CHP Begins Maximum Enforcement Period for Thanksgiving Weekend Tomorrow Evening

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol:

By US Air Force from USA – Traffic control, Public Domain, Link

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Thanksgiving weekend, traditionally one of the busiest travel times in America, can also be one of the deadliest on the roadways. To help motorists avoid tragedies, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will have all available officers on patrol during a Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP).

The MEP begins at 6:01 p.m. on Wednesday, November 22, and continues through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 26. During the MEP, CHP officers will educate motorists and enforce traffic safety laws throughout the state to ensure everyone has a safe holiday.

Not wearing a seat belt can be a fatal decision in a collision. According to the CHP’s 2016 Thanksgiving MEP data, among the 27 people killed in collisions within CHP jurisdiction, 14 were not wearing a seat belt. Research shows that wearing a seat belt is one of the simplest things people can do to stay safe when traveling in a vehicle.

“Whether you are driving across the street or across the country for your Thanksgiving gathering, it is imperative to wear your seat belt,” CHP Acting Commissioner Warren Stanley said. “Wearing a seat belt is essential every day of the year, but we do not want to have festivities ruined as a result of people not buckling up for their trip.”

The CHP is also partnering with seven other state law enforcement agencies across the nation for the Thanksgiving weekend for the “Interstate 40 Challenge.” The annual campaign focuses on the 2,500-mile stretch of interstate that runs from North Carolina through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, ending in Barstow, Calif. The CHP will be educating and enforcing traffic safety laws during this challenge. During past challenges, California has not seen a single fatality on I-40

The mission of the California Highway Patrol is to provide the highest levels of Safety, Service, and Security.



  • unbridled phillistine

    Sounds like a good time to stay home, Off the roads. Good luck to all!

  • Funny thing about seatbelts is that they can also kill you. Yet only 14 traffic deaths where seat belts werent worn in one of the largest most populated states sure seems like it requires all this over time and enforcement. As adults we should be allowed to decide what risks we are willing to take. Seatbelt laws force us to accept one risk for releiving another. I can understand minor childern veing required to wear them as they are minors and some parnets do not have their childrens safety in mind. But for the goverment to treat us as children and enforceing their rules with armed men on patrol seems a bit excessive for a seatbelt or much of anything they were talking about in this press release.

    • How can a seat belt kill you?
      Hold you in the seat while the car is under water, or if the car is on fire?

      • They can do and have caused massive internal injury that results in death, also certain impacts result in drive train compponets being forced into driver area where if unrestrained the driver would be forced out of the way instead of earing hot engine. Also steering components have been driven through drivers impaling them and causing deaths.

        • Am guessing that statistically, accidents with belts worn save MANY more lives and prevent MANY more injuries than those caused by being restrained.

          • Again though as adults we should be able to make those choises for ourselves without goverments forcing to accept one risk for another and doing so with force. That is my point .

            • Only if you, as an adult, also take full responsibility for the consequences, including not accepting any government assistance with your healthcare, disability payments, etc. If you are assisted by my tax dollars, then you have an obligation to keep your assistance needs to a minimum. That means conforming to the statistical “best bet.”

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            • Well. Setting aside the aspect that accidents involving major injuries end of costing tax payers, I am curious about your position, should you be driving with children. Would you chose to have them belted up? Allow them to make their own decisions? Or tell them not to use their belts?

              • If you read my posts and comments i stated that i can agree with requiring minors be belted as they are not responsible for their actions. However as adults we are and we should be allowed to decide which risks we are willing to take. As for you comment about accidents costing tax payers, i ask this, if actions and costs are the factor why is it that sugars carbs fast and fatty foods are not equally enforced ? I would challenge that over weight unhealthly people cost tax payers far more yet there are no laws enforced by armed units enforcing healthly lifestyles.

        • Which is why school buses and most city buses don’t have seatbelts to this day…

    • Hey, Antichrist
      Go back to basic typing and spelling.
      Your reasoning is pretty sketchy too.

      • Thanks for your advice, about the way i should think, maybe you should pass a law so that anyone who thinks differantly than you can be harassed and fined at gun point as well.

    • Then don’t ask medi cal, or other insurance to pay any of your bills when you get injured. Like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Or walking barefoot in the snow.

      • Well then dont ask the same people if you lead anything but a completely life style, eat only healthy food no suger no salt etc. No drinking think before you judge.

