A Time For Reflection

Photographer Laurie Jensen snapped this photo of a bird reflecting off the surface of the water the other day. Have you taken a photo of any of our local birds recently? Upload it into the comment section to share with us please and, if you have another minute, tell us roughly where you saw it and when.



  • Thank you, both photographer and Kym, for posting something to remind that beauty is still to be had around here.

  • Amazing photo!Thanks for that moment! Please drive safely

  • Excellent photography indeed, it’s beautiful!!!

  • Wow what a photo!!! Thank you for sharing, thats one of the best ive seen.

  • beautiful…but “reflecting off the water?” How does that work? One swan’s wings are up and the other’s is down. I’m just sayin….Looks like two swans to me. Still, it’s a great shot.

    • Yes, put one of your hands into the shape of that bird above a mirror, cupped with the fingers (wingtips) pointing downward so that it’s basically shaped as the bird is. You’ll observe that the fingers in the mirror image curve upward to meet your downward-curving fingers. The finger tips will be closest to each other, just as the wingtips are closest to each other in the image of the bird reflecting off the water.

      There’s always time for reflection.
      But not always is it the present.

    • Sorry but that is an egret.

  • Extraordinary image(s), Laurie.
    Thanks for sharing the natural beauty around us, Kym.

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