Mateel Community Center Faces Scrutiny

mateel Logo featureLast evening, Ed Voice, a former local who advocates against activities that impact the South Fork of the Eel River, sent out an email to most local media outlets with an attached letter addressed to the Mateel Community Center from the office of California’s Attorney General. The letter, dated November 9th, says the Mateel has 60 days to come into compliance with their annual “independent audits” for 2014 and 2105. The Mateel Board of Directors, while aware of the deadline, had not yet received the letter.

Justine Ketola, Marketing Manager for the Mateel sent out a letter this morning in response explaining,

“We are currently working with our auditor to complete our 2015 audit, 2014 has just been finished and submitted. All of this will be resolved by mid-December.

In the State of California any charitable corporation with gross annual revenue of $2 million or more AND that is already required to file reports with the General Attorney (SIC), must file an audited financial statement prepared by an independent CPA. This is not an IRS audit.”

Board President Garth Epling, in a phone conversation, explained that because the Mateel’s budget, with Reggae on the River included, crossed into a new threshold that required auditing the Mateel had not previously needed, the Mateel was initially unaware of the requirements. Additionally, the process has taken more time than the Board expected, but the 2014 audit is filed and the 2015 audit will be submitted before the deadline. And the tax forms for 2016 are on time as well.

The Board holds its annual Membership Meeting next week on Tuesday, November 21. The Board will give a full report to the community on the progress of this and other issues.



  • Go Garth! We can and WILL pull through this rough patch in Mateel history!

    • “Board President Garth Epling, in a phone conversation, explained that because the Mateel’s budget, with Reggae on the River included, crossed into a new threshold that required auditing the Mateel had not previously needed”

      So I guess 2014 is a “new threshold” in 2017? Makes me wonder if the MCC Board or staff said anything about this at last year’s Membership Meeting, since they knew all about it and hide it from public view for all these years…

  • tired of all this

    Hippies are notoriously bad at handling money.

    • Aha… so our government is just a bunch of hippies.

      • Well , the liberal part of it anyways…

      • tired of all this

        The government did not put this non profit $600,000 dollars in the red. Bad money management did that.
        Giving a whole new perspective on “non profit”

        • Non of those people are hippies, non of them have lived on tour, they are country yuppies

        • Justin Crellin ushered in a multi year pattern of deficit spending and reported zero losses to the membership or the board for those years. President Epling watched it all happen and the Reggae management team greenlighted all spending. Who were the main faces and controlling members on the RMT all those years? Crellin and Epling. Crellin is walking away and so should the Pres. Thank God for the current “New” management hopefully they can continue the purge of loosers they have begun. Fire some people already. Complacent Board and Rmt members responsible should step down immediately. Good luck Charity Green and company you guys have your work cut out for you. It took years for them to alienate the entire community. It may take a few years to gain it all back.[edit]

      • Victor G. Flashman

        I don’t think it was a matter of just poorly handled money. And these folks are hardly “Hippies”…

        “Pot Yuppies” or “Cannabis Cowboys” maybe…

        I think it would be better to say that too much cash around too many people will result in incompetence and corruption and theft of the cash…

        I hope the Mateel gets back on mission!

  • Ed Voice needs to get a life.

  • Couple things don’t add up in your reporting:

    “The Mateel Board of Directors, while aware of the deadline, had not yet received the letter.”

    You mean the letter dated November 9th 2017? Because they have been sent letters twice a year since January 2016:

    And there was this:

    “Board President Garth Epling, in a phone conversation, explained… the Mateel was initially unaware of the requirements”

    So let me get this straight; the MCC Board and staff were “initially unaware of the requirements”. Do you mean before or after their gross income went over $2 Million in 2014? Or was it before or after they first sent you letters in 2016?

    One thing you forgot to include in your reporting; tax exempt reporting is submitted a year after the fact, i.e. when they filed their 2014 RRF-1 it was in 2015 and so on.

    When will the public be allowed to read these “audited financial statement” from 2014 & 2015? Will you need to do the same for 2016?

