Suspect Jumps Off Samoa Bridge After Evading Law Enforcement in Stolen Vehicle

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. – On November [22], 2017, just after midnight, the Arcata Police Department initiated a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. Arcata Police Department requested CHP take over and at 1228 AM Humboldt Area CHP officers took over the pursuit of a stolen Toyota pickup on SR-255 through the community of Manila, CA. The pursuit continued south on New Navy Base Road, where a spike strip was successfully deployed, and then back onto SR-255 toward Eureka, CA. The Toyota pickup voluntarily stopped on a bridge over Humboldt Bay. The driver then exited the vehicle and jumped over the bridge railing into the bay. CHP Officers coordinated search efforts with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department patrol boat, and US Coast Guard rescue boat and helicopter. After several hours the search was called off. The suspect remains unidentified and is still outstanding. USCG estimated the duration of survivability in the waters of Humboldt Bay to be approximately 9 hours. USCG resumed a 90 minute search at 630 AM but did not locate the suspect.

The suspect vehicle in this incident is a white 1991 Toyota pickup which had been reported stolen out of Trinity County. The driver is described as a bald, white male adult, approximately 5’8” tall and 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing dark colored clothing.

Anyone having information regarding the driver is encouraged to contact the Humboldt Area CHP office at 707-822-5981.



  • What would have happened if the spike strip had
    been unsuccessfully deployed?

  • “On November 21, 2017, just after midnight” isn’t that Wednesday morning? The tide was flowing in at that time…

  • I am lucky that this went the other direction than i was driving. As I was just heading home at this time. I did hear alot of sirens right as I was leaving arcata (right by the apd station) via 101.

  • Tweakers have antifreeze in their veins don’t you know

  • I hope the scumbag got eaten by sharks

  • tired of all this

    Not exactly a “suspect” vehicle. A stolen & now recovered…albeit with destroyed tires….vehicle. Hopefully not wrecked vehicle.
    Why is the vehicle “suspected”, and of what?

  • Heck we are still waiting on who got busted this last summer it wasn’t very many that’s for sure ,and the Mexicans are still flooding tweek reaka with meth ,and heroin come on chief mills go Buford pusser on this shit .please . That is why people jump off bridges . That being said kym will be waiting a long time for any kind of explanation why from police.

  • At least the authority’s got to play with all of their toys.
    Spike strips, boats, helicopter.
    Jeez. You’d think he robbed a bank or something!
    Back to the luxurious police lounge boys.

  • Remember when the woman jumped off the Samoa bridge? She didn’t survive.
    Too bad if he did not either.
    There is way too much crack meth in this county, pot was never as crazy.

  • Jumping off the bridge from that height he is probably 6 feet under in the mud. Too bad he’s only 5’8” tall. 😂


  • Maybe they should call in a Canadian to find him

  • Why doesn’t the comments be more sensitive? ? Jesus H &&&&&&!! Police chasing a stolen car. That person (may have had mental turmoil) and all of these comments are DRUG RELATED!! You guys have no clue as to this terrible ending. My thoughts are with this man’s family.

  • Honestly ask yourself what are the chances this man was having “mental turmoil” and not alcohol, drug induced turmoil? My guess is little to zero.

    • Yep who knows? ?? Just trying to avoid confrontation I guess. I lived in Myers Flat for years. My 3 boys (now MEN) grew up on the Eel river. They are back woods kids. This has no bearing knowledge on the FACTS (as we comment) what really happened.
      KEEP ON KEEP ON THIS HAS TO DO WITH DRUGS. . HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO ALL. Just so you know. .my friend’s better half jump off that same bridge . It’s what I expected. ….mental health services are few and far between in Humbolt & others ..& my friends better half WAS NOT DRUG RELATED.

      • Well, jumping off a bridge as an act of suicide or attention is a little different than stealing a car out of Trinity county, coming to Humboldt and being involved in a dangerous high speed car chase with the police involved and then jumping off the bridge to escape capture.

        Curious, what do your 3 sons have anything to do with this story?

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