Two Arrested With Pistol, Meth, and Marijuana

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

white glove On 11-18-17 at about 10:02 p.m. a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office was patrolling the Loleta area when he found a suspicious vehicle parked in the roadway, at the north end of Singley Rd. The Sergeant later determined the driver, 34-year-old Terrance McCovey mccoveyhad an escape warrant from Washington State. As the Sergeant talked with McCovey he could see a pipe commonly used to ingest methamphetamine in plain view. McCovey and passenger 20-year-old Maxine White were removed from the vehicle.Maxine White During a search of the vehicle, on scene deputies located a loaded .22 caliber pistol,white glove a large number of hypodermic syringes,needles marijuana, Marijuanaand methamphetamine.

It should be noted that White was arrested on 09-02-17 in McKinleyville (case #201704376) for possession of a firearm while in a vehicle. In that investigation a .45 cal pistol and two .223 cal assault style rifles were located. McCovey has a prior felony conviction which prevents him from possessing firearms.

McCovey was booked for the following charges:
Felon in possession of firearm
Felon in possession of ammunition
Transportation of Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Methamphetamine
Possession of drug paraphernalia
Possession of a loaded firearm in public

White was booked for the following charges:
Possession of a loaded firearm in public
Possession of Methamphetamine



  • Marijuana was most likley stolen…”victimless” crime and they will be out and back on the streets soon enough…

    • Agreed, it’s obvious these two didn’t grow it and they probably don’t have the cash to buy it, so they must have “found” it. Hope the person they found it from is OK and doesn’t have a .25 slug in his brain.

  • Good job, Sheriffs! (Seemingly) Gun toting drugs addicts peacefully apprehended.
    To me, it’s the allegation of the loaded gun that make it much more serious.


    A perfect case of lawlessness being rewarded.

    “It should be noted that White was arrested on 09-02-17 in McKinleyville (case #201704376) for possession of a firearm while in a vehicle. In that investigation a .45 cal pistol and two .223 cal assault style rifles were located. McCovey has a prior felony conviction which prevents him from possessing firearms.”
    Obviously prevented….geesh.

    If he wasn’t getting high in the roadway the cops wouldn’t have noticed him?
    How many felonies and guns does it take around here to stay in jail?

    Escaped from WA State? So he got busted as escapee in McK and and let go with all that? Or he got out of the McK bust and arrested/escaped WA since Sept.?

    Dropping a huge fkn ball here!!!!!

    • A derailed government

      And who do we blame…always blaming the cops and the jail for a “catch and release” type of enforcement. Our society and useless law makers are to blame. We take the teeth out of the laws and make excuses for the criminal actions of people that refuse to live by society’s rules. A governor who is more worried about building a train to no where and reducing the State’s budget by laying it back on the counties. A society that wants to give more to people that give nothing, and then demand more. Do our law makers really represent “the people”? Where you asked about the gas fee or vehicle registration increases? Where you asked about California being a “Santuary State”? Write letters to your represenatives telling them about your feelings and then try to fiqure out who is reading it. Your representatives are only interested in the so called “Politically Correct” and what the media wants society to believe. The people are the victims of a useless government system that has lost it’s way. Instead of passing new laws that make the law abidding citizen’s criminals, enforce the laws against the criminals that make society victims. The revolving door is our own fault for not making our law makers protect us.

    • She was busted in mckinleyville not him. When she was arrested there were 3 other people with her. One being Terrance Mccovey ‘a younger brother. Her former boyfriend. Terrance has been to prison multiple times and keeps getting slap on the wrist..

  • I believe it is time for us to reevaluate the consequences for criminals. Most of these individuals are “career criminals” and the crime rate in Humboldt is becoming an epidemic. It’s not right! Putting outlaws back on the street is criminal in itself. Please, lawmakers, restore safety and moral conduct to our neighborhoods!

  • Great job on taking the Meth off the streets but why waste the time on the Cannabis??? Not to mention several syringes in plain view in the pics!!! Why no mention of those in the Police Report??? Just curious as to why the syringes were seemingly overlooked!!!???