    My other question, how was I able to get a copy of this letter and the MCC did not receive it yet? And does the MCC have an extension from the IRS? At least it’s on the table now and the MCC can be accountable and transparent as always…

  • I agree that Mr. Voice needs to go away, however, the Mateel deserves scrutiny. Directors of not-for-profits like the Mateel are personably liable for their actions (or lack thereof) when malfeasance or neglect is involved. I cannot think of a good reason for the directors to be “surprised” about their financial situation and late regulatory filings unless they were malfeasant or neglectful.

    • “I agree that Mr. Voice needs to go away, however, the Mateel deserves scrutiny”

      Well, you don’t get to have it both ways “Tim”. All these so called “local media outlets” have been set this same info since before ROTR 2017, but I guess they were too busy reporting and investigating other more important news in the world. Guess today was a slow news day…

      • God, Ed. I know it is hard for you but could you try not to attack everyone? When you and everyone else start paying me, then complain. Until then, I neither get enough sleep, exercise nor time with my family so, from an old friend who has a lot of fondness for your family—take a deep breath and know that many of us are trying our damn best and while it may not measure up to your…[impossible?] exacting standards, it’s what we got. [Also, from the kid in my heart to the kid in yours—bite a pickle]

        • I guess, when they stop attacking me first xoxoxoxo

          • Well….true dat ed. Shown em your Porsche…that’ll shut em up

          • I attacked you?

            “All these so called “local media outlets” have been set this same info since before ROTR 2017, but I guess they were too busy reporting and investigating other more important news in the world. Guess today was a slow news day…”

            • You are calling that an attack? What in that is untrue? Are you a local media outlet, did I send you these letter from the past two years, did you report on them or even say one word? Wow…

              • You don’t seem to understand that no one *has* to respond to your demands. Kym can run any story she wants because it’s HER site and her journalistic integrity that decides what to cover, not you. You make an awful lot of demands, commanding people to do your bidding, and bloviating your nonsense everywhere. We’re not buying it. We’re not buying that you’re the hero, the protector of the Eel. You’re an empty hat. You’re a sad, lonely man who doesn’t have much to do. Time to take on a new hobby [edit].

              • a) “So called media outlet?” This is a media outlet.
                b) yes, you sent this information along with many other pieces of information that I have only so much time to follow up on. You, however, are just as free as I am to form your own website and get information out to people. Why am I to blame? Why don’t you stop complaining about how I run my website and run your own?
                c) Ed, you wonder why people stop answering your questions when people who do find the answers get told to answer more questions, answer them faster, and get insulted to boot.

                There is nothing stopping you from starting your own website, investigating the questions that seem to bubble up unceasingly, and then getting the answers out.

                You appear to be financially quite successful so you should have plenty of time and money to pour into serving your community.

                • Thank you Kym and since you are educating me about my behavior, I would like to respond to “c”. I don’t wonder why, because they don’t want to disclose any information. Or if they do they only generate more questions with their vague and ambiguous response. Would it be out of line of me to ask for an example of what you mean with “c”?

                  And no, I will not be starting my own blog anytime soon. But Thanks for asking.

          • Written like a mature adult. [edit]

        • “When you and everyone else start paying me, then complain.”

          First off, when did I complain. Secord, who gets paid from the ads on your blog, twitter, instagram or facebook pages? You don’t get paid for likes, visits, posts and clicks? You sure have a lot of ads…

          • I don’t get paid per like, visit, post, or click. I get flat fees. And let me tell you the fees I get aren’t letting me buy a pretty pool like that shown in the photo you posted. The aggregate of my readers encourages advertisers to support my work though so in a way you do pay me but the wages you pay me suck. They certainly don’t make me feel like I should give up more sleep, get even less exercise, and spend even less time with my family to answer every demand that you, in particular, feels needs to be met. Hire a private investigator. Do your own work. But don’t demand I treat your stories as more important than the ones I chose to get out.

