15-Year-Old Leapt Out of Ambulance at 75 MPH

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A little before 4 p.m., a 15-year-old girl jumped out of an ambulance on Hwy 101 near the southbound Kenmar exit. We do not have all the details yet but, according to ambulance personnel speaking over the scanner, the vehicle was going about 75 mph when she exited the vehicle.

About 8 minutes after she jumped, the ambulance crewmember reported that she was unresponsive but breathing. She was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka.

Traffic was temporarily backed up.



  • OMG Kym. This was hours ago. IS the girl okay?

  • So the ambulance was speeding

    • No shit… Maybe in an emergency they’re aloud to?

    • Are you serious!?

    • Well duh, in emergencies they do that! 😕😕😕

      • Astonishingly, not all states allow emergency vehicles to speed. Although most states (including California) allow emergency vehicles to disregard posted speed limits, some (such as Pennsylvania) have no such exemptions on the books. It’s still exceedingly rare for an ambulance to be pulled over, but it happens occasionally.

        Pennsylvania is widely criticized for this, because not only can EMTs not speed, but they have to wait at red lights and come to full stops at stop signs, even with lights/sirens on. And Red Light / Speed Check Cameras don’t have the human comprehension to choose not to give a ticket to an ambulance, and since the letter of the law states they can’t speed or blow lights, the ambulance crews end up on the hook for the tickets.

        In many other states, EMTs are limited to 10-15 over the limit — which matches up with the 75 mentioned in the article. The simple fact is that large vehicles are not particularly safe to drive much faster then that, and our roads are not designed to handle high speeds. There’s no point driving 100 if you crash before you get to the hospital.

    • So the ambulance was probably speeding to get the girl to the hospital??? Dumbass.

    • That’s what “Code 3 (red lights & siren)” is all about. DMV says they can go 10 mph over the posted speed limit.

    • Teddy & Wendy don’t know where you got your information but there is no 10 or 15 over the speed limit restriction in the Vehicle Code. Department policy may make restrictions but state law does not.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Some states have limits, but only because the engines themselves have speed governors on them. I guess you want them to be in a hurry whilst dying, but not too much of a hurry.


    • A common thing yes.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      You’re probably tired of President Dumb Ass!

    • If YOU”RE going to call someone an idiot you might want to try and not look like one YOURself.

    • That’s a funny statement. Surprised you didn’t say we need to band ambulance

    • Uh, yeah…. code 3…. lights and sirens, petal to the metal! My daughter was just rushed to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and I assure you, we didn’t wait for traffic to get out of our way!

      • If they didn’t get out of the way, you’d have hit them, complicating your trip to the hospital. In California, emergency vehicles are to assume they must stop at lights, and stop signs. lights and sirens are to request right-of-way from other drivers. I would never assume the idiots out there are ready for me to enter an intersection.

    • Yea we put sirens and lights on them and let them do that. How is your first few days in the modern world

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Of course, that’s what ambulances do when rushing a patient to a hospital. They drive very fast with lights and sirens. Life or death. No biggie. So, uh, just got here from Alpha Centauri? How’d your elections go? Not so well here, thanks.

  • Wonder why anyone jumps out of a speeding ambulance

    • wonder why she wasn’t strapped down!

      • Since a close call near Scotia twenty years ago standard protocol for all clients to be strapped in, especially anyone with psych issues. A second patient could be belted into the jump seat. Falling out of a vehicle at 75 mph is not usually survivable. Hope for the best for the victim and the traumatized ambulance crew.

      • Don't Drink While Pregnant

        the regular seatbelt on an ambulance stretcher can easily be unbuckled, just like the ones in your car. If she wasn’t being transported for psychiatric reasons, there’s no reason (and no justification) to have her hands and legs restrained to the stretcher.

        • protocols are designed to prevent someone from quickly unbuckling an quickly opening the back door. The incident I’m aware of the paramedic risked their own life to pull the person back in by the back of a rapidly tearing shirt as they were leaning out the back. As far as injury from falling out,
          65mph would be little better than 75mph.

