While Investigating Recent Armed Robberies, Sheriff’s Office Arrest Man for Several Firearms Violations

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Harvey Crews Jr. Harvey Robert Crews jr

Harvey Robert Crews, Jr

On 11-13-17 the Sheriff’s Office did a maximum enforcement day regarding the recent armed robberies on Bair Rd, and Bald Hill Rd. Deputies spent time in the Hoopa area attempting to identify possible armed robbery suspects. This included completing probation searches and attempting to locate wanted persons. During the course of this operation deputies contacted Harvey Robert Crews Jr at his Moon Lane home. Crews had an active warrant and was found hiding inside the residence. While taking Crews into custody deputies saw drug paraphernalia, several AR-15 type rifles, and high capacity magazines. A search warrant was obtained for the residence and…it was later determined one of the rifles had been converted to fully automatic. Crews was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the weapons violations listed below, and the warrant. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the armed robberies and is asking for help from the public. Please call 445-7251 if you have any information regarding the armed robberies.

23910 PC Possession of firearm with serial number removed
30605 (A) PC Possession of assault weapon
32210 PC Possession of high capacity magazine
33210 PC Possession of short barrel rifle
11364 HS Possession of drug paraphernalia



    • Maybe, One would hope at least he won’t be right back out on the street, AGAIN!!!!

      • Possession of machine gun should keep him in there for awhile, especially with priors, guess it depends on how many of his “buddies” he rolls on.

        • just a few plea bargains, a year in county, VIOLA, pluck your magic twanger froggie im back, with an attitude.

          • Hogranch—– “Pluck Your Magic Twanger Froggie” Just gotta love that. “Gingles” The Andy Devine Show. Played in my home town of Boston in the late 1950s. Andy Devine was a T.V. star in the 50s, He also played Wild Bill Hickcock`s side kick named “Gingles” I can hear him now riding his horse with his crackling voice crying out. Wild Bill- wait for me. as his 400 pound frame had trouble trying to keep pace with hard riding Wild Bill. Gingles and Sheriff John along with Engineer Bill got us kids to drink our milk. Remember Red Light, Green Light. The game they used to get us kids to drink our milk, and us kids that were lucky enough to have milk gave it a good try. Along with Howdy Duty , Buffalo Bob, Mr Buster and the infamous Peanut Gallery.
            Those were the days of innocents, getting married for love and staying married. and trusting and respecting your neighbor, not locking your doors and leaving your car keys in the ignition . Sorry we will never see those Days again.

        • Doesn’t everyone own a machine gun these days?

        • 10 years with the use of a fully auto in a crime

  • He will be out on bail, don’t worry. this time he will be pissed an could hurt somebody. happens everyday. Gotta love them lawyers.

  • If there were any consequences for being a cull it might not be so prevalent. But there’s not. He’ll be out sooner than the common man. If you have no money to pay a high fine then you’ll be fine. Seems to be the norm.

  • In light of this morning’s tragic events in Tehama, I wish the L.E. up there would of followed up on the neighbor’s complaints of his harassment and heavy weapons use. Kudos to the Sheriff’s office for catching this man before it got worse.

  • Umm…yeah. O.K. I’ll do that……. If YOU promise to go talk to someone. Anyone.

  • So .. is it assumed that these are part of thE “SWAT” team robbers??

  • 164, There’s no need for u to make such threats which I hope the lady in charge of this site will take some kind of action towards such angry open ended threats. And don’t give too much credit to ur crew because they didn’t find anyone, its on the internet. Satist like you are below these darn criminals, and god be with u, oh wait,?.. grow up, real gangsters like you speak of don’t exist, and wouldn’t have too run their mouth online. they are time bombs just like these criminals and run their course. Hmmm

    • wow. dude. I don’t think that was a threat but little warning … next time you hear ‘that’ foreign accent, look at the speaker and notice the tats …they are very specific symbols– but for your sake, don’t stare! don’t engage! just take quick mental notes on those gulag tats on hand and collar bones… and keep fiddling around doing what ever you be doing like its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  • They wouldn’t be using their knuckle head deputy crews brute force if they had any evidence, no one was caught in the act, wish everyone would move on, those pot growers destroy water, salmon, and their habitat. That should be 10 years

  • Don’t stop hcso there are more drug dealing assholes in hoopa

  • the russians did it

    maybe it wasn’t really him, maybe it was the russians

  • For one He has his own grow that is why he had all of those guns for 2 they didn’t get the warrent until 9 that night hrs after they had already done an illegal search of there home &car &even had some tech guy take my sister’s phone outside &did something to it &also he wasn’t hideing in the house he was in his bedroom &when they came in he put his hands & complied with everything they asked &also he had nothing to do with the bair Rd incident nor the bald hill one. The police was telling my sister she was really pretty &what was she doing with him(harvey crews) how professional is that of them she had to ask for them to get somebody from tribal police to come &sit with her while they continued there illegal search because she was uncomfortable by what a few of the officers were saying to her man thats really messed up.

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