Ferndale Electric Customers Can Choose Redwood Coast Energy Authority for the New Year

Press release from Redwood Coast Energy:

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is excited to announce the expansion of its Community Choice Energy program to include the City of Ferndale. Program expansion was certified this week by the California Public Utilities Commission. Ferndale residents can start receiving electricity from RCEA in January 2018 thanks to the Ferndale City Council’s vote in May to join Humboldt County’s Community Choice Energy program network. This means that in the new year customers in all unincorporated areas and all 7 cities in our County will be able to receive electricity from the Redwood Coast Energy Authority.

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority is governed by a board of directors whose members are appointed by local elected officials.

The Community Choice Energy program is comprised of the County of Humboldt and cities of Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Blue Lake, Trinidad, Rio Dell, and now Ferndale. The Community Choice Energy Program was first launched in Humboldt County in May 2017 as an alternative means of procuring electricity through our local governments. Like other CCE programs around the state, RCEA’s program offers electricity at a lower price and with more renewable energy compared with standard utility offerings.

“This is not a revolution or an attempt to compete with PG&E,” said Michael Sweeney, RCEA board member and Ferndale City Council member. “We are providing our community with the option to participate in the program; without the City Council’s vote, energy customers were excluded from choosing the Community Choice program. Consumers can now decide for themselves to stay with the program or opt out.”

Prior to the Ferndale rollout in January, customers should expect mailings with important detailed information about the new program. In addition to the mailings, customers can visit  RedwoodEnergy.org or contact RCEA for more information at (707) 269-1700 or info@RedwoodEnergy.org. Redwood Coast Energy Authority will continue to work closely with PG&E and appreciates their excellent customer service and operation of the electricity distribution system in Humboldt County.

Like customers in the rest of the county, new Ferndale customers will continue to only get one bill in the mail from PG&E, with the only change on the bill—other than a modest rate reduction–being electric power generation charges from RCEA replacing PG&E’s generation line item. Any customer can elect to opt out of the program at any time and resume receiving electricity purchased by PG&E. Alternatively, customers can choose to receive 100% renewable power from RCEA for a modest additional monthly charge.

Community Choice Energy’s goal is to offer electric power consumers a choice in their services, at lower rates, with the option to purchase cleaner electricity at competitive prices. The program is under local control, allowing revenues to be directed toward development of more local energy generation and programs.



  • What’s the catch on this?

    Why wouldn’t someone want a lower rate?

    I don’t get it…

    • For how long is the rate reduction and what is the percentage?
      and what’s RCA getting out of it?

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        My PG&E bill for the last 5 years has been within about +/- 30 bucks a month. Since this new company came in? My bills have almost doubled. They didn’t go down one bit and I’ve replaced every bulb in the house with LEDs, turn down freezers and keep usage to off-peak as much as possible. Somebody is getting paid a lot for these transitions and it isn’t me.

        • They switched me automatically without warning. In order to switch back to PG&E, it cost me my sweet Time of Use Rate, which was no longer offered and had been in service for years. I don’t care if PG&E rates are quadruple the RCEA’s, I will never use them.

          And beware, the reduced rate is temporary.

  • So where does this renewable energy come from because it’s still PG&E’s power lines and there is no wind mill farms or any other green energy producing facilities anywhere around here?

    • I have the same question.

      Although the natural gas power plant is pretty clean as far as energy production goes. Cleanest of all the fossil fuels. Burns quite efficiently. Emits 45% less CO2 than coal. Emits 30% less CO2 than oil.

  • If you have solar, the pge yearly true up is turned into a month to month true up. Not worth it for solar customers

  • I’ve wondered if the savings from switching will be offset by the service charges by RCEA, which would mean your bill will be the same or close to it. ?????

  • I remember reading an article a couple months ago about the change, but it was critical about all the ifs, and, and maybe contained in the RCEA program.

    There was this:
    (that you can opt out)
    What I read must have been a blog as I can’t find much online. I remember one concern was that the Agency would have more employees with higher salary costs than what would be comparable to PG&E….and as seems to happen in Humboldt, benefit cost heavy…

  • The RCEA program relies on biomass plants that burn wood chips and are one of the bigger sources of air pollution around Humboldt Bay. It also has less solar power: 5% versus the 11% PG&E offers. If you want clean energy without supporting a big local source of air pollution, go with PG&E.

  • We were switched to this and after 1 month where both companies charged I decided to switch back to pg&e and rcea still charged for another month. Not worth the few dollars I would have saved. Check into it very carefully before you are automatically transferred. I won’t go back to it.


  • Why do they charge more for renewable energy? Shouldn’t they simply make less profit? Who is in charge and how much are they paid?

  • Bait and switch, same old crap … and the customer takes it in the @** , no Vaseline. And as Forest Gump says….AGAIN!

  • The monthly savings is about $1.00 for RCEA program. Stick with PGE. Local biomass is only 12% of the total 100% energy utilized so don’t listen to the incorrect banter on this blog-they’re way wrong. The predominant energy in the breakdown is solar and wind from OUT of this area. So 88% comes out of Humboldt via the transmission lines. Yes RCEA has grown into a large entity with very “nice” salaries so the CCE program is making that happen.
    I will stay permanently with PGE even tho I hate them for the SMART METERS illegal program.
    Lookup Redwood Coast Energy Authority on the web and you’ll find all the info you need.

  • Going 100% green is supposed to make you see unicorns and have that giddy feeling inside. Didn’t you get that memo? The CCE takes the mandated burden off PGE’s shoulders and they love getting out from all the BS requirements. Humboldt is prime for reaping greenie attitudes and the sense of saving the world. Crock of Cra- !!!! Yet, and unfortunately, a huge block of citizens feel for the bait and just love the sacrifice they make for humanity.HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

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