Grandfather Headed From Arizona to Washington State Disappears; Bullet Riddled Car Found in Zenia Area

Keith OlsenOn Saturday, November 18,  Keith Olsen was supposed to be at his granddaughter’s wedding in Washington. He never made it.

His worried family explained, “He was expected to arrive in the Seattle area no later than early evening of Wednesday, Nov. 15 to stay with his daughter on Vashon Island, WA before the wedding.” His family spoke to him on Monday, November 13 about 6 a.m. in the Sacramento area. He spoke to his daughter about 4 p.m. and said he was “on the 101.”

A rancher later said he saw Olsen’s red Camry on Zenia Lake Mt. Road on Monday, the 13th.

On Wednesday, his family reported him missing.

Olsen’s bullet riddled red 2011 Toyota Camry was located by law enforcement Saturday in the Zenia area of Trinity County at mile marker 18.5 on Zenia Lake Mountain Road. According to his family, “All of his belongings including his wallet, cell phone, cell phone charger, car keys and bags were found inside the vehicle.”

The family states, “The car battery was dead. The car was full of bullet holes but no blood or other signs of foul play – more as if someone had been using it for target practice.” Shooting abandoned vehicles is a common practice in the hills of western Trinity and eastern Humboldt.

The family are very worried and have arrived in Humboldt County to look for him and put up flyers. They report, “On Monday, Nov. 20, a search team for the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department searched the area [where the car was located] from dawn to dusk but didn’t find any sign of him…He is unsteady on his feet, and has several other medical issues, and couldn’t have walked very far from his car.”

Keith olsen 2

According to a flyer they provided from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office,

Mr. Olsen is described as white male, 5’11” tall, approximately 218 pounds, with grey hair and blue eyes. Mr. Olsen was driving a red 2011 Toyota Camry with an Arizona license plate number WCKCZ16 .

The family said, “We didn’t want him to drive but he is stubborn. The sheriffs department is attempting to get a search warrant for his phone in hopes of tracing its location over the past few days.”

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Olsen please contact either the Yuma County Sheriff’s office at 926-783-4427 or the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 623-2611. 

Below is a Timeline of Events provided by the family:



  • Sunday, Nov. 12 or Monday, Nov. 13: He left his home in Yuma, AZ very early to drive to the Seattle area
  • Monday, Nov. 13: He spoke to his daughter, Kim, twice. At 6:30 a.m. he said he was near Sacramento at approximately 4:30 p.m. he said he was “on the 101” but no precise location provided. *
  • Monday, Nov. 13: His car was spotted parked on Zenia Lake Mountain Road but not reported.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15: His family reported him missing after he failed to arrive and we had been unable to reach him since Monday afternoon. His cell phone had been going straight to voicemail the evening of Nov. 15, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department put out a “Missing Person Bulletin” to all law enforcement agencies.
  • Thursday, Nov. 16: The Yuma County Sheriff’s Department issued a news release and posted it on its Facebook page.
  • Saturday, Nov. 18: His vehicle was towed from its location on Zenia Mountain Lake Road, which resulted in a match with the Missing Person Bulletin. This is the same day [as] the wedding of his granddaughter.
  • Sunday, Nov. 19 – His family learn to the location of his car and efforts began to mount a search team.
  • Monday, Nov. 20 – Trinity County sheriffs searchers scoured the area where are his car was found but no sign of him. Please help us get the word out. Contacts: Lieut. Chris Compton, Trinity County sheriffs department, 530-623-2611 Deputy Duarte, Yuma County Sheriff’s department, 928-783-4427 Thank you, Kris Olsen Daughter Seattle, WA

UPDATE: Missing Grandfather from Arizona Found Dead



  • That’s horrible, hope it ends well!

  • Sacramento to Seattle via the 101 is an odd route to take. Anyone know why he was on the 101? A scenic detour?

    • Why was he way out on zenia lake mountain road? Totally out of the way even travelling the 101.

    • I am his daughter, Kris. Dad often preferred taking highways with somewhat lighter traffic to avoid the heavier I-5 traffic. Traffic jams make him absolutely crazy.

      • Ok, thanks. Zenia and Kettenpom are far removed from 101 or 5. If he did drive out there he was lost. I’m sure you’ve looked at this already but here are 2 routes from Sacramento. Good luck to you.