    • i was driving down the freeway in 2005 at 4:30 am in the dark and a dairy left a gate open lettting 30 dairy cows out in the freeway blocking it off completely.i plowed into them at 70 miles per hour and received nary a scratch because i was wearing a seat belt as i came to a sudden stop totaling my full sized truck plowing into a 1500 lb belts are ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS

      • See i was in wreck and the engine ended up in the drivers seat, luckly for me i was not wearing a seat belt , ejected at over 200 kph and only had a small amount of road rash and a torn shirt, so . Yet the responders told me i was lucky as that engine would have at least left me in a chair for the rest of my life if not dead. So again i ask what right does the goverment have to force us to replace one risk with another ? As grown adults we should have the right to decide which risks we are willing to accept and which ones we arent . There is not a case for someone to argue that the lack of wearing a seatbelt places others in any greater risk. So as a adult your call as to wearing a seat belt or not has zero effect on othets as to risk. It is simply a tool to subvent our rights , just one more reason to stop amd question. Love living in such a free country

    • You sir are have a similar intelligence to a single celled organism. Seat belts prevent more injury and death than they cause. Don’t say dumb things to start arguments. There definitely are rare instances where seat belts cause damage, some of them can be helped by carrying a knife in your pocket to cut your own or someone else’s seat belt in the event of an emergency.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. We both know the government doesn’t give a rip about our safety. Look at all the dangerous products they approve to be sold to us. The ONLY reason for this law is because of the powerful and greedy insurance lobby.

  • Thanksgiving weekend enforcement is like a BIG bake sale for the CHP. (With each ‘pastry’ at more than $100 bucks!).

  • Not disagreeing that seatbelts could kill you but they can prevent you from being ejected through the windshield due to the physics of stopping unexpecteldy (as in a crash) when traveling at high speeds. I guess if you’re the antiChrist shit like that is irrelevant since you can’t die.

    • Sometimes being ejected is safer than being held in place. It should be the adults choise not the goverments which risks you want to take.

      • Some adults aren’t capable of making informed decisions. What if I decided driving with my eyes closed was my personal choice? Please don’t leave your own property.

        • Then let them deal with the consequences of uninformed decisions. Your example doesn’t even relate because not wearing a seatbelt is compromising one’s own well being while your driving eyes closed endangers innocent others.

      • Perhaps it should be up to adults to decide, but the extraordinary oddity of a seat belt being a detriment to safety is very poor support for that argument.

    • Not trying to stir the pot but I see the Antchrist’s point. I know three people who are alive today because they were not wearing seat belts, all separate incidents. Statistically wearing a seat belt is a great idea, but what people don’t realize is the illusion of safety completely fades away when a accident happens on the freeway at 70 mph.

      • Yeah growing up a kid in my class was in an accident with his family and he was in the backseat with his 2 brothers. He had no seatbelt on and his bro’s did, he survived but both brothers died of internal bleeding injuries.
        And even if you are wearing a seatbelt, dont ride in the passenger seat with your feet up on the dash!!!

      • Then take your seatbelt off when you get up to 70mph. The antichrist will protect you. Mama mia…

  • Another wreck on the 36 listening to it now .heard sirens go buy riverside park

  • “Maximum Revenue Period”

  • Um, the “I 40 challenge” (in California) hasn’t seen a single past fatality… I think that’s just been jinxed. Btw, have there been any double fatals? And considering the section in California is only 100 and something miles, no fatalities isn’t too impressive

  • Remember, in all seriousness tho, the best way not to get a dui is to NEVER have a cop behind you

  • Blown away at the number of people who want the government in their lives making choices for them and taking away their freedom. If someone wants to make a personal choice that does not infringe upon another’s rights then they should be allowed to do matter what the consequence it has on oneself.

    • It doesnt suprise me in the least. When they give up freedoms to goverments, they believe that they can place blame on anything but themselves.

      • That’s a strong point I hadn’t initially considered. Not only is there a huge lack of accountability in society I think there are also a huge number of people that don’t want the responsibility of having to think for themselves. Rather be force fed all the way through life. We are tearing away at the fibers of natural selection with all this government manipulation and I am sure our species will pay for it in the long run, if not already in the short term.

  • One way to avoid trouble,Stay home!!it’s going to be ugly on the roads. Please Humboldt drive safe!!

  • unbridled phillistine

    A seat belt may not only save your life, But it keeps you secure in front of the vehicles controls. Better control. Alot of older people do not have the strength to keep hold of the wheel in a small impact, Or large bump in the road.

    • Well then they should not be driving in the first place

      • unbridled phillistine

        Thats a touchy subject on this site! Do not say people are too old to drive most people on here are elderly and they do not like being called elderly. Yes I actually agree with you for once, Digital hi-five. I think once you hit 70 or so its time to turn in DL.

  • I agree BUCKLE UP SAVE A LIFE!!maybe yours.arrive alive to enjoy your THANKSGIVING and truly know the meaning of the day🦃🦃🦃🦃

  • Oh, she is just ADORKABLE!

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