[She’s Home!] Ashes, Ashes, Please Come Home

Grey fuzzy kittyThis pretty kitten has been missing since yesterday morning (November 17) in Leggett. Her owner says, “She is only about 4 and 1/2 months old and has 2 sutures in her belly where she just got spayed about 10 days ago. She has long gray hair and hair in the pads of her feet.”

Her owner says her name is Ashes, but she is also called Baby. “She is very shy,” the owner says, “I really miss her. If anyone sees her please call me at (707) 272-0316.”

UPDATE Monday: According to the owner, Ashes is home!



  • Pretty sure I seen her last night when I was in northern Utah.

  • Where was she when she was lost?

  • I that the same kitten wandering south along 3rd St. here in Billings?

  • Sam & From the Hills: you’re being mean & petty. Pls stop. It doesn’t make you look good.

  • More worthless incompetent behavior around here. “You have a flat mamn, what location?” “.On my car.” “What location on the vehicle?” “ giggle on my tire lol” you idiots can stay here, I’m gone……

  • Im against cats in the house

    • Keeping an invasive predator in your house is choosing a very specific lifestyle. Of course keeping one outdoors is horrendously immoral to both the animal and local ecology. Cats need enriched indoor environments and to actully be played with. Many responsible owners are now building catios (outdoor enclosures) for their cats.

      The fact that allowing cats outdoors is immoral and illogical strikes many people as odd. Lots of people are not logical at all and do not identify “appeals to tradition” as a logical fallacy.

      These people would have certinly had the same feeling about slavery at one time in history. We have a hard time accepting that they way our grandparents did things may not have been moral.

      • Whats immoral is the loss of abd poisoning of habitat for birds and other creatures that is HUMAN caused.
        Cats have been around a long long time co-existing with their prey.
        Its our upsetting of the balance thats the problem so take some damn responsibility for your own impact. If you want to help the lil critters then get off yr ass and go do some habitat protection work. Or help women get contraception so human population levels drop.

        Ravens are by far way worse for our small critters. Watch video of them attacking the endangered marbled murrelet in its nest. Again, human caused. Ravens will go only so deep into a forest. With large swaths of habitat, smaller critterz lived where ravens didnt go. Now that we”ve transected the forests, theres no deep forest environment for critters to get away from ravens. There was just a logging op next to me and 10 ravens showed up and are killing every critter that wasnt killed by the logging.

        Cats are not the problem,humans are. And just fyi, in the 400 years of inquisition in europe cats were burned with “witches” & with all the cats gone, the rats infested the city and boom, major killer plague. The rat pop went crazy and it ended up killing lots of people.

      • Spoken like a person whose ancestors did all the heavy lifting to create a world where survival no longer depends on individual competence. And who doesn’t even have nous to show even a small amount of humility about it.

  • Cat owners and their friends carry toxoplasmosis.wash your hands,don’t touch your mouth.dont touch door nobs.

  • WTF is wrong with you people!?!
    This person obviously loves and misses her Kitty. Which is not just a cat cat BTW, she’s got to be part Maine Coon 😽 She’s taken the time and effort to be a good pet owner, and have her fixed. I have to think, based on the ludicrous comments here, some of you should also invest in this procedure, for yourselves.

    • Some of the “people” here obviously have never lost something near & dear to themselves!!! That or there is NOTHING but Oatmeal between their respective ears!!!!

  • Sorry to hear this. Guess the kitty slipped out an open door or something?

  • Poor lost Baby. May she find her way back to safety and a reunion with the person missing her.

  • Lunch was good today. Love that sweet and sour.

  • Looks like a baby. Didn’t know they spayed that young.

  • C’mon, Ashes! C’mon home!

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