            • So that was the long way around saying you do get paid for ads on this blog. Ok, that wasn’t so hard, no argument from me about that. But you did bring up and say something odd; what did “Hire a private investigator. Do your own work” have to do with anything. I don’t understand the comment, can you elaborate?

              And, just as a matter of record, the letter I sent you yesterday, what if I told you it came from the MCC yesterday? Not sure how long they had it, maybe you should ask the MCC again, since the report above from Kelley Lincoln states:

              “The Mateel Board of Directors, while aware of the deadline, had not yet received the letter”

              So if Kelley Lincoln asked the MCC yesterday, after I sent her the letter yesterday, when the MCC sent it and I got a copy yesterday, then how the hell did the MCC “had not yet received the letter”?

              You need to talk with Amie McClellan in accounting MCC Office Phone: (707) 923-3368 ext 24

              You wonder why I ask more questions, it’s because of BS answers!

        • tired of all this

          Really Kym, he is RESPONDING, not attacking.
          Ed is a Voice of reason😉

          • To me, “So-called media outlet” is an attack. particularly when he sent us information, requested us to follow up on it, and we did.

            Criticism of how we handled the investigation is fair game, not necessarily the way I would have requested more investigation, but I expect criticism especially from Ed, who is perpetually angry. I don’t, however, expect to have someone who sent me information, asked me to follow up on it, sneeringly refer to the same place he asked for help as a “so called “local media outlet-””

            • Wow Kym. I had no idea. I thought this was a blog, not a “local media outlet”. And what “investigation” did you do on this, I sent you all the information and all the documents, I handed it to you. You did post it, Thank you and Kelley wrote it up. And thanks for the “perpetually angry” theory, it’s nice to know. If you regret posting it, take it down and I will never send you or post anything again!

              • Nope, it’s not a blog and you knew that. You said “so called “local media outlet-””

                The difference is a blog contains the opinion of the writer. A news site makes every attempt to be neutral in the news section which I do. Kelley made multiple calls getting information and then she wrote it up.

                • If you regret posting it, take it down and I will never send you or post anything again!

                • I don’t regret posting the news story. I dislike the way you talked about me, my reporter, and my website afterward.

                • I don’t know what else to say that would not make things worse, so Thank you for allowing me to post a story on your local media outlet. Sorry you disliked what I had to say afterward, it will never happen again…

      • Wow, you said “nobody” four (4) times, so it must be true. If I knew who you were and you give me your contact information, I can let you know, which town?

    • Tim, I do not speak for the Mateel. I just want to clarify what I have written. Garth Epling said the Board was only unaware of an increase in the level of audit requirements as i understand his response. According to Garth, the Board has been working with all the regulatory agencies. They always respond to my inquiries. My guess is they avoid Mr. Voice’s inquiries, because as you can see, nothing is enough, and work toward getting answers is met with insults and derision that I find disheartening. I stepped up to this matter because a loss of the 501c3 status would be a very serious matter. It does not appear the situation is coming to that, as I hope the report communicates.

      • Kelley, why don’t you quote exactly what he said? And the work toward getting answers is getting answers, not “insults and derision”. You were sent all the other letters from years past, you just chose to ignore them, why is that?

  • Mr Voice, you practically single handedly made things really difficult for the community park to get all their permits etc. Now you’re taking on the Mateel? Why exactly? Why do you feel the need to go and dig up as much as you can on them? I don’t understand this, and I do not approve of it. I am told you own property here but do not live here. Please stop hassling us!

    • Please! If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. Who is “us”? However, you are correct, I DO NOT LIVE IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY! Is that loud enough for you? You need to read the intro of this post again…

    • “Mr Voice, you practically single handedly made things really difficult for the community park to get all their permits etc.”

      No, me and 600 other people did and we still do, just ask the Park Board! Just wait for when the Park Board tries to get grants or permits to build their sports fields, have commercial events; I will be right their making public comments to their development plans and irrigation usage. They are not out of the woods yet. If I was the Park Board I would pay very close attention to what is happening at the MCC, and read that Nov 9th letter again.