        Shared route
        From Sacramento, CA to Kettenpom via US-101 N.

        5 hr 16 min (278 mi)
        5 hr 21 min in current traffic

        1. Head south on 9th St toward J St
        2. Turn left onto J St
        3. Turn left onto 10th St
        4. Turn left onto I St
        5. Use the middle lane to follow signs for CA-99 S/I-80 BUS S/I-5 S
        6. Use the left lane to take the CA-99 S/I-5 S ramp to I-80 BUS S
        7. Merge onto CA-99 S/I-5 S
        8. Use the right lane to take exit 518 for US-50/I-80 BUS/CA-99 S toward San Francisco/Fresno/South Lake Tahoe
        9. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-80 W/San Francisco
        10. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 33B for CA-37 toward Novato/San Rafael
        11. Turn right onto Lakeville Hwy
        12. Turn right onto the U.S. 101 ramp
        13. Keep left to stay on US-101 N
        14. Take exit 639B toward Redway
        15. Turn left onto Redwood Dr
        16. Turn right onto Alderpoint Rd
        17. Turn left to stay on Alderpoint Rd
        18. Slight right
        19. Turn right onto Hoaglin Rd
        20. Turn right onto Haman Ridge Rd/Zenia Lake Mountain Rd
        21. Arrive at location: Kettenpom

        For the best route in current traffic visit

        Shared route
        From Sacramento, CA to Kettenpom via I-5 N and CA-36 W.

        4 hr 49 min (251 mi)
        4 hr 50 min in current traffic

        1. Head south on 9th St toward J St
        2. Turn left onto J St
        3. Turn left onto 10th St
        4. Turn left onto I St
        5. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto the I-5 N/State Hwy 99 ramp to Redding/Yuba City
        6. Merge onto I-5 N/State Hwy 99 N
        7. Keep left to continue on I-5 N, follow signs for Interstate 5/Woodland/Redding
        8. Take exit 650 for Adobe Rd
        9. Turn left onto Adobe Rd
        10. Turn right onto Main St
        11. Turn left onto CA-36 W/Beegum Rd
        12. Turn left onto Van Duzen Rd
        13. Turn left onto Zenia Lake Mountain Rd
        14. Slight left onto Haman Ridge Rd/Zenia Lake Mountain Rd
        15. Arrive at location: Kettenpom

        For the best route in current traffic visit

        • You missed at least 4 other EASY ways[A couple from Sacto and a few from 101]that he could have wound up where he was/ his car was.

          • I’m sure I did. I wasn’t trying to cover all the options, just the Google options…. so, the most likely if he was driving.

      • Omg kris you may not remember me but I was Majken’s best friend in school. I am just so sick about this news. I am praying that by some miracle you find him safe. As I told Majken if there is any way I can help your family please don’t hesitate to ask. I loved your dad!!!

      • What is his age? I may have seen him in rays in garberville ca.

    • He is from Arizona. If I lived in Arizona I think I would want to see the redwoods and the pacific. This would be a his chance to visit both on his way to Washington.

  • How old is this man?

  • Sounds like a straight up carjacking to me… and whoever did it probably is somewhere in the area where the car was found.

    • Usually in a carjacking, the car isnt found and if it is it rarely has the wallet and stuff left behind.
      Sounds like he may have gotten out of the car and fallen somewhere, and his car was used as target practice.

      I hope he is found safe and sound! Does he know someone in that area?

      • I’m his daughter. No, he doesn’t. A search and rescue team did a very large search of the area where his car was found and there was no sign of him. We don’t know if that means he managed to walk somewhere and somehow walked further than the search area (seems unlikely as he wasn’t steady on his feet) or if his car was dumped there.

    • I am so so sorry I’m not going to quit praying for him until he’s found I wish you lots of luck

    • exactly my thoughts

  • States with no CCW permits have little to no car jackings. Yet here your a felon to do so…..

  • Zenias hillbillies . Can’t be good .

  • Praying for the best.🙏

    • If this was your family

      Praying for the best but what if he were carjacked. Nobody knows at what point that happened, or did he pick up a hitchhiker? Was he loyal to a fuel station or a big box or grocery store that he preferred to buy his fuel from. What about bank cards are they being used and where were they used last. Try to get any surveillance camera videos available. Is there a strange person consistantly in them. I know the family is worried, but we get alot of transients from Sacramento, highway 20 and up the coast all i’m saying is don’t limit your search to Humboldt and the Zennia area.