          • Don't Drink While Pregnant

            what protocols do you mean? Other than restraining a person’s hands to the stretcher, or keeping them completely sedated (which has its own risks), it’s quite easy for someone to pop the buckles and lunge for the rear doors.

          • Newer vans would have an electronic lock that, like my newer truck, won’t let the door open if you are in gear. You can’t even switch into gear if the door’s open.

    • If they where headed south of fortuna with a 15 year old patient they where taking her to a mental hospital in the Bay Area. Ambulance is only allowed to go 10 miles over the posted speed limit in ANY code 3 situation. City 4 is the handle for the city ambulance transport crew. It was their job to get that girl to her next destination safe. They failed

      • They do not use ambulances to transfer people to mental hospitals. They use a transporter service.

        • That’s not true at all. City Ambulance has a BLS crew that does interfacility transfers. Usually City 4. And yes they use an ambulance. Happens all the time. What is this “transport service” in Humboldt that you speak of?

          • They do transport locally to sv but frank mentioned it was to an out of town mental hospital. They contract with transporters. The transporters are private ones, it can be one of many.

            • Don't Drink While Pregnant

              Does Semper Virens accept people under 18? If not, that would explain why she was being transported out of the area. Is it legal for a non-ambulance transporter to transport a minor without a parent?

              • SV is an adult facility, but it’s also the only place for local juveniles who are experiencing a short-term psychiatric emergency. There is a facility attached to juvenile hall, but it’s only for minors with dual-diagnoses (mental and a legal conviction).
                Minors can be held at SV for up to 72 hours, after which they will be either:
                1. transferred to an out-of-area inpatient treatment center (if one has room), or
                2. released to their guardian (even if they’re still mentally unstable).

                And yes, there are some situations where the kids would not be accompanied by an adult while being transferred out.

          • Very true! If NEMT is transporting, both parties, who ever set it up and the NEMT company should be liable, as NEMT is not appropriate for behavioral health patients who pose a danger to themselves or others, e.g. flight risk. Sometimes it’s due to the cost of transport, as NEMT is a fraction of the price.

        • That’s a dam lie

      • What? How do people just make this stuff up like they know something… and they dont… fascinating

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        OK, wherever 101 is 4 lanes, unless posted otherwise, the limit is 65. 65 + 10 = 75 mph.

    • I wonder if she jumped out? In my experience, our local police force reports to side with one group or the other from the first report.
      I’d like to know more from the witnesses. Like the woman who reports it appears the girl “fell” from the ambulance.
      Doesn’t that seem more likely?

    • How does somebody “fall out” of a ambulance?
      Aren’t there attendants in the back?

  • What happend . is the girl ok? Anymore information

  • Its not speeding. Ambulances are allowed to travel that fast. Look it up, its common knowledge.

  • Wasn’t restrained then?

  • I hope she recovers. Thinking about how I was when I was that age, and how my adult daughter was, 15 year old girls can be stupid and difficult, but I’m still empathetic for the poor baby. The ambulance should have picked up on the situation had strapped her down before they got moving.

    • Well being stupid and difficult often leads to unfortunate things happening. If she was thrown out of the vehicle I do certainly feel for her. If she voluntarily ejected herself then that was her doing and she must live with the consequences.

  • All this talk about speeding dam thing probley just driveing the same speed as all you idots keeping up with traffic

  • “DMV says they can go 10 mph over posted speed limit…”

    Actually, CVC 21055 exempts emergency vehicles from speed laws, as long as the exempted operation is necessary, prudent and red lights/siren are used as stipulated. However, individual agencies may further tighten the allowable operation, in order to mitigate liability. DMV is nowhere in the decision process, authorization process or enforcement of any moving violation. They will, however, license you or suspend your license.

    • Unless something has changed since I was an emergency responder, the only light which is required by law, is a forward facing steady red light, the same light the CHP tries first to pull people over, to see if they are paying attention. Sirens are frequently turned off on the freeway, because the vehicle tends to arrive at the same time the siren registers in peoples ears. People can react in unpredictable ways when startled by the siren. The law requires that first responders drive with “due regard” to public safety. Hope the kid recovers.