      • I, for one, totally support Ed.

        Since many of you are unable to self-reflect and step back to look at the bigger picture, I’m glad someone is out there willing to throw your own hypocrisy back up in your face for your viewing pleasure.

        Maybe Kim should take a break if keeping up this blog is such a burden…but she’s getting *something* out of it, eh?

        • Spam is fake ham. Everyone who reads this blog is getting something out of it–something that Kym provides.

          • Wow, and all these years later, I thought Spam was real pig parts, ground up and put in a ez open can, go figure. I guess you’ve never been poor enough to only have spam for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

  • Yeah, Ed Voice has been a thorn in the side of anyone trying to bring the community together, to do events, that support the community for far too long. Glad he’s not a local anymore. Now if he could get his nose out of it…

    • Come on, just a “thron”? I’m sure you’re “Glad he’s not a local anymore”, just think if I was?

      “Now if he could get his nose out of it…”

      Do you know the difference between a kiss ass and a brown noser? Depth perception…

      • What a nasty response! You’re no Sir; not even a Mister. Were I male, I’d dedicate Ben Harper’s song “Mister” to you, Ed Voice. If you’re not breaking Kym’s rules, they sure as hell are getting bent.

        • Well “BonnieBlueSky”, I had no idea Kym had rules, because the person below used the word “kill”, but hey, it’s not like I have never been threatened before, once right inside at the MCC. I was asked to leave or my truck might blow up. And this was after hours of people booing and hissing me and other neighboring property owners during a public Community Park meeting. When we owned our house above Randall’s, people use to write and leave notes in the mail box, if we didn’t stop, they would burn the house down or run me over with their car if they saw me in town. Of course this made the renters feel safe and they gave all the love letters to the sheriff, nothing they could do about it, just needed to document it…

      • Have you met the Chump?

    • tired of all this

      I think you need to rethink the word. There is more than one POV in this part of the world and Mr. Voice definitely speaks for many of us.

  • Bob and Marilyn Casey

    Honestly Mr. Voice, [edit]! I don’t know how else to say it and I don’t blame Ms. Kemp if she censors this post. You are so derisive, so disrespectful, and so dismissive of anyone who actually provides the answers to your never-ending questions and criticisms. Have you no shame? Have you no ability to be courteous to people who love their community? You moved to Lake County, fine, that’s great, we wish you the best. But the rest of us are here, in SoHum, and we care about the community’s future and our friends and neighbors. Quit tearing us down. Please. Begging you. PLEASE STOP.

    • Who is tearing you down? All I do is state the facts and you chose to ignore them. But I understand, that makes me the bad guy and the boogeyman. If you want me to stop, then stop degrading the South Fork Eel River!

  • Ed Voice is a bully. He hasn’t lived here for many years, and gets his kicks trying to destroy local good-works organizations. Methinks he has something very broken inside….

    • “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

      You are correct Jared Rossman, I have seen how the people in Southern Humboldt have degraded the South Fork Eel since 1961 and I have a broken heart that has blackened over the years. You want me out of your business, then stay out of the river and everything will be hunky dory…

    • Waaah, waaah, I don’t like what he says, Mommy, make the mean man stop talking.

    • tired of all this

      I live here. I have lived here for nearly 50 years. I agree with Ed Voice. I am not alone.

    • tired of all this

      Jared Rossman, that is an ad hominum comment on Mr. Voice. He wants to protect the river. You & he disagree on how that should be done perhaps but name calling demonstrates only lack of reason.
      You are presumably capable of better.

  • Look how this lonely man acts . Let’s kill him kindness. Free admission. To any mateel. Don’t drink the water asshole. How does it feel to be hated and not even do anything good but suck up water and air?

  • Ed why don’t you run for the board and then you can make sure it’s all up to code yourself… Except I doubt anyone would actually vote for you…Every response you make digs you a little deeper into the depths of perpetual ignorance…Try taking up golf…Then you can bitch and moan about each blade of grass that doesn’t lay down in accordance to your kingly wishes.