      May the Lord have his hand in this and reunite this family soon. May they all enjoy Thanksgiving together.

      Think back to your travels on Monday, if you seen this Red Camry was the driver alone if not can you DESCRIBE WHO WAS WITH HIM? CALL IT IN

      • I’m his daughter, Kris. Yes, investigators have checked and continue to recheck all of the angles that you suggested, although they’re still working on any surveillance videos from highways, gas stations, etc. Thank you for also thinking of them and sharing your ideas.


          Kris, I pray for your Dad and your family often, that this nightmare would have a end with him back home with his family.

          Stay strong and take care of yourself. May the Lord Bless and keep your family safe.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    How awful and scary. I hope he is found

  • Lotta holes in this story.

    • I’m his daughter. This was a summary of events I wrote quickly this morning but didn’t have time to put in every detail. Did you have a particular question?

  • So how was the wedding? Hope it went well.

  • Hmm Mongol country

  • I would start looking for him in the Garberville area. The road going east from the goes to Alder Point and Zenia.

  • Nines,
    That was my first thought.
    Sad. I hope he is found safe.

  • I’m his daughter, Kris. Heavy traffic drives Dad nuts. He would often take a more roundabout way to reach his destination in order to avoid traffic jams like you might find on I-5, so the fact that he was on 101 isn’t out of character for him.

    • Proud Deplorable Grandma

      I’m so sorry this is happening. Prayers for your family.

    • There is more traffic on 101 than on I-5, especially around the Santa Rosa Area. I could see taking a more scenic route and avoiding lots of trucks, by going 101. But not less traffic. I wish you luck finding your family member. This must be rough.

      • So hoping hes found ok

        Have you driven the 5 lately? The traffic is horrible and even when moving is scary&dangerous.
        The traffic in the bay is really bad but there are breaks in the gridlock during the day and overnite.

        I take the 16 from the 5 to the 20 to the 101. Beautiful drive thats slower but way worth it.
        Perhaps sending a flier/electronic note to gas stations&hospitals&police along the routes could help? At least to redway, garberville, laytonville, ukiah?

        Im sure you have already, id call every hospital along all potential routes and see if any amnesia patients have been admitted. It happens!!!
        Its challenging to think clearly in times of stress, i hope someone makes you a cuppa tea!!

        Definitely hire a PI, i think theres a local guy whom families have been using here in humboldt. Anyone know name?

      • Hope he's found soon!

        Have you driven the 5 lately? The traffic is horrible and even when moving is scary&dangerous.
        The traffic in the bay is really bad but there are breaks in the gridlock during the day and overnite.

        I take the 16 from the 5 to the 20 to the 101. Beautiful drive thats slower but way worth it.
        Perhaps sending a flier/electronic note to gas stations&hospitals&police along the routes could help? At least to redway, garberville, laytonville, ukiah?

        Im sure you have already, id call every hospital along all potential routes and see if any amnesia patients have been admitted. It happens!!!
        Its challenging to think clearly in times of stress, i hope someone makes you a cuppa tea!!

        Definitely hire a PI, i think theres a local guy whom families have been using here in humboldt. Anyone know name?

      • I’m his daughter Kris. Appreciate the information. I think, in his mind, 101 experiences less traffic (even if it really doesn’t… I’m not local so I don’t know the traffic volumes down there. 101 would make perfect sense to him because it’s still lighter traffic in his mind.

    • I would not hesitate to hire a private investigator.

      Unfortunately the TCSO has very, very, very little resources.

    • From Sacramento I would go a little north to Williams and take Hwy 20 west. I hope you find out where on 101 he was when spoken to. The ten hour time between phone calls would take him into Oregon. I truly hope he is found safe.

      • I’m his daughter Kris. We’re finally getting some of his cell phone records, so that might help us pinpoint his locations. Or at least the different locations of his phone. At some point, he was still with his phone until he wasn’t.