  • I thought someone was supposed to be in the back rideing with the person,also being in a ambulance useally means your to messed up to be jumping out, that being said sorry for this young life hope she pulls through with minimum injurys

  • What exactly was going on in the ambulance that made this girl think she needed to jump out of it?

    Also I would hope that an ambulance taking me to the hospital would be driving 95MPH

    Just saying

  • Wait….why was she in the ambulance in the first place? If it was going that fast, perhaps it was because they were trying to get this girl to the hospital ASAP. Kym, prayers up.

  • Was at SJH ER this afternoon/evening, with my 12 y/o daughter. During the time we were there, they called two trauma alerts. The earlier one was a trauma ‘code’ coming in via ambulance. Staff were already saying it had been crazy busy there since mid-afternoon. Hoping this event has a good outcome-always sad when young people are involved.

    • Ambulances speed to get a person or persons to the hospital to save their lives First responders assess and keep the patient stabilized and are on the phone relaying medical information enroute to the hospital and yes they speed it is life or death situation.
      I would hope you would want your loved ones to get to the hospital. ASAP

      The ambulances don’t speed for no reason.

  • When I saw it the ambulance was facing the wrong direction in the south bound lane (like they turned around on the freeway), both lanes were being stopped. Stretcher was brought out and somebody was loaded into the ambulance. This was south of Kenmar. Odd that it was south of Kenmar .. the ambulance was not going into Fortuna … it was originally going somewhere further south.

    • Maybe the 15 year old was on a “ride-along” and she opened the door, inadvertently? Although one would think everyone inside would still be seated (patient excepted) and wearing seatbelts.

    • Bingo!!!! City 4 is a transport crew. Usually 15 year old patients being brought to the Bay Area from here are mentally ill or suicidal. The EMT in the back fucked up.

      • Truth! Finally someone that knows what they’re talking about. They wouldn’t be headed south of Fortuna with a code 3 patient, so obviously they were speeding. Unless they want you to believe they were headed to Phelps in Garberville (yeah right). It was definitely a BLS transport requiring normal driving. Plus, how was she able to open the doors and jump out? EMT fall asleep in the box? Doze off in the captain’s chair?

  • Nobody knows why she jumped except those who were there. Maybe she has a mental illness. Maybe an abusive parent or in a bad situation.

  • She is a minor, shouldn’t she have had one on one monitoring at all times? Are EMT’s allowed to sit in the back with patients while driving? And why didn’t they go to Redwood memorial?

    • Don't Drink While Pregnant

      There is supposed to be an EMT in the back the entire time a patient is being transported. But, if the EMT is buckled in and the ambulance is traveling at a high rate of speed, and the patient rapidly unbuckles themselves from the stretcher, the EMT is probably not going to be able to wrestle them back down in time before they can reach the doors.

      Unfortunately, this happens more often than you’d think.

    • HopingShe’sOk: if the EMTs were allowed to “sit in the back with patients while driving? ” Or even able for that matter. Then don’t you think that he would have been able to reach and catch her before she even fell?

      I really do hope she is doing okay. I can’t imagine… Poor boo 😿

  • Reading this website is like reading Mad magazine with violence, drugs and mayhem. No one could make these things up.

  • Wonder what she was on where she thought she needed to jump from the ambulance to get away. We have some good shit up here.

  • This is a ambulance chasing website at best where is the follow-through??? What about Marcy kitchen how’s Charlie Lamb doin. No follow through on this website kind a like having a scanner.

    • Marcy Kitchen’s trial has been continued until the spring and I most likely will not be able to do updates because I don’t make enough money to pay someone to sit in a courtroom. It kind of amazes me that people who pay nothing for a service expect it to provide everything. Here is a fundraiser for Charlie https://www.gofundme.com/charlie-lamb-needs-your-help

      I can’t make answers to your questions appear. A Friday evening incident will likely be Monday at the best before I can get answers from an agency. This one involves a minor and a patient—that gives her special privacy protections.

      Now, If you want to provide me with about $30,000 more a year, I’ll try to answer some more of your questions but that won’t be enough for all of them.