  • Come on, you guys can do better than that?

  • Anyone can access the basic information (including all documents required and filed and often copies of the (IRS990) by going to the Attorney General’s website; there’s a specific section on Charities.
    One important document is the Founding Documents which contain the reason for the founding of the charity/non-profit, and then the legal contract including board members, duties, payments and so on.
    Here’s a link to the actual page:

    I have no interest in The Mateel Community Center or Reggae on the River (even when I lived in Humboldt, and yes, I do like reggae I was never interested) but I think rather than baseless opinions or innuendos, hard facts are nice, and being aware of how some thing work is useful.

    The most recent letters from the AG are included in the list of documents.

    Some of you know that Xavier Bercerra became the AG after Kamela Harris was elected US Senator. During Harris’ tenure the oversight on charities was sometimes quite lax and Bercerra made it a priority to tighten things up, not allow non-profits to go five or more years without proper filings.
    The office of charities doesn’t just oversee non-profits such a Mateel, it also is responsible for many more protections for people in California from charity ‘scams and schemes’.
    And it’s not just small scale groups like Mateel who have problems getting all the forms and reports in order. The high and mighty Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF) received their share of letters from the AG in the past.
    And if you think it’s easy running a non-profit, read the Founding Documents and figure out what it all means and then figure out how to apply those documents in the real world.
    (founding documents are fairly standard so the blanks are filled in, rather than having to be written fresh every time.
    When I lived in eastern Humboldt I was involved with two non-profits. The people who set them up were business people so they made them as basic as possible and kept the bookkeeping the same way. One of the people involved had long worked as a bookkeeper and I learned a lot from her (that I used when I left Humboldt).

    The one thing I do know is that it’s a thankless job no matter how well you do it. People always giving advice but never showing up to help when there’s a work party. Or come up with solutions, but those solutions cost more than what the problem costs.
    For me, it was worth it. I made good friends and learned a lot, and those who weren’t friends, well I respected their commitment and work.
    That’s me, but I know fewer and fewer people want the headaches of volunteering which is too bad.
    One of the things I remember most is there were always people saying “Someone should do _____”. It might have been a good idea, but the people who could possibly have done it were busy with other things. One day I found myself saying the same thing…”Someone should…” and then shut up. Next time someone said that to me I told them, ‘People are already busy doing things they’ve committed to do. If you don’t know them well, you have no idea what they’re responsible for. If It’s a good idea, then the ‘someone’ needs to be you.’

    End of diatribe.

    • Amen. As someone who has been deeply and passionately committed to one non-profit for years, you said eloquently what I have found to be true. Thank you.

    • Right on! Thank you for this factual and illuminating post! I actually sometimes appreciate Ed Voice’s attention to issues regarding the river’s health. I’m pretty sure now for 20 years that Reggae is not so awesome for our river! But today this conversation has gone awry and yes- people poking and fighting over phrases. I’ve had my own doubts about Mateel management but never their integrity or honesty. I hope we can get past egos and all get behind the river and the community center. Financial accountability is important and I’m sure it will all be revealed soon enough!

      • Victor G. Flashman

        I agree that the reggae/ 72 hr drug party is not good for the environment, or really, for anyone.

        As a fundraiser, it has probably run it’s course, and socially, we are due for some changes and a new generation of “Pot Businesspersons” to run things.

        The future of Humboldt, and SoHum will bring folks who will “tighten up” the community in many ways. Hopefully the mission of the Mateel will come back into focus, and the folks running it will learn from this community focus…

        Thanks to Ed Voice for continuing to be the source of well documented information and the voice of reason.

    • “THEY should do something about it” translates: The Helpful Energetic You (THEY)

  • U have a pool? I'm your friend lol

    Pool party at Ed’s!!!

  • Neo Hippies shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of any body of water.