    • Kris,I’m so sorry. I’m praying he’s found soon. God bless you and your family

    • You should hire a p.i. so many people missing and never found in this area..I have lived in this area for 36 yrs, most are never found. So sorry, wishing your family lots of luck…

  • I wish people would remember when posting comments that the family that is hurting, praying and missing him can see them. Some sound so cold and heartless.

    • Thank you Connie , you said just what I was thinking.

      • Connie and Mindi… I’m his daughter, Kris. Thanks for your comments… Fortunately, due to my job, I’m pretty good at ignoring that kind of stuff and not letting it get to me. I can’t speak for other family members, though. We all need to be kinder to one another… in person and online. Thank you again.

  • law enforcement need to rattle the zena tweeters

  • i hope he is found safe. Let us all give a moment of prayer.

  • talk to Chad He’s usually involved in the bullshit in the Zenia enforcment is well aware of him and his cronies.

  • The car was actually found out hamemin ridge closer to Ketimpom than Zenia

    • Thats “”HAMAN””Ridge ”And KETTENPOM”…… You got Xenia write tho, ooops, soarry thats in Ohigho.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Hard not to think this is bad, Bullet holes leads down a bad road. Hope all works out well?

  • >”Sounds like a straight up carjacking to me…”

    Unless they are stripping or selling the car, most of the stolen cars end up burned in this area.
    Burned car – no fingerprints, and likely no other evidence.
    Shot up car = red flag for law enforcement.

    • Shot up “Abandoned” car = SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) at least around my part of Bridgeville!!! 10 times out of 9 if it sits there for more than a couple of days it’s shot up or torched or both!!! Hope this gentleman is found soon safe & sound!!!

  • I’m sorry. From Sacramento he most likely took Highway 20 across Lake County to Highway 101 just north of Ukiah. It’s a beautiful drive. Driving north from Ukiah there isn’t much traffic and so the diversion towards Covelo via Rt. 162 does not make sense. It’s paved but a small road and the idea of driving through Covelo up through Zenia to Rt. 36 is not logical at all. 101 north from Ukiah is a beautiful drive , an open road and not much traffic. Hopefully he abandoned his car along 101, is somewhere safe recovering and his car was stolen and taken up there. There is a rest area right near the intersection of 101 and 162 that is …well, it’s a weird spot. I can easily see a car theft happening there- especially if the keys are inside. Best of luck!

    • You must mean the rest area on the east side of Hwy 101 just north of Hwy 162. Its back down that drive and secluded in the trees, invisible from 101.

  • If he stopped at one of the rest areas, or a pullout somewhere to have a pee, someone could easily have hopped in his car and driven it up there. He could be in a hospital with no ID or sitting or lying somewhere along the highway. Unsteady on his feet, he probably could do little to prevent someone driving off with his car.

    And we don’t even know for sure what highway he took to 101 to narrow it down where he might be. I mean, there are a number of roads that would have promised him Hwy 101 when he was sick of the Road Warrior action on I-5. I’m just pretty sure that unless he was taking a detour to get himself a stash of dope — which could be, with his poor health and the medicinal properties and all — he wouldn’t have been the one to drive his car up there.

    He’d’ve been left somewhere along 101, in whatever state.

    I’m pretty sure the family would have called all the law enforcement agencies between Sacramento and at least Brookings, and all of them would know if there were an old guy without ID in a local hospital, no? If there were any suspicion of cop-involvement, their stations would know who was approximately where and when, no?

    • I’m his daughter Kris. Yes, we’ve contacted law enforcement agencies between Seattle and Sacramento, checked jails, hospitals, etc. He wasn’t going through the area to get any drugs, medicinal or otherwise. In his mind, he was avoiding I-5, which he hates driving.

      • Cannot be blamed for that! I’d concentrate efforts to find him near where rest stops or motels can be found where Highway 20 and Highway 36 or even Highway 299 hit 101… but probably he lost patience before 299.

        I’m assuming he had some familiarity with California and wouldn’t have taken 80 west to get on, say 37 to 116 for 101. So we’re talking focusing on Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Norte counties pullouts and rest stops and food/gas/motels stops. If all his stuff was in the car except him, it would almost certainly be some psychopath/vagrant snatching his keys from him at a rest stop or pullout and driving up to where the car was found.

        Looking to see any stolen cars abandoned along the highway or at a rest stop could also help find him. Anyway, asking the California Highway Patrol to check around rest stops and turnouts could be the best bet.

