Here’s Another Reminder That The Humboldt Bay Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Is Today

From the City of Arcata:

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  • Money is very tight. We are all feeling it and it’s going to get much worse. But here is our local government with their hands in our pockets blowing big bucks for overblown projects! I know asphalt ain’t cheap. I thought a trail was a cool project but this is pretty much a full paved road. Celebrate this boondoggle?!! Bet the contactors and equipment operators are celebrating!

    • Actually, no, it’s not a farce. It’s a good thing. Keeps the other contractors and equipment operators’ hands off from ruining it with chee-zee commercial development. And is money really all that tight that there can’t be a project such as this to make something for the public to enjoy?

    • The funds used to build the path did not come from the pot designated for road maintenance. The majority of the funds used were not local, but instead State and Federal funds designated for the planning and construction of non-motorized facilities. Funds set-aside for non-motorized facilities are less than 2% of the total funds spent on motorized facilities.

      • Well…funds that come from the state are still tax money that’s been forced out of the workingman’s pocket. I was in favor of a trail but when I actually saw it being done I was shocked! It IS a super- expensive cadillac of a trail. Why does everything our taxes pay for have to be so over-the-top? I can’t afford that kind of overspending! I know that most environmentalists come from wealthy families so maybe they just don’t get my perspective? I was one too but I couldn’t keep up w their expensive tastes.

  • These things bring a value to the community that is real. Think about Bend Oregon. A town in the middle of nowhere that is booming big time and has been for ten years or so. There are differences but the fact is they invested heavily into recreation infrastructure and it payed off huge. Turns out people like living in a place with things to do (and good beer to drink) and house prices and everything go up. Im not pretending to be an expert on this… so don’t pick apart my reasoning too hard. I know they have a ski mountain… but there are some similarities to our community. And we need to develop other economies now more than ever.

    • the also have a rail and hwy that splits the town in half. have you ever been to the eastside of Bend, its where the locals live.

  • Whooppee Bend has trails! Heh, are there any homeless in Bend??????Not-they’re here in Eureka!Ha. So all the great trails in Bend or Alask or wherever don’t mean squat. The homeless now have their private “expensive” travel lane to get to and from Arcata FASTER!!!! It was BS when it was proposed and its still BS but BIGGER LETTERS!!!!

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