HSU’s Benjamin Iberle Presenting ‘Ninety-Two Years of Tree Growth and Death in the Arcata Community Forest’

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Forest Ecology Fall Lecture Series at the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center on November 30th at 6:00 p.m. Benjamin Iberle of the HSU Forestry & Wildland Resources, will Department will present “Ninety-Two Years of Tree Growth and Death in the Arcata Community Forest”.

Mature second-growth coast redwood forests are an important and uncommon resource in the redwood region, and the oldest stands in the Arcata Community Forest are some of the biggest and tallest second-growth to be found. Two one-acre observation plots were established in 1923 in the ACF by Dr. Woodbridge Metcalf of UC Berkeley and provide a truly unique opportunity to examine the development of such a forest over more than 90 years. Researchers from HSU have surveyed the plots using modern methods and assembled a complete dataset from 1923 to 2015. Recent Master’s graduate Ben Iberle will share the results of their efforts and compare the trajectory of these plots to other second-growth examples and to characteristics of old-growth forests.



  • Amazing how little the redwoods grow in diameter over 90 years. Makes sense for a species whose stands take centuries to mature.

  • Randal K MacKendrick

    Needs thinned.

  • Redwoods will not return unless we suppress the trash trees. We don’t have 1000 years to wait until the fir, cypress redwood and other native giants return.
    Eucalyptus and Digger Pine, live oak and poplar may offer wind breaks, but they also down power lines and offer deadly targets for arson.
    There is zero need to honor the rights of trees whose survival strategy is to burn us out.

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