        Also, getting the truckers who regularly drive 101 through those counties who may remember seeing something odd could be helpful, or asking them to check around the pullouts and rest stops they regularly use.

        Plus, triple check the hospitals. Even the bad guy might’ve dropped him in one of their parking lots and driven off. I’m so sorry for your plight. There’s only one other scenario I can think up, but I think the thorough search where the car was found probably would have turned up evidence of that, so try not to lose heart, and, truly, if this is too hard, too emotional, getting a PI on this, for at least some phone work, could make all the difference.

        • Thank you for all your suggestions. Truly appreciated. In addition to law enforcement, we’ve had the good fortune to hook up with several people and groups that look for missing people in the area. We understand that not everyone in the area will talk to detectives but may be more willing to talk to others. Dad has a mind of his own.. so what makes sense to us for a travel route (even an alternate one).. he’d manage to find a different way. Plus, he’s become more easily confused these days.

          • Thoughts and prayers for your Dad and your family as you go through this. The weather has been unusually warm, so that is in his favor. Praying he is found soon.

  • ( Just a chance) Has anybody checked the three rest areas around the covelo turn off that would be a spot to get car jacked.

    • With the 10 hr time between phone calls I would be looking at Oregon rest stops too.

      If the vehicle was stolen while he stepped out I think there would be a police report.

      • Thanks Liz, this is is daughter Kris. We’re fairly certain now that he left Yuma on Sunday, probably stayed overnight somewhere east of Sacramento and then started again on Monday morning. There was some confusion about whether he said in his 6:30 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. call to my sister that he was near Sacramento. Eventually, we determined that he stated that in his 6:30 a.m. call. So, he pretty much had to leave Yuma on Sunday. We don’t know how far north he’d gotten by 4:30 p.m. on Monday except he said he was “on the 101.” However, early on we did contact Oregon State Police. And at a rest area, there would be enough people stopping that if his car had been stolen, he would’ve been able to report it. I appreciate your thoughts.

        • Is he a nature guy, would he have stopped for sightseeing?

          What is bugging me is this: we have had high-risk high-reward robberies locally. (The vest-wearing DEA impersonating folks who took truck and trailer, robbed 30 workers, etc…)

          In northern California, in November, with some Arizona plates. Some thugs may have thought your dad had lots of money or pot in his car.

          Best of luck. I hope you have nor waited on a P I. I have experience with TCSO. My 2 cents, they’ll get you nowhere. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this.

          • Usually people who invest that much time and energy in a crime have a target in mind thats gonna pay off.

            I really wish the cops would say whether thieves have any relation to their victims, instead of leaving it open for folks to assume most crimes are random when theyre really not.
            Its often one person removed, if not personal.

          • Dad is most definitely not a nature guy. He’s going to get from Point A to Point B, only stopping for food, rest and bathroom breaks… which he’d most likely do on the side of the road. But, often tried to stay off major freeways when he could.

    • The rest area west of the 101/162 junction is wide open to passing viewers. Its companion east of the 101 is north of there, and is hidden back in a grove of trees.

      So where is the third rest stop you have in mind?

  • Do you know if he used gps or other electronic driving directions?
    Unfortunately the navigation advice for our areas leads people to old roads, some of which are out of commission and out of cel range.

    Did the cops do any fingerprinting to see if the car was stolen? I know locals will laugh at that,but you never know.
    Theres that new dna testing lab at hsu that was just reported on, kym do you know if theyll run samples for the public?

    Id def check the rest areas, that one off of 101 to covelo is pretty hidden. Are there private companies that you can hire who have dogs for searches? I doubt trinity can afford one, can neighboring county’s sheriffs bring one? In humboldt id call kenny swithenbank to ask, he’s the only helpful sheriff ive come across.
    Id also contact diana totten with southern humboldt technical rescue, she may know who in trinity could help.
    I would also recommend coming here, i know thats a pain,but that seems to be how things get done.

    Hoping for the best!!!!

    • I’m his daughter. My sister and her husband drove down to the area immediately after the discovery of his car and have been meeting with investigators and missing person volunteers. Also, he didn’t use GPS devices, etc or credit cards. Not much of an electronic fingerprint for him. Yes, they’re running tests on fingerprints. We’ve spoken to Humboldt Co. Sheriff and we’re hooked up with Diana Totten as well. Thanks for your suggestions.

