[UPDATE 11:31 p.m.] Pursuit Through Eureka, Traffic Collision, Three Juveniles Detained

Generic Stock File Photo Emergency Lights Fire Police Ambulance Bokeh by Oliver Cory

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

At approximately 11 p.m., Eureka Police began pursuing a vehicle. The driver ran through several stops and headed westbound on 14th Street eventually crashing near Walgreens into a utility box. Multiple suspects attempted to flee the vehicle. Three juveniles were detained and an ambulance was requested to respond to treat their injuries Code 2 (quickly but not with lights or sirens).

The traffic lights at 14th and Broadway are not working following the accident. The vehicle has major front-end damage and was smoking.

UPDATE 11:25 p.m.: Channel 3 has video from the scene.

UPDATE 11:30 p.m.: According to an interview with an EPD officer by Channel 3, the vehicle was driving without its lights on.

UPDATE 11:31 p.m.: The vehicle has been confirmed as a stolen vehicle out of Fortuna, according to the excellent interview.



  • Sad for the owner of the stolen vehicle. That poor thing was totaled. 🙁

  • Fortunately they were busted in Eureka, where nothing will happen to them and the victim is just out the money.

  • ‘m still wondering WTH is in the air to cause all these high speed chases that have gone down in the last couple of weeks??? 2 today alone, is there something in the water or air or???

    • Most likely a new rap song is being used by Hollywood to control the population, or maybe there is more to Fukishima than meets the eye.

      Hawaii just reported much higher levels of radiation.

      Radioactive marijuana may be to blame for all these stories.

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        • I_Heart_Alliteration

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          I enjoy reading chumps comments. Anyone screaming to block someone should be the one blocked.

      • Get a life & get real CHUMP!!!! Contrary to what you may believe it is NOT ALWAYS Cannabis related!!!! Possibly Meth or Heroin but I seriously doubt it was Cannabis Radioactive or otherwise!!!

      • Muddy Black Dodge

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  • Absolutely classic! Kids joy riding in a stolen car! So very glad that it’s no worse than it was – the Nissan owner has insurance, no doubt, but deserves more sympathy than the kids involved.
    As for their parents… Well, usually, by the time the kid is old enough to steal a car there are some indications of a proclivity in that direction. Attentive and Responsible Parents…
    Sorry, I have some soap boxes strapped to my feet….
    I’ll just stump away.
    But I’m giggling just a bit at the eejiot kids getting loaded on something and borrowing the car.
    Was something kids did back in my day, too – smart ones didn’t get caught, just abandoned the car somewhere and ran off laughing. I heard them tell the stories. My parents kept me on a leash and so I didn’t get to run with the others.
    Might have been for the best.

    • “the Nissan owner has insurance, no doubt”…. How the hell do you know if he or she has full coverage? even then there is a deductible. These kids each need a good old fashion ass woopin, and to actually be taught that destroying someones stuff is unacceptable.

      and how would your stupid “giggling” feel if they had been killed, or killed someone else.

      hope you are not a parent, with your irresponsible liberal comment.

      • You’re right and without full coverage they are screwed! And borrowing the car is a really stupid comment!

      • tired of all this

        You need to see a dictionary & check the word “liberal”
        It is a very nice quality, not at all nasty.

        • “liberalism is a mental disorder.” – Dr. Michael Savage

          Now, if you mean being liberal in gift giving or ladling soup or such, I’m all for it.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            If you’re referencing Michael (Wiener) Savage as a philosophical inspiration, you remove yourself from the world of rational discourse. Oh, gosh, I offered a criticism on a public blog which specializes in public debate of the news. Oh, WOW, what am I thinking?

      • Am a parent with adult children who did not steal cars. Never did.
        Nissan owner had a nice new car, likely still being paid for. Generally, the coverage required on cars still owned by the bank will replace the loss. I made an assumption about that and if I’m wrong, I do apologize TO THE NISSAN OWNER but not to hotheads attacking me for the opinion.
        Since I don’t know the motivation of the kids involved – it may well have been “borrowed with intent to return it” in their minds.
        And the giggles? Well – things never change, do they. If someone had been seriously harmed I’d not be amused by it, but THIS incident I find amusing because it demonstrates that people don’t really change. Not all the High and Holy Newage (that rhymes with sewage) thought that the Humboldt community credits itself with comes to much in the face of those crazy kids watching TV and racing around in other people’s cars. Maybe we should be paying more attention to the kids and less to Political Correctness.
        What I’ve noticed is that Some People use this as a forum to attack their neighbors and anyone who sticks their head up to have an opinion that differs from their own.