      Probably just “drug paraphernalia”
      I wonder if he was going to place them in the red bins at DHHS like a good boy?

      How ’bout adding driving under the influence?

    • Never mind!!!! I see the Drug Paraphernalia listed there, I must have skipped over it reading too quickly!!!

    • To shed some light on your curiousity, I will offer these opinions since I did not read the reports. The cannabis may have been part of the crime due to illegal possession (ie no 215 card), and the individuals were transporting the cannabis in violation of the medical transportation 215 guildlines. I also believe the syringes weren’t in plain view, they were in a closed center console and most likely found during a search incidental to the arrest. And it does not look like they were over looked, these are pictures taken by the cops. And this is a press release, not a “police report”, the report is more than likely made up of many pages and much more detailed. Hope these observations help with your curious mind.

  • You got them, so now keep them where they belong; IN JAIL!!

  • Pistol, meth, and what? Yes marijuana, that beautiful drug of peace and healing

  • I’m glad that everybody here chose to allow our county to be a safe haven for huge industrial-sized marijuana grows! Who could have ever thought that doing so might provide a cover for serious and violent hard-drug criminals? And that they would flock here from all around the country?! And here’s a chilling thought….Now that the easy money is disappearing quickly….Who could ever imagine that these criminals would resort to using their guns to rob, steal, home-invade and otherwise take anything they can from regular citizens? It is not possible is it?!!

  • Is that RCA cable connections in their CAR?

    • Yes, it is RCA Connections as well as a USB output!!! “Interesting combination” wonder why they need a third RCA connection two should be plenty left & right Audio!!! I see no need for a third one in an automobile since the third one is usually for Video!!!???

    • Very observant. RCAs next to a USB….? After market item, perhaps???

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Another Native wasting their lives with drugs. Very sad.

  • What is it with these McCoveys? So many of them in the news, and not in a good way. This one looks particularly sleazy.

    I feel bad for the girl, she still looks relatively innocent. But… she sure seems to be heading downhill fast, with a second serious arrest in as many months.

    Please, please, please, young lady, ask for some help and get yourself out of that scene before it’s too late. Otherwise, you’ll just become another decayed zombie face of meth, and there’s no coming back from that. Even if you can eventually get clean, you’ll never lose the scars, physical or otherwise.

  • Drugs are crime…

    if weed is so exempt, why is it always associated with guns?

    Dump the dope!


      Because then everyone would have to admit they were duped by the 215 allowance. Think how many cops/judges/prosecutors time was wasted just to be told that the charges wouldn’t stick. It would be hard to keep trying. Now we have the result of years of semi-legalization. Unskilled,aimless black-market workers without hope,in an high-rent,low-income economy. Should have been legal or illegal. Not a grey area to hide.

    • Do you go after Starbucks this hard for peddling one of the most addicted to drugs in this entire country or do you single out one naturally grown plant over another? It is not drugs that are the problem it is human beings that have major deficiencies. I think that alcohol causes some of the worst problems for society, but I don’t think they should just ban it. I think people need to take some personal accountability. If you can not consume any substance without it having sever negative consequences then you need to have enough self control to stop or limit your consumption to a manageable level. Everything in moderation.

      • Bluehaired Hillbetty

        Really? you group Starbucks with Meth addiction? Come on, Meth is made entirely of chemicals. This isn’t about pot it is about the way this thief obtains his money to support his habit while getting others to become as dependent as him. Users are losers.

        Pushers use people.

        God damn the Pusher Man. Steppen Wolf 19??


        I agree. It seems the nightly alcohol/ daily caffeine intake is causing a lot of moodiness. All about brain chemicals.


  • Keep patrolling the Rancheria and getting the riff-rats. People that live here are trying to raise children and live happily.

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    Man, Chiefy you are having a bad week.

  • Felon with firearms. Life in prison. Watch gun crimes go down.

  • The chump has got to ease up selling all this marijuana it’s driving people nuts.

  • Topanga wheelie racer😂

    Book em danno!

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