      • Very glad to hear it, your dad sounds like he’d fit in well here, lotsa low tech folks here too!

        We’re hoping for the best and please let the community know if we can help ♡

      • Thank you Kris for keeping us readers updated. All of us wish for the best outcome.

  • Check with Mendocino sheriff in Covelo his car was only about 25 miles out of Covelo from what it sounds it’s possible he broke down and somebody gave him a ride into Covelo

    • I’m his daughter Kris and yes… those areas have been checked. We have great support from law enforcement and other non-law enforcement groups and volunteers who are running down leads, ideas, and possible locations. Appreciate your thoughts.

  • It’s so puzzling that his wallet and other miscellaneous property was still in the car. It didn’t say so but if his money was still in the wallet, then how likely is it that someone took his car and left him behind somewhere else? He must be in the area.

    I wonder if search dogs have it checked out?

    • I know when i pull off to pee at turnouts i usually leave my stuff in the car.
      Seems like thieves would take a cel and wallet, was there money/c cards in wallet?

      You’d hope these are the questions the cops are addressing!

      Hoping for the best outcome!!!

      • I’m his daughter Kris. Yes, we know the answer to the question about money/credit cards. I’ve purposely chosen not to share that information at this time.

  • “Sunday, Nov. 12 or Monday, Nov. 13: He left his home in Yuma, AZ very early to drive to the Seattle area
    Monday, Nov. 13: He spoke to his daughter, Kim, twice. At 6:30 a.m. he said he was near Sacramento at approximately 4:30 p.m. he said he was “on the 101” “
    Why is there a question about the day he left?
    He obviously cld not have left Yuma on Nov 13 if he talked to his daughter @ 0630 near Sac.
    Did anyone else notice that? Also, what is his age? I wld think that wld be pertinent for the public to be able to report any sightings.
    Hope he is found safe.

    • This is his daughter Kris.. the discrepancy about the date he left had a lot to do with some early confusion about what he said to her when. She was pretty distraught as she tried to remember everything so a few things got mixed up through a simple, honest mistake. We agree, however, that he left Yuma on Sunday, Nov. 12 because he simply couldn’t have reached Sacramento on Monday if he also left on Monday morning. He is 74. I believe that’s included in the story above.

    • The black and white picture of him sitting on a sofa was taken this past summer. It’s not a great picture, I grant you. The picture in the Times-Standard article is 2 years old, but he still looks much the same (maybe a few more age lines). He could have a beard, but it’s all silver now instead of the black and silver in the color photo at the top of this article.

  • Also, people should be taking into account that he’s no spring chicken and it’s ten hours from Yuma to Zaprimento. So he would’ve stopped at a motel for some sleep, or at least a rest stop to doze. If he had been driving up I-5, he probably would not have hooked a left on 80 to get to 101… being traffic-averse and presumably not an idiot.

    So he would have either taken 20 west to 101 or 36 west. I’m thinking 36 west might be the most likely, because that’s where the traffic on 5 gets awful again after you’ve gotten out of Sacramento. And he probably made those calls when he was at his motels or rest stops.

    Being old, it is hard for me to believe he was driving ten hours straight, or even just stopping for food and gas and rest stops. That is very rough on the old bones. So he was probably south of Sacramento at the morning call, and just reached 101 for the afternoon/evening call. Depending on his level of stubbornness, I guess, that’s still too long driving, especially difficult roads, for an old guy.

    Maybe motel chains should be contacted or his credit card companies… to at least get a better idea of the route….

    • Nine, thanks again for your comments. For this particular trip, he swore he was going to take his time and do shorter driving stints because it was as you said “very rough on the old bones.” He said that too. Of course, he’s said that the last four or five times he’s made the drive and then he did the exact opposite. It was not uncommon for him to leave at 4 or 5 a.m. on a Monday and then call on Tuesday evening and say he was home in Yuma. So, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was driving for 10 hours straight after saying he wasn’t going to do it. (Did I mention he was stubborn?). Unfortunately, he didn’t have a major credit card. We’re still getting information about his grocery/big chain card that he often used to purchase gas. Your thoughts and ideas are truly appreciated.