      • WTF is so LIBERAL about that comment? ??? Stupid YES Liberal I seriously doubt it more like CONserserv[edit]!!!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yeah, it’s really funny when punks steal cars and drive into walls or threaten other people’s lives or destroy property. Ha, ha, oh yeah. Giggle, giggle.

  • Hey, I heard this chase on 14th last night. I did not even think twice about it because there are so many people driving fast down 14th.

  • Another stupid high speed chase by our local boys (and girls?) in blue! High speed chases: figure odds of possible,if not likely, injury or possibly death and injury, to the perpetrators and/ or to innocent drivers or walkers, as compared to just letting these young thieves go their way. Aren’t there bigger fish to fry! Maybe the cops (I’m not anti-police!!) should have pulled their guns and shot at the car. It’d be no surprise if the did. Take about stupidity!

    • No, young thieves should not be allowed ‘to go their way.’
      No, the cops should not have ‘pulled out their guns and shot the car.’
      The car was stolen yesterday. The kids were recklessly out of control and totally off the hook. Obviously their parents were nowhere to be found, and somewhere else, far, far away.
      ‘Bigger fish to fry’ is a weak distraction, a straw man argument permissively enabling this behavior.

      I’m glad no one was hurt, maimed, or killed by these kids’ action. Left to their own devices, it would have happened soon– and the stolen-car high-speed testosterone-driven whacked-out juvenile joyride would have ridden out its course into an explosively deadly end. It’s happened before.

      Maybe the cops prevented a potential serious accident and injury about to happen. We’ll never know.
      Remember what your Mama told you: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • You might remember that 4 teens were driving a car recklessly and slammed into a retaining wall at the corner of Harrison and Lucas late at night. They were driving 80+ mph when they hit the wall dead on. Two died, two others severely injured. The accident happened very close to this one. They weren’t being pursued by the police. If it had happened and they got pulled over instead the accident and deaths wouldn’t have happened.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yes, that’s the incident I was referring too. Right on. It’s amazing how totally clueless one must be to think this is funny, or an acceptable symptom of adolescence,

  • My Grandson had a wreck on a mountian road went around a corner on gravel lost control rolled it,friends took him to hospital went back to get his car GONE.im sure some jerk will set it on fire.PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY,and if your not filimilar with the roads SLOW DOWN.!!. it’s hump day

  • I am tired of people taking other people’s property. Not everyone has full coverage so they are out unless they can recover but suing. Really sad that they do not get arrested and charged with a felony like they used to. No it is just taking a vehicle without the owners consent. I would never give someone consent to steal my vehicle.

  • And there are way too many people (drivers) that have NO insurance, and when they get into an accident that they cause, the person they hit is screwed in more ways than one. Happened to my son several months ago. The POS that turned in front of him, and caused severe injuries to him, had no insurance. So much for the law that says drivers are supposed to have it.

    • Actually, if you don’t have insurance, the DMV sends out a notice that if you don’t obtain insurance by specific dates, you will have your license suspended

  • Lawlessness abounds. Crime breeds crime. This fake “liberal” county allows it. Liberal fascists allow weed and weed = crime.

    • you should research each and everyone of these criminals. I don’t know any liberal with punk kids, AR-15s, or ballistic vest under their roofs. all of our problems stem from not educating your kids, this is the next wave. Fortuna has some big hurdles ahead.

    • Go tell it to the CHUMP, he’ll entertain your wild ass theories about it being Cannabis related!!! You two deserve each other!!!

  • Luckily my Grandson’s vehicle has insurance,you have to have it when you get a loan.2 months ago my granddaughters also new car was stolen and completely destroyed!! BUY YOUR OWN DAMN CAR ASSHOLES!!!!Sorry but that’s how much of this shit goes on,I mean two in the same family,REALLY. Those odds? BE CAREFUL IF YOUR BRAVE ENOUGH TO GO OUT during the storm today⛆🌬

    • You only have to have insuranceif you want to be legal. The others buy insurance, register their cars and then drop the insurance and there is no one to enforce the laws. DMV should be capable of notifying law enforcement when someone drops their insurance and their CDL should automatically be revoked.

