Vehicle Flips Three Times on Highway 36

According to scanner traffic, a vehicle flipped over three times on Highway 36 before 2:15 p.m. Emergency personnel just arrived at the scene and said there are “two patients.” One is reportedly “a male out of the vehicle with blood on his face.” The crash blocking the westbound side of the highway.

Update 2:42 p.m.: According to the California Highway Patrol incident page, the vehicle involved is a white/green Ford truck (Either an F150 or F250).



  • This looks to be nearly in Mogtx’s back yard!!! Sigh, Hwy 36 wins again & not even in the more challenging spots to drive!!!! 3 “Chinese Cheers” for the asleep at the wheel drivers… Fooey, Fooey , Fooey!!!

  • You are so right Dan fuller I did not hear sirens which is weird. Another flatlander wiped out . I wonder how many wrecks has been this year on 36.

  • With the road closure on 36 all summer, many people had opted for 299… how many wrecks on 299 in the past year?
    I have always felt that 299 was like playing Russian roulette… Don’t like 36 much either. Or maybe it’s just people driving on back roads that I don’t much like.
    People on main roads, too.
    And probably myself as well.
    Fricking eejoits, the lot of us!

  • Mobius Dancer your so right and so silly. There should be more people like you. You made my day.
    Thank you

  • 36 is a beautiful HWY! But you have to pay attention. Life is beautiful! But you have to pay attention.Hope everyone is o.k.

  • I have but one word in comment.


  • my comment;
    you guys haven’t a clue why this happened.
    The driver could of had a “medical episode”, very common lately.

    • Speaking of medical episodes: The CDC reports a 24% increase in E-room heart attacks after the Spring time change, and a 24% drop in heart attacks when the time falls back to “real” in Autumn. Like now.
      So why are we still doing this to ourselves? Population control? What? Of all the government reps I’ve asked (all of them) NO ONE has ventured an answer.

      • I may die earlier, but I far far far prefer the unreal time of DST. I’d prefer to keep that all year if people said no more switching clocks.
        BTW Anon, you must know all time is a construct. There isn’t any that’s more real than another. Time of day is a social agreement like money and marriage

      • It is weird, the time changes feel so much more intense. Didnt they used to fall on the equinoxes?
        I read how the bbq lobby got the dates shifted in the spring to attempt higher sales. Ah corporate control squeezin every penny and the life out of us.

  • My wife just came back from town saw the truck she said every window was blown out of it, and it pretty much resembled a accordion. So it is the same place they always wreck .last big corner before you get to the lookout headed towards Martin ,and Shirley and riverside .

  • People on here assume they know everything about why accidents happen. You have no idea so assuming they fell asleep or anything else is ridiculous. People loose control all the time jus because it was on 36 doesn’t make that any different. You don’t know these people or what they have been through so unless you know them or you know for sure what happened don’t say anything.

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