  • Hire a private investigator! Mendocino sheriff’s department is okay. Humboldt and Trinity counties’ are terrible.

    • Youre so right jack! Definitely a big draw to live in mendo, the difference is like night and day! Mendo sheriffs actually respond to home break ins, the HCSO ought to take some lessons, esp since we’re paying serious taxes to them!!!

  • I can’t even imagine the amount of stress and worry, if this was my dad. The “not knowing” is harrowing. I pray he is found soon!

  • I am so very sorry for you, all your family. Worst nightmare. So sorry.

  • I do not live in your neck of the woods. I’m in the outskirts of the Sf Bay Area. Most freeways post Sacramento if it’s a feeder like hwys 680-780-880 etc hrs away from the actual city. So If he was tired he could have assumed he wasn’t far but it could have been hrs away. Just saying. Like Benicia bridge ,& Carquinez ok it’s like this ,all roads lead to Rome. I hope there is some resolution for you real soon.

  • 90 % chance hes not far from the car… got out of the car,Looked at the view,? taking a pee?/ fell off cliff? Look ”UP” hill where nearest scenic view ? telephone booth? is? heart attack? Mt. lions in area. That other fellow vanished in this same area a couple of years ago.[Sorry, i forgot his name] .or… maybe…. we have a killer on the road.Have they ever found Burl Duncan? Or who sniped Jim Carpenter ?Richard W. and Pops are gone…. cant blame them.

    • Dad not being far from where his car was found was our first thought too… that he’d stopped for a bathroom break, stumbled and possibly fell. However, the area where his car was found and a pretty large area around it was thoroughly searched with no sign of him. Appreciate your thoughts, though.

      • Kim, sorry for your loss. Seems you all did all you could. D.T./crew is very diligent and thorough.If TCSD does anything very thorough we are not aware of it.. My point in case.All is it took was to expand the””Pretty large area””and be more ”Thorough”.We will think some good thoughts for your father when i pass along the road… We love that ole lonely road, Drivin it a 1000 times. PEACE

  • I am so sorry about your dad, Kris! I want to “share” the heck out of this. The power of social media might be an excellent tool. Is there a “Missing” poster, or website that has all of the information in one place that can be shared? Since I want to start now, I am going to share this article with some cut & paste info from this thread. Praying he is found safe and sound soon!

  • Let’s all use the law of attraction to help reunite this sweet papa with his family! We need to think positive thoughts of him being home and surrounded by his loving family! God bless you Kris and your family! Miracles happen everyday!!

  • Laytonville is south of Garberville and has only one gas station. You may ask law enforcement to look at their camera footage. If he did stop for gas, it could narrow a timeline a bit. Hoping you have him back soon.

  • Oh, man, Kris, my heart leapt when I saw a new comment on this thread just now, and was hoping to heck it was because your father had been found. I’m trying to keep optimistic, but I know how hard it is to get almost anyone in any public or business capacity to respond to the gravity of a situation these days. It’s a crapshoot to get the one in the office with the wits and the heart all in one to do their best by you. I know your odds are better when you’ve got a missing loved one, but I don’t know by how much.

    I just think that if he were familiar with California at all, or with driving to the Seattle area from his house, he would have opted for taking one of the highways off 5 over to the coast, to “the 101”, and it would have been getting dark by the time he got very far up it… and he was probably also more tired and sore than he thought he’d be by then, too… or as shocked as I am by how few people dim their high beams in front of you or behind you nowadays. That gets outright painful on old eyes really fast.

    Stubborn men aren’t usually also dimwitted. They tend to get that stubborn because they have been smart all their lives and know they can take care of themselves — or always DID know that, but might be running on wishful thinking by the time they are 74 — and he found himself needing a nap at a rest stop or pullout, or to grope around in his glove box for his sunglasses against the high beam pain, or needing to stop to read a map, or have a pee, or make that call, and, bam….

    That just keeps seeming the most plausible scenario to me. :o[

  • Fingerprints on car?
    Has State analyzed shell casings?
    Video from area gas stations/markets?
    GoFundMe or or other cash raising sites to get together a reward?
    Any neighbors near car who may have heard or seen anything?
    Battery was dead in car with everything intact, money in wallet?
    Cell phone records? Cell tower hits?
    Way too many questions.

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