  • Hey Ed that water in all your pools belongs to the fish. If you lived more modestly maybe people would take you more seriously and you could sway people to understand your desire to save the river. But you are a consumer and a priveledged white person now.. come and clean some trash by the river with us that do or STFU. Give your grape and pool water back to the fish. [edit]

  • Ed,
    For someone that claims to care about the Eel, I can’t think of ever a time where I have seen you help with past Eel river clean ups.

    • Keyboard,

      I had no idea we could not just clean-up the river bar on our own, did not realize we needed to sign-in somewhere beforehand. You do know the South Fork Eel flows 105 miles from Laytonville to Dyerville? Sometimes people just do things on their own, without anyone knowing, spontaneously, without warning, planning or any recognition, right?

      And BTW, I just don’t claim to care about the South Fork Eel, actions speak louder than words. Thank you for your service.

      • if you care so much why not go after the root problem…cannabis production and legacy logging my neck of the woods well pumps run all year unregulated to water acres of “permitted” farming and 50 year old class 2 crossings deposit silt in the winter faster than any failing 3acre conversion or festival. you just like tearing down our community endeavors and dismiss the elephant in the room. you are a sad man. join the board of either of these two groups change from within. if you have so many supports you are sure win. or just sit back on your keyboard soap box mining the internet for your kicks…how come people who know everything never know when to shut up. thanks ed

  • Lost me at Ed Voice cares about the river. He is anti-nonprofit, and uses the river excuse to try and get support. Laughable. He has never actually done anything for the river. Where was he during the logging days? Dont drink his coolaid. He used to have a website dedicated to hating non-profits. Here is a taste:

  • I think Mr. Voice should tell us what he has done for a living since leaving So Hum and how that relates to his stated regard for the environment.

    • Not sure how far back you want me to go Dave, here’s the most current and not sure if Kym allows free advertizing: “Ed’s Mobile Marine” and “Leading Edge Marine Propeller Service” ~ Owner 1986 to present. Thanks Dave, your turn?

  • This thread is so draining.. while Ed has brought up important points probably best to just ignore him. It’s attention getting maneuvering.

    And about the mateel, what the eff happened?? We rose after the whole inside ripoff poser reggae show war only to piss away 600k?? 600k we didn’t have!! I’m sad.

    • That could be an interesting experiment. What if no one reacted or posted any comments at all, when Ed decides to crawl out from under his million-dollar rock and bully people? He thrives on getting a reaction out of all of us, and he uses this to spout more nonsense. I wonder what The Heroic Protector of the Eel River would do with himself if no one listened to his drivel anymore?

      • I love this idea. Seriously. Great idea.

        • Bob and Marilyn Casey

          I do too. I just wish that Kym didn’t give him a platform.

          • “Bob and Marilyn Casey”; you mean the same “platform” that allows you to call me an “asshole, derisive, disrespectful, and dismissive”? I never asked Kym to post it, I asked her to ask the MCC about it. I was never contacted or told she was going to post it and no one asked if they could use my name as the source. Funny how that works…

      • Mr. Gramm I completely agree with you. I have identified certain names that I scroll right past. I have absolutely no interest in what those people have to say.
        I read the comments for updated information, and ideas from others that may reflect, and expand the original post.
        That is all.

      • No “Jim Gramm”; what I “thrives on” are obtaining the facts and in this case, the facts from this post or news report and the MCC are shaky at best, i.e. how does the public confirm or verify the MCC did finish and submit their 2014 required audit to the Attorney General’s office? How and when will the public know if the Attorney General’s office approves the audit? And why did the MCC conceal this from the MCC membership and public for two years? Can you answer these questions? Because we don’t know the answers…

        When I sent this letter to “local media outlets” as stated by Kelley Lincoln, I asked this questions:

        Evening everyone,

        Maybe you can ask the Mateel Community Center about this letter from the State Attorney Generals Office. It seems being in debt from Reggae on the River is only the tip of the iceberg (see attachment).

        Ed Voice

        The email was sent to: Kym Kemp , KMUD News , Kelley Lincoln , editor , editor ,,,, indie , keitheasthouse57
        Cc :,,,,, Estelle Fennell

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