      • Give-em hell Kym.

        • I get so frustrated at people getting mad at me for “just” listening to the scanner. My first post is often at 5:30 in the morning and my last at 10:30 at night and sometimes I’m up at 2 in the morning reporting on something. How am I supposed to monitor a scanner, write other articles, and magically appear in person at every accident from Del Norte to Mendocino –from the ocean into Trinity County? How many people do they think work here?

          Sorry….does that count as whining or as ranting?

          • Many of us appreciate what you do. Thank you.

          • Kim, sometimes whining is ranting. You’re allowed to do it as much as anyone else, more so when its on your web site. But please keep in mind you are allowing people to spout off and relieve the pressure that builds up daily in this increasingly difficult world. I suspect that without this comment section there might be a few people who could totally loose it, and be a direct part of pressure that is affecting everyone (like in being on top of a building with a high powered rifle).

            When in doubt, four deep breaths, and om……..

          • Um no. Just stating the dam truth! And try ong,not om

          • 💖Thank you for all you do. Complainers are complainers.

          • Try cloning yourself. That makes everything much easier.

          • Not in the least, I think IM(ns)HO you do a fantastic job of reporting the news better by far 10 times out of 9 than your former employer!!!!

          • Kim, you are the best bang for the buck. I find it unbelievable that you scoop up news of our community way before other media. Hometown journalism at its best. Keep up the great work and ignore those oligarchs.

          • I would say you have earned the right to rant. Its truly amazing how lazy and entitled people are about everything.
            You provide an extremely important service to us all, with honesty and integrity. Give em Hell Kym. We got your back.

          • So the grow store ads don’t pay enough to promote dope? Surprising. Maybe promoting coke or heroine would pay better.

            • *Heroin, NO E, on the end!!!

            • Wait…you do know that by reading me, you support what I write? Every little click makes advertisers want to pay me more. Sooooo, this may surprise you, but you must be promoting “dope” if that’s what you think I do here…

              Or, perhaps you’re supporting a local, woman run business that gets out information on roads, weather, local events, crime, and, the largest local agricultural driver in our community–cannabis. If so, you’re supporting what I think I write about.

              (Hint though….if you hate what I do, we are media rich on the North Coast and there are many other news outlets for your consumption.)

          • Thank you kim for what you do. This is my information station since i have no tv. The info you do give us is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

          • Don’t take it personally. Proverbs 18:2-3 Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.

      • Yours is the first site that I check out when I log on to my computer. That is because you do a great job. You are generally fast, accurate, fair and ethical. Thank you.

      • Some of us, or should I say most of us, appreciate you very much and are grateful that you work as hard as you do, and still no ads. Please disregard the “Entitled.”

      • Okay Kym, here you go… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patreon

        This is a viable source of income for some folks, I believe you offer a quality service that many (like me) would support on a monthly basis.

        Check it.

  • That is terrible! Please keep us updated, Kym! (And since she is a minor, we can not expect many details).

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but why did they take her all the way to Eureka if they were already in Fortuna?

    • My guess is the medical condition, before or after the jump, needed a specialized doctor and that doctor was at St Joe. She may have jumped out because she refused to go to Fortuna’s hospital.

  • She is probably dead by now. Really? Jumping out at 75 mph is deadly. She was probably already seriously injured if they were going 75 to Eureka. If she survived that jump it would be a miracle.

    • Great point. 75 mph is no joke hitting the pavement. Your best odds are to be shit faced drunk and or tuck n roll, tuck n roll!

  • Im really amazed when i read comments. It makes me realize how bad humboldt county educational system is. People don’t know how to spell or even put a simple sentence together. You all are bunch of fools.

    • It all starts at the top. It’s not just Humboldt. Look at POTUS. We are F****d.

