UPDATE: Traffic Accident Reported Alderpoint Rd; 3 Ambulances Requested

Emergency vehicle. Cop car light bar

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

 At approximately 10:17 PM, a head on traffic accident was reported between a pick up truck and a mini van. The location was 20 minutes south of Bridgeville, around the 37000 block of Alderpoint road. Five patients were reported with three children and 2 adults. CHP log reported both vehicles appear totaled. Three ambulances have been requested. We will update as we hear more.

Update: 11:15 pm scanner chatter states 4 children 2 adult patients; 5 minor and 1 moderate. A male with leg injuries and a female with back injuries is reported. Other injuries are unknown at this time.



  • Dispatch log lists the first report at 10:16 pm. It’s 10:56 pm before the first, first responder (Asst. Fire Chief-Bridgeville) arrives on scene. That’s a long 40 minutes waiting for help to arrive. No blame towards the first responders. Just pointing this out to the all the drivers who cut the corners left of centerline.

  • How is the cellphone coverage out there, (if any) to even get through to 9-1-1? The uplink radio coverage on all the repeaters – CalFire, County Fire Net, as well as Fortuna Ambulance dispatch – are all sucky in much of that area.

    The “at-scene” CALCORD channel doesn’t use repeaters so it’s very short range for use solely between personnel at the incident.

  • Is there an update on the vehicle over the bank 3 miles West of Willow Creek earlier this evening?


    This is ridiculous! I know how remote that road is, it used to be my old stomping ground. BUT with the influx of the derailed pot industry it has turned into a part time metropolis! I don’t understand that there can be so much assistance closer to town but ZERO past mile marker 10.

  • To “FYI:” The 299 crash resulted in one fatality, a female who was located down the embankment after about a 20-minute search, and two injured persons, who were hospitalized. It wasn’t clear, over the radio, which person was driving and which were the passengers. No names released yet, of course.


  • So that’s what the “Bubble Gum Machines” all 3 of them, were for!!! I saw them go by out my window which looks out onto the Highway!!! It’s hard to miss Orange flashing lights as they pass by they didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry though, which led me to believe, wrongly obviously, that it wasn’t very serious!!!

  • This must have happened just south of us. Hope they are all right. You take your life in your hands every time we drive the road. I have had several almost head on wrecks. You must drive so defensively on the corners. Even the pot holes don’t slow them down. I also wonder about the drivers that can’t slow down when they see me and my dog. They just go into the oncoming lane. Thanks to those that do. My hat’s off to you.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be SAFE out there.

  • When you are hours from help, drive carefully.

  • Any more updates?

    • The last update I heard was at 11:43 pm when the Incident Commander reported that “all patients are aboard the ambulances and headed for Redwood Memorial.”

      There hadn’t been any changes reported after the 11:15 “5 minor and 1 moderate” injury count.

  • Honestly I amazed this doesn’t happen every day, people drive like shit, ever time I drive these roads at least half the people are on the wrong side it’s ridiculous.

  • Dreadful and tragic string of events. Despite the political atmosphere against my doing so, I send my thoughts and prayers to all who suffered and who are suffering still.

    • At least yours is sincere, as opposed to Agent Orange, the Orangutan in charge in Washington DC!!!

      • I’m glad you recognized my sincerity. However, I find it distasteful to be assumptive of the hearts of others, including my own heart.

        • You can thank “Agent Orange” for masking that phrase so distasteful!!!!

          • Trump was what people earned who carry on a political agenda by assaulting anyone with a difference. Who bullied and abused. Who ran over anyone in the way. Who confused insult for understanding. Who only tolerated their own opinions and believe it shows how committed they are.

            He was elected because he could and did match sleazy attack for sleazy attack without pulling punches. If people wanted a more civil and thoughtful President, they should have tried being civil and thoughtful themselves and not tolerated the media carrying on so childishly. Sleaze begets sleaze, even if they don’t notice the stink of their own.

            Thoughtful, generous people are sitting ducks for trolls. Even though it is bitter, there is some humor to be found at the idea that the trolls now find it painful to have shot themselves in the foot. Too bad they can’t seem to believe they actually did it themselves and are still looking as hard as they can to blame someone else. But then trolls are not characterized by great intelligence.

  • Bonnie I’m your closest neighbor to the north and the accident was just around the corner from us going North. Happy thanksgiving!

  • Most of you don’t realise that the EMS personal around here get paid minimum wage or just above it. And that vehicle that your waiting for amounts to driving a top heavy rolling oxygen bomb.
    On a side note. Unless you can afford the continuous suspension and front end work on your vehicle your going to need to drive like a drunk with only 1st gear. Dodging and weaving trying to miss the potholes from hell. So next chance you all get, say thank you to the men and women that are risking their lives and the ones volunteering their time to come to the aid of strangers. Just a thought.

  • Anything mateel im boycotting! Broke ass clowns! Get out while you can Garth!

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