculture — although I am extremely optimistic on timber prices and land values here. I just don’t think private business should be crowded out by corporate lobbyists (IE permitS) or regulation — isn’t that what conservatism is really about at its core? Well, it’s also what Libertarians and Liberals are all about — freedom! That and not being a slave to corporations or committees in far off places.

        For the county to make political/personal/value judgements about which crops are grown seems to be very unprofessional given that the county is one of, if not the most, impoverished statewide.

        In any event, it’s good to see some progress, but all these Trinity conservatives should side with landowners not nanny-state corrupt politicians.

        Hopefully, the state will leave folks on private land alone now — the salmonoid scammers and prime ag soil nazis be damned. You own the land, you own the water. If that’s not American, I’m from Mars.

    • Umm yeah- There is another BIG conference in SoCal coming up for investors, accountants and professionals in public relations and marketing. Do you really believe there will be anything left here in 10 years?! The bankers and industrialists have landed and Humboldt is unnecessary. That is the stark reality. I’m sorry.

      • The more I learn about what’s happening in OR (which is a few years ahead of us) the more I agree with you. It’s going to be so large scale and commercial in the next few years that it’s going to leave us (and even our big boys) in the dust. In my opinion, all the more reason to ignore the county permits and all its compliance money pits.

  • Bye bye train…Even doing barista work now looks like a better long term investment/risk of time and energy than this hugely flooded/competitive, rabbit hole of documentation, documents, applications, guidelines, rules, fees and what-not other time-sucking soul denying bundles of ridiculousness. Toot!Toot ! It was an amazing ride.

    • Oh, has the the train left the station, it sure has. Not even emerald family fuckers or honeydew farms will survive. All these people up here who think they are big time are just a speck on the industries ass. Massive grows will take over the market. No need for small farms. Maybe some pounds will be sold by the ones that have started their branding and working with distributers, but even those farms are only getting $800 a pound right now. The time has come to figure something else out.

  • Doesn’t matter. Once big tobacco moves in the Central Valley all of you that paid thousands for consulting and permits are doomed. You don’t stand a chance. Take a drive along I-70 in Denver and you’ll know what I mean. Indoor scenes a half mile long on both sides of the interstate. You Humboldt small timers can’t compete with that Leviathan.

  • Nov. 30th, CalCannabis will have the workshop on their website.

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