      • A scanner lightly

        Has nothing to do with Donald Trump. He is a product of the system like most of us. All of us. If we can only bicker about why an ambulance was speeding and how people spell who are probably typing on phones like I am, then what is the point of a comment section? I always appreciated kyms website because it actually had up to date info on roads, weather, raids, and whatever else may be happening in the greater so hum area. And just a few people doing all the relaying of info. Now it’s trolled with grammar police, big time growers, and the baby boomer internet mongers, among others. Let’s keep redheaded blackbelt classy. I’ll start. Thanks for the info kym! We know it’s a busy job, but not thankless. The chamber or whoever gave you the person of the year award cuz it’s easy to recognize how hard you work to collect and share the silly scanner happenings and helicotper info to people, it’s a bummer that the internet is where you have to do it! Kym Kemp for mayor! Then you can just do town hall type meetings with a megaphone. And the grammar police can stand there muttering to themselves.

    • I’m hoping somehow this is satire because you do have quite a few mistakes in your own comment…

      If it is satire, kudos. I also think that only parents, teachers, and bosses should correct other’s grammar. (Oh, and readers can let me know, too. I’m supposed to do it right and generally appreciate the help.)

      • Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks. I’ve often wondered if it’s just “us”….. Have you ever considered distilling your blog/posts into a book? You certainly have enough material. I’d buy it.

      • Even I’m not THAT extreme as to the “Angry Mob Outside” nor do I tend to get irate over spelling errors!!! However I AM usually quick to point them out!!!!

    • Aahhh. Die ahhhh whAt r u talkn boat Bigmeet ,South fuck high tight me everythang I now,

    • As a lifelong teacher, I can confirm that most are lacking when it comes to smarts.

      • As a “lifelong teacher” can you confirm what seems obvious; youth today (and maybe for years) do not spell as well as older generations? Their non-use of punctuation is a trend I hope that does not long survive!
        What’s your perspective?

        • When they stop teaching spelling and handwriting in school, what do you expect? Its all down hill from there: sentence structure, grammar, logic, fact finding/research … most don’t even get sarcasm nor irony!

    • “….You all are bunch of fools.” Oh, the irony…

  • Does anyone know anymore info as to if she’s ok, or what caused this to happen, what was she picked up for to begin with, why wasn’t she secured or the doors secured or something, omgoodness I pray she’s alright

  • I agree with A scanner lightly 100 % on his or her last comment,I enjoy reading just to see whats happening around our local area

  • 💋👣💍👀Life

    May be this 15 year old was on the way to mental hospital and didn’t want to go so jump out


    • Driver for speeding, yes. He was not driving code 3(critical) with the patient because it was a City Ambulance transport (City 4) down south. The EMT should have been driving normally. As for the EMT in the back, they need to be questioned as to why the girl was able to jump out.

    • *Investigate

  • 💖Thank you for all you do. Complainers are complainers.

  • If they told me I was going to Gerald Phelps I might jump too! Better odds.

  • They were headed south and then turned around and went north. We don’t know what happened. Let’s wait before we accuse anyone. It was an awful thing that occurred.

  • As for condition.. The vitals called in the second recording do not bode well. Hypertensive with bradycardia, two indicators of brain herniation, likely from blunt force impact with road. Cushings Triad is what’s it called, and I’d suspect the BLS crew didn’t catch the respiration irregularities as they can be subtle and develop over time.

    As for what it’s like crewing a 5150 transport, I did those for years out of the mother lode counties. I have had patients CUT thru leather restraints with razors hidden on themselves, two who fought me and my partner, and most get agitated and go bonkers unless they’re well medicated.

    As for critics of the crew.. It’s a tight space with no real escape for the crew member. Tiny door to cab. You wouldn’t feel comfy in there with an agitated person intent on self harm so quit criticizing. For crew safety we back off to a safe place and call for cops. But stuff happens REALLY REALLY FAST with mentally ill patients. Also ambulance crews are not allowed to restrain. They come to us pre restrained by law enforcement or the forwarding facility. The only safe crew action is to escape to cab and call for law.

    A southbound out of town BLS code 2 transport would be traveling at traffic speeds, and many people drive 70 plus there. The speed stated is not a binding fact, just an estimate for the Dr to know that this happened at high speeds.

    Sounds like the crew had an unstable unrestrained mentally ill patient that the forwarding facility didn’t properly assess, thereby putting the lives of the crew and patient and following traffic at grave risk.. or that this patient was a ride along family member on a simple transport and this was an unforeseen emergent issue.