      • Im pretty sure if you drop ur insurance the DMV will suspend your registration.

        • I agree, they should but as of yet, I don’t think they do, sadly!!!

        • When my husband and I got married,he put me on his insurance so I cancelled mine,the dmv took my drivers license because they thought I didn’t have insurance,they just didn’t bother to check. Shit happens.but it cost me yikes😛

  • As far I am concerned, this could be viewed as endangerment on the brink of attempted murder. Driving a vehicle with such reckless fortitude should be punished as such.

  • People now days are being shown they do not have to respect the laws. These kinds of crimes are NOT a mental health issue, as so many keep trying to blame it on. Juveniles, especially, are learning this at a young age. They see and hear where people break the laws and have very minimal consequences; and many have parents who could care less what they do. Look at Marci Kitchen. Every piece of evidence and statements by her own family pretty much put her behind the wheel; but the longer her attorney delays it, the better chance for something to get lost or found as inadmissible. Look at all the crime around here with very little consequences by our courts. Kids pick up on this very easily. The only way to slow the crime rate down and discourage it is to have harsher consequences and follow through. As I have said before, as the crime rate increases and more and more criminals are in our society; we cannot put a ‘No Vacancy’ sign on our jails and prisons. As it is right now, people, and their possessions, are not even safe in their own home; and that is a very sad thing. We, the hard working people, deserve better from our elected officials, laws, courts and judges.

    • Well stated. They could have killed somebody or themselves at 70mph+. They should be tried as adults and given the maximum, chortle chortle, jail cell, maybe they wouldn’t have as much fun, but at least the community would be safer with them off the streets. Can’t they at least be given an ankle bracelet if the jails are full?

  • I’m sure that once Ms Kitchen’s lawyers get done stalling they will ask for a change of venue!!! No way in Hades will she get a fair trial in this county!!! I want her to get a fair trial, so there will be NO CHANCE of getting off on an appeal!!! I want to see her punished to the MAX!!!!

  • I think they are, yes, herded by government in a cycle of foreverness, no one in their families have faught too hard, to break the cycles of oppression. And no one saying, reading, or hearing about this will really lift a finger to do their potential part, because it’s too hard. Humboldt has some really freaking, amazing, spirited, and creative individuals in the world probably, its just sad they are so far ands few because of the over population of #$%^&&.

  • Kristina Van pelt

    Does anyone know the color of the vehicle? We had an incident with a car full of teens on the same day. They threw trash at my family and I and swerved came back around, threw a plasic bottle at a young man on a bike, knocking him over and swerved at us flipping us off as they drove away. I had my 6 yr old daughter with us and the whole thing was unnerving. Wondering if it was the same vehicle.

    • I believe it was a black Xterra. The link to Channel 3 News will show you images.

    • I saw them, their lights were off, so I flashed my lights at them to alert them their lights were off, but they didn’t turn them on like most people do; thought it was strange; figured there must be something off with them.

      I just tried to get clear of them as fast as possible.

      I would have called it in; but sadly there are so many reckless drivers it wasn’t that unusual.

      As a side note “One of the boys was just released from Juvenile Hall last month and is on formal probation for burglary.”

      Why was that criminal out?

      How is burglary, speeding in a stolen car funny?

      That’s not a kid, that’s a criminal.

  • I am glad I made it home before this happened. I tend to be on the road that time of night.

    Sadly the fact that there have been so many discontinued high speed chases lately, seems like it has encouraged the criminal contingent that they really can run and win. When chases get shut down quickly it affirms that you can run and get away. But with so many ending in no capture, its certainly seems to make it seem as though that slightest chance of getting away is much higher. To those that aren’t thinking logically in the first place.

    I think the other big problem overall is the lack of consistent traffic patrols and enforcement. I have seen people doing 120+ racing through the safety corridor in the last week. Or intentionally blocking traffic. I wish i could say this is a rarity to see horrible driving. But its to the point that there is no escaping it, you can’t attempt to pass it cause your gonna run into the next idiot doing something possibly more dangerous. There is even a lack of response when its reported.

    I would love to say that the public is this only problem, but i have even seen emergency vehicles fail to consistently observe the traffic rules. (not signaling, running lights and stop signs, failing to observe the flow of traffic enough to potentially cause an accident).

    Until things like this start being addressed things are not going to get better.

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