    • Thank you for sharing some of your personal knowledge Brad Getter, so many “experts” around here have no idea what they’re talking about, but feel the need to post nonsense anyhow.

      Those armchair criticizers clearly have no idea that anyone in an ambulance who wants to get out, could do so very easily, especially if they were quick or violent enough that the crew wouldn’t have a chance of restraining them.

      I hope this young lady survives without any lasting health consequences, and gets whatever other help she may need.

    • First reasonable statement in this mariconio.(loonybin).

    • If only all comments were more like this. Thank you Brad.

    • Don't Drink While Pregnant

      Interesting. In Illinois ambulance crews can restrain psychiatric patients with soft restraints, and each transport ambulance will have a four-point set of them onboard. By law, whether to restrain is up to the crew’s discretion, but at my old company the policy was at least one limb restrained.

  • Everybody calm down and send good thoughts to those who need it right now

  • I hope your going to be alright sweetheart, but God love you your going to have a bad road rash

  • bad drugs and bad consequences all go together. Out the door, then backwards at 75mph hitting your head full force, then roll over and over until a dragging 100 yard long stop. This is not a way for a human to possibly die. We may read about her passing in a few days. So sorry we have to hear about teenagers dying(?) from their foolish actions.

  • This thread is stunning.
    Step back folks. A young women exited a vehicle at 75 miles per hour. Those transporting her are people who care and value life. This is tragic on the face of it. What is under the face will be determined in due time. It isn’t a political event unless we make it one. Even at that those involved are in pain of one sort or another. Let’s put our adult pants on and think about those involved and wait for the truth to evolve.

  • 15 years old (still a baby), leaving a vehicle at 75 miles per hour, how horrible for all. If she’s still alive, she’ll never be the same. That poor girl! Praying for her, family, the drivers, and those that saw it happen.

    • Check alleyways near nightclubs in old town.ive seen girls embarrassed,confused,wearing their little jackets over their heads.its not just amphetamine now, but drug development.police are badly aligned on this issue of drugging females.

  • I’m happy Cocktober is over! Live PD is coming to Humboldt County. Yay!

  • I appreciate what Kym does. She reports things that happen. Which used to be what was called news before the media started believing their purpose is to educate viewers in the right opinions to hold. Even though I sometimes don’t agree with her opinions when she ventures into the comments sections, she’s usually thoughtful.

    I appreciate the comments too, for gems like the law on ambulances speeding or personal experiences of first responders. I learn from them even though the reason for going through the comments was an interest in learning more on the story, which was not to be had.

    Unfortunately those people who are providing that insight usually do so to contradict the idiocy of super posters who are self pressured to constantly repeat ideas created out of limited experience or who like insulting people from the safety behind the keyboards or who feel the perpetual need to point out the obvious . Like mining for diamonds, you have to sort through a lot garbage and get dirt on you to get to the gems.

  • Kim it’s time to make it easy for us to pay you like the amazing authentic professional sleuth journalist patron go fund me whatever is easy
    Many blessings

  • Hiya Kim,

    What is the follow up to this story?

    Thanks and best.

  • Kym,honestly I don’t know how your so calm.You must be a passive person. I let alot of things roll of my back too.God Bless you girl.also Lymes kicks our butts,and some days it’s hard to be gentle 🌼

  • Was flown south had brain surgery and many more surgery. At this time out look is poor

  • People need to stop with the heartless remarks. No matter what or why this happen she is someones daughter. And i do not know if she has passed. But this girl was someones child and if she has passed they are going thru the most heart wrenching time of their lives. There child jumped/fell from a ambulance at 75 mph. You people have no idea how heart breaking that is….but i do. My daughter jumped from one going 75 mph 4 months ago in Arkansas.She did die on impact and rolled the distance of half a football field. She was mentally ill being transported to a mental hospital. This country needs to look into the mental aspect of the amount of mental illness that is being untreated in this country. http://www.kait8.com/story/36135334/mother-wanting-answers-after-daughters-death

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